Harley Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets

The Girl Who Lived

Chapter One

At The Grangers

Worchester St. in the outskirts of London was filled with many two-story houses, each painted different colors, from white to dark brown. Children played out in the warm sunlight. No clouds covered the sky, leaving only hot rays of sun to stream down onto Earth. Children's laughter echoed through the neighborhood as they all played games and ran through sprinklers, only when it got to hot. Parents watched their children from the shade of the front lawn. Laughter echoed through the bedroom of Hermione Granger as two girls giggled like schoolgirls, which they were. Harley Potter held her side as tears dripped down her face from the laughing fit she was enduring. Hermione too held her side as she giggled crazily, tears streamed down her face as she gasped for breath. Hermione rolled over and suddenly fell off the bed with a short surprised scream and landed onto the floor with a loud thump. With a loud snort Harley burst into another fit of laughter as she gasped for breath and held her aching ribcage. Hermione shuttered for breath, as she looked up at her best friend with a sparkle in her chocolate brown eyes. Harley rolled onto the right side of the queen size bed and looked down at her friend. Emerald green eyes gazed down at Hermione who sat in a heap on the tan carpeted floor. "You…you….actually…did that?" Harley gasped out with a twitch of her lips as she fought another bout of laughter.

"I didn't do it on purpose!" Hermione exclaimed with a giggle. "He just got really annoying and I couldn't control my abilities then." The frazzle haired girl stated with a smile. Harley gave another chuckle and lay back against the large comfortable bed with a smile. Rolling back over onto the left side of the bed. Her chest heaved up and down as she tried to catch her breath from laughing so hard.

"You…you…!" Harley gave another laugh as she began to go into a laughing fit. She was having a difficult time making a coherent sentence. "I can't believe you did that to Mr. Chirming." The brunette haired girl shook her head at Harley as she sat up. Her shoulders still shook with laughter. The two friends had only just discovered that they had both gone to the same school when they did go to Muggle School. It was a shock to say the least for the two friends who didn't have a clue that they had been so close, yet so far away, to being friends with each other.

"He made this really high pitched scream." Harley gave another chuckle at her friend as she looked up at the ceiling. The two girls took deep needed breaths and went silent. Hermione stood from her spot on the floor and hopped up onto the bed beside Harley. The two girls remained in a relatively peaceful silence as thoughts rushed through their minds.

"Do you ever wish you could change something from the past, even though you know you can't?" Harley finally questioned her best friend after catching her breath. Hermione made a thoughtful noise as she looked up at the ceiling that was painted a dark midnight blue with those Muggle glow in the dark stars and moons.

"Sometimes. Then again, if the things in the past didn't happen…we'd never learn." Hermione replied as she turned her head to look at her comrade. Harley gave a nod, making her unruly hair stick up even more than it already was. "I think some things just happen for a reason." Mione stated as she looked back up at the ceiling. Harley made a strange noise in her thought, from either disagreement or agreement, Hermione couldn't tell. Raising a pale arm, Harley placed it over her forehead as she crossed her right leg over her left. "Why do you ask?" The muggle-born questioned curiously. Harley gave a shrug as she thought on what she should say.

"It'd be nice to have parents…" Harley began with a frown across her face. "I've always dreamed of having shopping trips and girly days with my mum." The girl began with a sigh. "To have bonding time with my dad. You know, have him teach me about Quidditch and tell me stories of his time at school." She gave a half shrug as she turned her head to look at her best friend. "If I had the chance, I'd do anything to save my parents." Hermione gave a small sad smile at her friend and made to speak when the sound of her mothers voice stopped her.

"Girls! Lunch!" Called Hermione's mother Sarah from downstairs at the staircase. Harley pushed herself up into a sitting position and swung her legs over the bed. Jumping up from the bed she looked to her friend with a smile.

"Come on Mione. I'm starving." Opening the bedroom door Harley stepped out into the hallway and made her way past many closed doors and hanging pictures of the Grangers family. Hermione ran after her friend with a shake of her head in amusement.

"You're always hungry!" Hermione remarked.

