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I don't care what you think…

As long as it's about me.

Chapter 1.

Calm Before the Storm - Fall Out Boy.

Macy slammed her locker shut and turned around to stare her best friend down. "You're telling me that you're bringing your little popstar friends to school and you expect them to survive?" She cocked an eyebrow, though it was barely visible under her jet black fringe. "If their fans don't kill them, pretty much everyone else here will." She told the blonde as she pulled out a stick of eyeliner.

"I'm not the one bringing them here. Mr. and Mrs. Lucas said that if they don't-"

"Stella, please. Spare me the details. I don't really care." Macy began redrawing the little black star on her right hand, right between her thumb and her forefinger.

"Y'know, Macy, all that eyeliner can't be good for your skin." Stella eyed the star. Although perfectly drawn, it wasn't something Stella admired.

Of course, ever since the incident, Macy had done pretty much anything except please the people around her. She had dyed her chocolate coloured hair jet black and kept it poker straight. Her eyes where always rimmed with thick, midnight black circles, her eye shadow a mysterious purple colour. Her skin was paler than it used to be, due the fact that she didn't go out anymore. (Except when playing the few sports she had kept on.) Her lips were a rouge that made it almost impossible to focus on how impossibly severe her clothing was. Her tiny frame was hidden under a wad of fabric that didn't even begin to pass as "proper school attire" and she had, so beautifully, accessorised it with chains of all sorts of calibre and the odd stud here and there.

Stella sighed staring at the girl who looked like a cross between a Goth, a biker and an Egyptian Princess. She was nothing like the girl Stella once called her best friend. She didn't smile or laugh or mess about anymore. And Stella had understood why. For the first two years.

"Y'know, Stella, I really don't care." Macy told her, walking away. Stella quickened her pace a little to catch up with her. Track was one of the sports Macy had kept up and even her walking pace was faster than most.

Stella took a deep breath. "Just promise you'll at least try to get along with-"

"Stella," Macy stopped to look straight at Stella. "I'm not going to try to be nice to anyone. Let alone some lame-ass pop group that are only famous because the young one looks like AC Slater from Saved by the Bell."

"Nick?" Stella asked, cocking her head to the side. "Hum.." She mentally pictured the youngest JONAS. "I never really thought about that before but… I guess you're right."

Macy rolled her eyes. "Don't know their names. And I don't care either."

"Seriously?" Stella raised her eyebrows. "After the amount of times I've talked about them you still don't know their names?"

"No," Macy smirked sarcastically, the only kind of smile she bared now. "You talk about Joe all the time. The others barely get a mention."

Stella put her hands to Macy's shoulders. "Just, please. I know you don't like their Music. But they're pretty decent guys. All of them. You don't even have to talk to them. Just please, please, don't be hostile and cruel toward them. Especially Kevin. He's the sensitive one."

"Yeah, yeah." Macy waved her hand in front of Stella's face, causing Stella to leave go of Macy's shoulders. "No mocking, except Kevin." She said in a bored tone. "Got it." She began to walk away.

"No!" Stella called after her. "No mocking, especially Kevin."

"Whatever." Macy didn't even bother turning around. She simply held two fingers in the air.

"I hope that's the peace sign!" Stella shouted, half smiling. In turn, Macy just held the fingers in question up higher.

"This." Stella put her hand to her forehead. "Is going to be a disaster."

"Nick, where's my tie?" Joe called, as the boys (well, Joe and Kevin) scurried around, relentlessly searching for their school attire and "extras" they might need.

"What do you need a tie for, Joe?" Nick asked, sitting on the edge of the built in stage, strumming his guitar. His bag packed neatly and placed next to him on the ground.

"It's all part of the look." Joe pulled at drawers frantically and Kevin whizzed around like he was on fire. Which would be ironic, given their current location.

"The look?" Nick arched an eyebrow.

"Yeah," Joe nodded, pulling out another drawer. "Y'know… the school look."

Nick rolled his eyes at his brother.

"Nick, have you seen my favourite ascot?" Kevin asked, not looking at the sixteen year old. "You know the one I'm talking about, don't you? The blue one with the little yellow duckies on it? The one I wore when we performed for-"

"Just a thought," Nick cut across both brothers and they turned to look at him. Because when Nick Lucas had "just a thought" everyone stopped what they were doing in order to listen. "Have either of you tried the Stellavator?"

