Chapter Nine.

More Than A Feeling - Boston.

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Kevin and Macy had spent the entire day with each other. Feeding the ducks in the park, going to the cinema and they even had dinner together in Fast Al's. Not the nicest, nor the most romantic of places but neither of them seemed to mind. They had spent hours discussing everything. From their favourite things, to their least favourite things. From Shane, to being in JONAS. From school, to where they planned to go to college. And by the time Kevin was dropping Macy home, it was just coming up to curfew and the sky was beginning to darken. "I'm surprised you're not sick of seeing me." Macy laughed, as Kevin held open the door. "I don't think I could ever be sick of seeing you, Mace." Kevin smiled. Macy smiled back at him before shivering involuntarily. It wasn't that it was cold, although it was a little chilly seeing as it was nearing the end of September, but it was just something about the way he was smiling at her. It was different to his usual smile, but she couldn't figure out how.

"Oh, here." Kevin said, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around her shoulders. "You should've told me you were cold."

"I'm not cold." Macy smiled. "And it's, like, five steps to the door."

Kevin put his arms around her. "But you're the Princess. And even if it's only five steps, you must not be cold."

Macy shivered again, this time definitely not from the cold. This time it was from the mix of his smile, his voice, his arms around her, the smell of his jacket, the day they'd spent together. "Okay." She smiled, blissfully when he wrapped his arms tighter, after feeling her shiver. "Maybe I am a little cold." He gave her a lopsided smile and pulled her close to him.

Nick and Hazel sat in the closed library, eating marshmallows (even though there was no eating allowed in the library) and comparing musical interests. While Nick was influenced by and idolised modern legends like Elvis Presley and Stevie Wonder, Hazel was hell bent on arguing that, as excellent as they were, they could never compare to the likes of Tchaikovsky or Bach.

"Yes," Nick nodded, grabbing another marshmallow. "But which can you sing along to?"

"You can sing along to Romeo and Juliet." Hazel too grabbed another marshmallow. "I often find myself humming the Love Theme."

"That's so cheesy at this stage, what with all the romantic comedies that think they're being funny or original when they use it."

"Oh, and I suppose you ain't nothin' but a hound dog is less cheesy?"

"Well," Nick started, smiling. "You ain't never caught a rabbit."

"And you ain't no friend of mine." They finished, singing in unison.

"Okay, okay." Hazel laughed. "But 'Isn't She Lovely' is one of the cheesiest songs I've ever heard."

"It's about his child!" Nick exclaimed, defensively.

"It's still cheesy." Hazel arched an eyebrow.

Nick rolled his eyes and purposely went to take another marshmallow as she did, grabbing her hand instead of the marshmallow. "And I suppose you think this is super cheesy as well." He smirked and put both his hands to his heart. "Oh!" He exclaimed in a high pitched voice. "I'm a girl and Nick Lucas just grabbed my hand while reaching for a marshmallow!"

"Okay, now I just think you're being lame and egotistical." She told him, arching an eyebrow. "And the whole 'grabbing hands while reaching for food' thing is so overdone."

"You know what else is over done?" Nick asked.

"Enlighten me." Hazel retorted with mock enthusiasm.

"The Love Theme in Romeo and Juliet."

"Well," Hazel started. "I could say the same about any one of your songs. Jeez, ring the same tune much?"

He narrowed his eyes at her.

"Oh!" She started, mimicking his high pitched voice from a minute ago. "I'm Nick Lucas. I see the girl and write songs about trying to play it cool. Then I write songs about winning her over and wanting to be with her. Then I write songs about being with her. Then I write songs about breaking up with her. And then I do it all again!"

"What do you expect me to write about?" He asked, arching an eyebrow, a smirk playing at the corner of his lips.

"Try writing about reality for a change. …Or marshmallows." She said thoughtfully, popping another marshmallow into her mouth.

"Oh, yes. Because a song about a marshmallow would make total sense." He shook his head.

She shrugged. "Better than repeating the cycle again, huh?"

Nick narrowed his eyes again. "Y'know," He started. "For a fan… You're really mean."

She laughed. "Y'know," She told him. "For a rockstar, you're really sensitive."

He threw a marshmallow at her. "Mean." He muttered.

"No throwing food in the library, Nick." She told him, seriously.

"Sorry." He looked at her with apologetic eyes.

And got a marshmallow right in the face.

"Now that was uncalled for." He told her, grabbing the bag of marshmallows and firing them at her.

"Agh! Marshmallows!" She screeched. "I'm melting! Oh what a world! What a world!" She picked up some of the marshmallows from the floor and began firing them back at him and before long they'd broken out into a full on hide-and-go-chase around the library. After about fifteen minutes they fell against two shelves, across from each other, completely puffed.

"Ms. Snark is so gonna kill me." Hazel laughed. "But it was totally worth it to whip yo' ass."

Nick feigned offence. "You did not beat me! I totally creamed you!"

"Very original, Nick. I say whip, you say cream."

Nick rolled his eyes at her.

"Seriously though," She said. "I'm so dead."

"C'mon then." Nick caught her hand and pulled her. "Let's clean this place up." His heart did a little dance at that moment because, holding her hand, he realised that there were sparks.

"I had a lovely day, Kevin." Macy smiled as they got to her door. "Thanks again."

"It was my pleasure Mace." He said, lingering on the porch a little bit longer than he usually did.

After a minute or so of standing in silence Kevin began to leave the porch. "Bye Macy." He waved, walking backwards down the drive.

"Oh, Kevin!" Macy called, running toward him. "Your jacket."

"Right," Kevin stepped forward again. "My jacket." As Macy handed him the jacket a packet of Sweethearts fell out of one of the pockets. Kevin skilfully caught it before it hit the floor. Shaking it, he smiled. "Sounds like there's two left." He smiled. "Sweetheart?" He asked, holding out the packet. She smiled and nodded. He tipped the little box into to her hand and then into his.

"What does yours say?" Macy asked, grabbing his hand just before he ate it. Kevin smiled at her, remembering that's what he'd done to her back at school. She gave him a smirk and Kevin pulled the sweet up to his face, squinting his eyes as she had done. "Mine says… Hug me." He beamed as she wrapped her arms around him and he did the same. They pulled back after a moment and Kevin looked at her expectantly. She pulled a confused face.

"What's yours say?" He asked.

"What?" She blinked. "Oh right." She laughed, blushing. "The sweet."

Kevin laughed also, shaking his head. There was a slight pause as Macy brought it close to her face, before blushing a deep shade of maroon and dropping her eyes. Kevin's brow furrowed. "Well?" He asked. "What's it say?"

Macy sucked in a deep breath before looking up and locking eyes with him.

"Kiss me." She told him.