"Do you girls want to go swimming?" Daniel 'Dan' Granger questioned from the head of the table inside the large dinning room. Harley and Hermione looked up from their sandwiches with interest. The two girls glanced at one another before looking to Dan.

"Yeah, most defiantly." The two friends chorused with smiles across their faces. Harley bit her lip for a moment and looked down at her plate with a thoughtful look.

"The problem about that though…" Harley began hesitantly. "Is that I don't have a bathing suit." She finished with a frown and furrow of her eyebrows.

"That's alright dear." Sarah stated from inside the kitchen. Her voice floated to their ears as the brunette haired, honey brown eyed woman stepped into the dinning room with a platter filled with four glasses of ice cold tea. The ice inside the tea clinked inside with each step the older woman made. "We can go shopping for you for some clothes for you as well. I'm sure you're in a bit of some new ones." The motherly figure gave a kind smile at Harley as she set the platter down. Slowly she set down each glass of tea at their respective place beside Harley, Hermione, her husbands and her own seat.

"You…you don't have to." Harley stuttered out with a shocked look gracing her features. She had never had someone be so kind to her. It was a nice feeling, to be cared for.

"Nonsense. You're Hermione's best friend and I feel like you're almost a daughter to me." Mrs. Granger explained with a twinkle in her warm loving eyes. Harley felt a smile of her own stretch across her lips as she looked at the woman she could see as a mother.

"I feel like you're a mum I never had." Harley explained. Tears brimmed in Mrs. Granger's eyes, giving them a glassy look, at the kind words Harley had bestowed upon the woman. Raising a tan hand Sarah set it atop of Harley's own curled up fist and gave it a warm pat.

"Thank you dear. I'm so glad you feel that way." Sarah replied. Giving the twelve year old one more pat on Harley's fisted hand she pulled hers away and went back to eating.

"You know Harley –" Mr. Granger started; bringing the girls attention from her food and to the man she could see as a fatherly figure. "If you ever need anything. You know you can come to us. Right?" Daniel questioned firmly with a kind smile on his slowly aging face. His dark brown eyes twinkled warmly as he gazed at his daughter's best friend, who he too thought as another daughter.

"I…I…." Harley cleared her throat that had gone tight from the many emotions she was feeling at the moment. "Thank you." Harley finally stated after a short few moments of silence. "I'm glad to have meet the two of you. You've been very kind to me. You're like parents I never got to have." Harley stated to the both of them. Hermione's parents gave a smile at the girl before smiling at each other. Sarah and Dan were glad to know that Harley understood that they cared about the girl. Even though they had only known her for a short amount of time. Harley had been staying with them for four days so far.

"I'm glad my parents think of you as a daughter, because I think of you as my sister." Hermione spoke up after taking a drink of her ice tea. She looked to Harley with a smile that made her face brighten considerably.

"You're my sister too Mione." Harley replied with a happy smile. She felt so loved her at the Grangers, not like when she was at the Orphanage. It was so filled with hate and anger, that she couldn't help but let it affect her. Hermione leaned over in her chair and pulled Hermione into a tight hug. Harley returned the hug before the two girls pulled away with smiles on both of their faces.

"So girls." Sarah stated from her spot at the other side of the head of the table. Hermione and Harley looked up from their lunch of a sandwich and fruit to Mrs. Granger. "When you're finished eating you can go get your shoes on and brush your teeth and then we can go to the store and buy you two some clothes." Nodding their heads Harley and Hermione quickly went to finish their food as they were both eager to go shopping for new clothes.

"Mione slow down!" Harley called after her friend with a laugh of amusement as she tries to follow her very hyper and over excited friend. This was a new side of her friend that Harley liked to see. Usually her best friend was always having her nose in a book. Not that Harley could say anything, but she didn't spend as much time in the library or with a book as her friend did.

"Come on Harley!" Hermione hollered over her shoulder as the girl continued to run down the aisle at the shop full of clothing. Hearing the sound of her friend laughing made a smile graze her lips as she dodged and jumped out of many shoppers' ways. "Excuse me." She'd say politely as she continued to run past the shoppers. Many would shake their heads in disapproval and click their tongues at the girls that rushed by them.