Kevin and Joe exchanged brief glances, with facial expressions of "why didn't I think of that?", before dashing towards the Fashion Invention itself.

"This," Nick muttered. "Is going to be a disaster."

Shortly after Joe had realised school attire wasn't all it was cracked up to be and Nick found that the privacy of the private school was exceptionally inadequate and Kevin had found that teachers aren't half as nice or as cool as they are on TV about giving out homework to rockstars, the three practically plonked down into their chairs at the lunch table.

"Jeez," A girl with a rebel look about her whispered to Stella. "They look more depressed than-"

"You?" Stella arched an eyebrow.

"I was going to say the economy." The girl muttered, turning back to stare that the screen of her iPod, while her fingers flitted expertly along the touchpad.

"Rough day?" Stella asked the boys.

"The worst." Joe started, before going off on a monologue of stage worthy dramatics about how suckish his first day back at school had been. Nick wasn't paying much attention, except for the occasional nod of agreement. And Kevin, Kevin wasn't paying any attention at all. He was too busy looking at the Goth girl sitting across from him. She looked so sad. Kevin didn't know how anyone could be sad on a day like the first day back at school. The sun was shining and people in the halls were laughing and chatting about their Summer and how wonderful it had been. But this girl looked… He didn't even really know how to describe it. She just looked… Sad.

"Kevin!" Nick's fingers snapped in front of Kevin's face and he blinked rapidly for a few seconds.

"What, what?" He turned to face Nick, who's eyebrow was arched so high that if it went any higher Kevin was positive it would fall off. Or fly.

"I asked you how your first few classes were." He looked to the girl. "But you were too busy staring at…" Nick trailed, not knowing her name.

"Macy." Stella informed them.

"Macy, to even register the fact that I was talking to you."

"Macy…" Kevin mumbled to himself. It didn't really suit her. When Kevin thought of the name Macy he thought of the store and all the people happily shopping inside. Macy was a name for a happy, bouncy person. Macy was a bright, summery name. Like the day. Not like the night. Which was how she was dressed.

Nick shook his head at his brother who had, once again, failed to answer his question. It's rare Nick Lucas repeats himself once. He certainly doesn't repeat himself a second time.

"Is someone calling me?" Macy looked up and locked eyes with Kevin. He tried to smile at her but everything just seemed to go blank for him. She kind of scared him, the way she was looking at him. And Kevin's mind just refused to function when he was afraid.

"What are you looking at?" Macy sneered at him.

Kevin was taken aback. No one ever talked to him like that. Clearly, this girl wasn't a fan of the band. He wondered just what kind of music was on that iPod of hers.

"Oh, um…" Kevin stuttered. "Just your eyes." One thing that Kevin really hated about himself was when he was caught off guard he just blurted out the first thing that came to mind. Which was usually the truth. And the truth's not always the right thing to say. "They're very pretty."

Her brow furrowed and a look of distaste crossed her features.

"Are you hitting on me?" Her eyebrows rose to her hairline.

"What?" Kevin asked, confused.

Nick put his hand to his forehead, unable to watch anymore and Joe bit back a smirk. Stella was ready to step in just in case either party put their foot (or their fist, in Macy's case) in their mouth. Or well, anymore than they already had.

"Are you hitting on me?" Macy said, slowly.

"No." Kevin shook his head, his giant butterflies of fear becoming worse by the second. "I was just telling you your eyes are pretty. Which they are. But you can't really see them under all that makeup."

That seemed to do it for Macy, who flinched back a little before opening her mouth, which Stella quickly clapped a hand over. "Sensitive one, remember?" She muttered into Macy's ear before turning to the rest of the group. "We're just gonna go." She said in a cheerful tone. "I'll see you guys later." She smiled at Joe, who's smirk had turned into a full blown grin by now. He waved, the grin never fading. "Later Stell." He told her and she turned and walked away, muttering to Macy, without removing her hand from Macy's mouth.

"Well, that was interesting." Joe smirked.

"What was that all about?" Kevin's brow furrowed.

"That." Nick started, standing up and placing a hand on Kevin's shoulder as he looked down at him. "Was you making your first enemy."

"Right on, bro." Joe nodded, almost approvingly, his smirk never having faltered. "Right on."

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