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The dark chamber was barely lit with the exception of one of two candles. A couple whispers could be heard from a few passing cells, but Craig made his way towards one cell in particular. No noise ever came from the man inside, just a large amount of glaring since he's been here. He hasn't been here very long, two weeks only but Craig doesn't think he will be tough for so long.

There are no guards around, Craig waved them away and entered the rotten cell. Stan, the prisoner, was curled up in one of the corner of the room. Taking a few steps towards him, Stan the picked up on his visitor. Immediately, a glare was casted at Craig. He laughed and flipped him off. Craig suddenly kicked at Stan's side and the prisoner winced and coughed. Taking a chance now, Craig slipped a needle from his jacket, loading it up with the special serum. Flicking it a few times, and giving Stan a couple extra kicks, he shoved the needle directly into Stan's neck, plunging its contents into his body. Stan only shook his head, his vision beginning to change and grow fuzzy.

"Every single time I come down here, you refuse to answer me, Marsh." Craig grabbed Stan and dragged him to his feet, Stan swayed due to the drugs and Craig's laugh echoed throughout the dungeons.

He pushed Stan to the gross wall, his face pressing into the layers of dirt and grime.

"Looks like this is going to be quick," Craig almost stopped when he heard a small 'no' fall from Stan's lips. He's breaking him. Slowly, but it is working.

Craig violently ripped Stan's pants down, after doing so quickly unbuckled himself. Craig turned Stan around and the man tried to push Craig off of him. Craig had sneered and slapped Stan, his hand stinging from it and Stan cried out. He quickly flipped him over once again.

"You should had talked, kid."

Without another word, Craig thrusted himself deeply within Stan. Stan let out a large scream, making Craig's cock twitched with excitement. He could feel the blood coating his cock and he thrusted in and out of him. Craig took a second and paused, withdrawing and examining his blood covered self. He let one of his fingers drag along his appendage, gathering the blood from Stan.

Meanwhile, Stan had turned himself around somehow, his eyes blinking quite a lot as they tried to stay open. He whimpered in disgust when he saw Craig put the blood covered finger into his mouth.

Craig moaned loudly and sucked on his finger, the taste of the blood turning him on more. He took his clean hand and forced Stan to look at his face. Craig chuckled and moved his mouth to one of Stan's ears.

"You taste better than your girlfriend did."

Kyle groaned. His head was hurting like hell, and he moved a hand towards the spot of pain, but only came in contact with a bandage that wrapped around his entire head. He sat up slowly, not wanting to move too fast in fear that the rush will send him back to dreamland.

"Aye! Finally awake are we?" a voice greeted him.

Kyle just looked at him in a daze, his head still throbbing slightly. The man was a bit on the larger size, his build intimidating as hell, and Kyle wouldn't want to get in a fight with him. His eyes were on Kyle and he tapped his fat fingers on his arms and let out a rather large sigh. Kyle was guessing he wanted him to look around, seeing where he was.

They were in the forest, surrounded by many large trees. Many people scurried around doing things that they must have been assigned from the leader of this group. The guy from before bumped his shoulder before sneering at him and telling Kyle to follow him.

"You were lucky in the square. I'm impressed though, not many people stand up to the assholes that bully the town. More people should speak out," the guys said. "I'm Cartman, by the way."

"I'm Kyle. So what, are you guys hiding from something?" Cartman laughs.

"Of course we are. Jeez, haven't you ever heard of La Résistance?"

"Y-you're...La Résistance? Holy shit."

"Yes we are. Recently, our leader has been taken. The prince," Cartman paused at spat at the ground, "has been trying to find our location for quite some time. He ended up finding a small group of us camping in the woods; he killed everyone and snagged our leader. The last thing we want is for Craig to squeeze the info out of him. As much as I hate the little douche bag of a leader, Stan won't crack, especially since they killed his girl."

Kyle took a moment to process all of this. He just shook his head in disbelief; he was actually in the camp of the famous La Resistance.

"So, would you fight with us?" Cartman asked and Kyle looked at him, his eyes wide in surprise.

"I-I don't know. What do you have planned?"

"Nothing really solid yet, but there is a meeting tonight with everyone, and I'm sure that we will come up with something tonight. We have our spies everywhere, in the castle too. Speaking of fags..."

Cartman trailed off and Kyle followed his gaze and turned around, the blond from the square was coming towards him, the whip that he had used on Kyle clipped to his belt and a grin spread across his face.

"Talking about me, Cartman?" Kenny smiled and Kyle winced as he stopped beside Kyle. "You're from the town right? Sorry about the beating and all gotta keep my cover."

He winked at Kyle and stuck out his hand, "Kenny. And who are you angel?" Cartman scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Kenneh, keep it in your pants for once." Kenny only pouted.

"You weren't complaining earlier..." Kenny said and walked away.

"Kenneh is one of the spies that are helping us get more of the info. The other guy that he was with isn't one of us. Token Black, seriously retarded in following what the prince Craig has to say. Not really the smartest person Craig has fowling hi, but he is still pretty dangerous. He and Kenneh always tend to patrol together. Oh well, gives Kenneh to keep an eye on him."

It wasn't long before Kyle had remembered of the chores that were waiting for him to be done at home.

"I can't stay," Kyle said beginning to look around for the exit of the camp. "I have so much stuff to do. I haven't even started on the garden yet and if I don't do that then the Donovan's will seriously cut a bunch of money from me and I already am behind on other things and I know that they won't be done today-"

"Dude! Shut up! God!" Cartman said silencing Kyle. "You can stay here, we basically talk all day, some of us have our own little mission for us to go on, but other than that, we do a small amount of work."

"How do you guys get money then?" Kyle asked.

Cartman only quirked one of his eyebrows slightly before walking away, Kyle was quick to follow.

"There are a couple more people you should meet, but we get to that later. For now," he paused to take a bowl that was being handed out to him, Cartman gave the person a nod and he filled another one before handing it to Kyle. "Now, we eat. I'm sure you are hungry. I know I'm starving!"

"Like you need it, fat-ass!

Kyle ignored that one person's comment and Cartman's reaction to it and quickly began to devour the food. The warm soup caused his stomach to ache slightly; his belly had never been so full for a long time now. Kyle was sure that Cartman was looking at him with amused eyes, he has must likely not seen someone eaten like that in a long time. To say that Kyle was hungry would have been an understatement, he was beyond starving.

He didn't know what his role was going to be while he was living with the rest of the La Résistance, but hopefully he'll be accepted, and finally able to hurt the king and prince. Now all that Kyle had to do was come up with a plan to do so.

Clyde Donovan wasn't the smartest man in the village. His parents mostly used him for his muscle and he knew it. They didn't care for him, like normal parents would; they just saw him as an opportunity to get the job done quicker than doing it themselves. But, Clyde did consider himself a nice guy, someone who looks out for someone else even though they might not want it. Like Kyle. Kyle worked his butt off every single day and his parents treat him like shit because of it. He always tended to keep a close eye on Kyle and he definitely let him know when his parents were being abused in the square.

Something seemed off to the brunet though, Kyle hadn't come back from the square, and now Clyde parents' were starting to ask about it. He didn't know where he was, and he wasn't going to let his parent's know that he had gotten in some sort of trouble when he was in town. That was the last thing he needed to hear tonight. Clyde was going to go and look for him first thing in the morning, starting with the town square. Maybe someone had a clue where Kyle went.

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