"Terribly sorry about my daughter and her friend." Sarah stated with a smile as she followed after the two twelve year olds with a chuckle of amusement. "Girls, why don't you walk and calmly may I add, to the section you need to go?" Hermione's mother questioned with a raise of her thin eyebrow.

"But mum!" Hermione began as she continued to hurriedly run to the girl's section. "I want to go swimming as soon as possible." Sarah's daughter informed her as if speaking to a child. "If that means having to run to the section for girls, then that's perfectly fine with me." Hermione stated with a simple shrug. A smile appeared across her face as she finally appeared at the girl's section. Harley took a deep breath as she reached her friend. A black thin eyebrow rose as she glanced at Hermione.

"You should really think about trying out for Quidditch. If you're that fast and agile on the ground, I can only imagine how you'd act on a broomstick." Harley replied with a shake of her head as she and Hermione stepped onto the carpet area and began to brouse through racks of clothes and bathing suits, with Mrs. Granger following them.

"You know I don't play Quidditch. I'd rather be able to have my feet touching the ground." Hermione stated as she looked at some tops with interest and then quickly grimaced at the expensive price. "Defiantly not those." The girl muttered to herself with a shake of her head before moving to another rack filled with tang tops of different colors and wife beaters of different colors.

"She's afraid of heights." Sarah stated as she looked through some of the shelves and racks before placing some items inside the cart for the two girls to try on.

"Really?" Harley questioned her best friends mother with a surprised look. "Never thought of you being afraid of heights." The raven haired girl shrugged and grabbed a few shorts, both long and short and t-shirts of different dark colors and placed them in the cart after showing Sarah who nodded with an encouraging smile for the girl to get what she wanted.

"Who wouldn't be afraid of heights?" Hermione demanded with a shake of her head. "Don't answer that." The brunette quickly replied as Harley opened her mouth to reply. Snapping her mouth shut Harley shrugged and continued to search through the aisles of clothing racks and shelves, placing a few more items in the cart. There wasn't that much clothing the Harley wanted to get, especially when Sarah told her that she wasn't allowed to pay for anything.

"Anything else you're afraid of Mione?" Harley questioned teasingly with a smirk. Hermione gave a playful glare at her friend and huffed with a shake of her bushy brown hair.

"Of course not. What about you Harley? Are you afraid of anything?" Hermione questioned with a raise of her eyebrow. She glanced over her shoulder to look at her friend who had gone still and silent. A thoughtful look graced her features before she quickly shook her head.

"No…nothing." Harley replied tersely as she quickly looked away from her friend. A frown graced Sarah's face as she watched the orphaned girl with a sigh. No child deserved to go through what Harley had. To loose their parents at such a young age, before even getting to know them, it was a terrible thing. Sarah knew, from what Hermione had told her of her best friends, especially Harley, that she was a very closed off person. She only spoke of things when it she felt the need to tell someone something. Other than that, she kept everything bottled up and closed off. Of course, Sarah assumed that the young raven haired girl didn't know how to express her feelings, if anything, she was probably taught to keep her mouth shut about whatever she was feeling and deal with it on her own.

"You girls ready to try the clothes on?" Mrs. Granger questioned the two girls with a raise of her eyebrow.

"Yeah." The two friends replied before following Sarah to the dressing room. The older woman quickly handed the girls clothes to try on before shooing them into the dressing rooms. Hurriedly the two friends held the clothes in their arms before walking into the dressing rooms. With a slam and a click, they began to change into their many new outfits. Each girl showed Sarah the clothes, to which she would nod or shake her head and give them a piece of clothing still in the cart to try on with the outfit. Finally, when the girls finished trying on their new clothes and bathing suits, Mrs. Granger spoke up as they stood in line to pay. Glancing down at her watch with a nod of her head.

"Since it's only one thirty seven, you're be able to swim for a few hours before dinner." Harley and Hermione nodded and slowly raised the clothes onto the check out stand.

"Are you sure you want to pay for my things Mrs. Granger?" Harley questioned as she stuck her hand into her pocket, which had Muggle money from when she had it changed a few days after arriving back at the Orphanage at Diagon Alley.

"Of course Harley. You need to save what money you have for your future." Sarah stated calmly with a smile.

"If…you're sure. I mean, I don't care if I have to –" Harley began.

"Harley." Mrs. Granger stated firmly, causing the young girl to pause with her mouth open. Closing with a snap she looked to Sarah who shook her head in amusement, a smile still on her face. Laughter lines were at the side of her eyes, showing her age. "I want to buy you your clothes. Now please, let me pay for them." Harley nodded silently and looked down at her ragged converse shoes. Sarah's gaze followed hers and she tisked. "We'll have to buy you shoes tomorrow. For now, let's head home so we can go swimming." The two twelve year olds nodded and waited silently for Sarah to pay for the money.

"You know, I've never been swimming before until now." Harley stated as she dried her hair with a beach towel as she and Hermione made their way upstairs.

"Well, now you have. You know, I heard my mum and dad talking earlier today." Hermione stated as she dried off her arms from any water droplets.

"Really…about what?" Harley questioned curiously. Her bright, electric emerald green eyes sparkled with interest and curiosity as she looked at her friend.

"Well…about you really." Hermione explained with a shrug. "They were talking about that article the Daily Prophet wrote about you. How you've been living in the Orphanage, and how you deserve to live in a real home." Harley's eyes widened with surprise that her parents would know about the article.

"How do they know about that?" She questioned with a tilt of her head. Their feet hit the carpeted floor dully as they made their way up the steps.

"I made sure to get a copy of the Daily Prophet sent here. So they know what's going on in our world. Though, they don't believe much rubbish from the paper. Just like they don't when it comes to Muggle News. You never know when they're lying." Hermione explained as they wandered down the darkened hallway and towards their bedrooms.

"That's comforting…I think?" Harley questioned with a scrunch of her eyebrows. Hermione gave a chuckle and a shrug of her thin tan shoulders.

"I would think so. You never know when the Prophets going to start making ridiculous declares." Hermione paused for a moment as if thinking about something. "Oh, they also don't like how Dumbledore's dealing with your…problem." Hermione stated, hinting at her living at the Orphanage. "They think that you should have been adopted or place with someone by now. They think he's just delaying it as much as possible."

Harley hadn't thought about possibly getting placed in a home. Ever since she had come over to Hermione's place, all thoughts of any of her problems she had to deal with had flown out the window. "Huh…I haven't actually thought about it much lately." She replied with a half frown on her face. "All I know it Dumbledore wanted me to stay at the Orphanage until further notice. Whatever that means." She sighed and shook her head. "Wouldn't Dumbledore have figured out who I should be living with by now?" Harley questioned with frustration. Hermione gave a small frown at her best friends statement.

"I haven't a clue." Hermione stated with a shake of her head.

"Yeah…neither do I." Harley replied. Opening the guest bedroom she walked into the room and shut the door behind her with a click. She hoped the rest of her summer was as much fun as Hermione's had been. With a shake of her head, she quickly changed out of her bathing suit and into some clothes. She'd have to go back to the Orphanage in two days. An Orphan was only allowed to leave the building for five days, and she was gone four already. So, by the sixth day, she'd be back to the place she was forced to call home. 'Better make the best of the rest of my stay here then." Harley thought to herself as she walked back out of her bedroom and over towards Hermione's bedroom door.

Aww, isn't that sweet?

Mrs. Granger and Mr. Granger already love Harley like their own daughter.

Who wouldn't though? Harley can be very polite and kind to those she likes and cares about.

Let's see, Harley finally got to go swimming, which is a first for her. She got new clothes thanks to Mrs. Granger and the girls talked about Dumbledore and how he's not doing anything about what Harley's current predicament.

Unless he actually is but who knows? Dumbledore isn't exactly open about anything.

Just to let you all know, Harley may or may not get placed or 'adopted' by the Grangers. I haven't figured out what I want to happen to Harley and her living arrangements.

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