Me: I would like to thank my bestest friend Esther for the name idea! I love you like a sis! Have an awesome summer vacation!

Yugi: She doesn't own us. If she did, there would be puzzleshipping, tendershipping, bronzeshipping…

Me: Shut up.


Mana: What… What do you mean? I thought they were put in early labor?

Ryou: They were. But your wand magic saved them.

Bakura: I put a spell on them to make them a half month older.

Mana: Can I see them?

Doctor dude: Here they ar-? Mana you're awake!

The doctor went over to her and handed her two bundles of pink blankets. Ryou and Bakura went over to her and smiled at the two girls in Mana's arms. One had sky blue eyes the shape of Ryou's and Bakura's hair. The other had midnight blue eyes the shape of Bakura's with Ryou's hair. The only resemblance to Mana they had was the blue in their eyes; they both had a hint of light blue in it. The two girls looked up at their mother and fathers. They smiled and cooed.

Mana: Awww. Look at them.

Ryou: how will we explain that they have two fathers?

Bakura: If they question us, we will tell them hikari.

Yugi: hey Mana! OH! The babies! Let me see! What are their names?

Mana: The one that has the lighter eyes will be named Ryoana and the other Bakana. A little of mine and a little of yours!

Bakura: Perfect.

~long time skip, 5 years later~

Mana sighed when she came home from the store, there was another murder. She was scared of bringing her daughters there. They were turning 5 tomorrow, and she had promised them she would let them go after their birthday.

Ryoana: MOM! Baky is being mean to me ag-gain!

Bakana: No I'm not! Shut up!

The 23 year old magician stood up from her bed and smiled. Both her children had gotten Ryou's British accent. She walked into Ryoana's room to see Bakana holding her favorite card above her head.

Mana: Sweetie, let go of your sister's Daylight Magician card. You know Atem made that for her. How would you feel if Ry got hold of your Midnight Magician?

Bakana's eyes widened, and she gave the card back. Mana chuckled. The two girls were so much like their fathers. Speaking of them, they were late. She glanced at the clock. It was 6:00. She sighed. Hopefully Bakura didn't send something else to the shadow realm.

Ryou: We're home!

Ry and Baky: Father and dad are home!

Bakura: Hey, sorry we're late, I sent the microwave to the shadow realm… again.

Mana giggled when both Ryou and Bakura kissed her cheeks at the same time.

Ryoana: Mom, why do we have two dads?

Bakana: yeah, I have been wondering…

Mana: I'll tell you girls when you're 16 and smarter! So you'll understand what I'm saying.

Both: Ok.

Bakura: They grow so fast don't they.

Ryou: I know what you mean 'Kura.

Mana: Go upstairs little ones, me and your fathers are going to decorate the house for your birthday!


~the next day~

Ryoana: Mom! Kuano-kun is here!

Bakana: A.K.A your crush?

Ryoana: YOU like Atemu-kun!

Bakana: Shut up!

Kuano: Ry! Oh. Hi Baky!

Bakana: hey.

Mana: Let's get this party started. They're all outside!

Ryou: This will be fun.

Bakura: you said it hikari.


Me: that's it peeps. I'm making part two right now. If you're curious, this is everyone's kids.

Ryou x Mana x Bakura~ Ryoana and Bakana

Atem x Tea~ Atemu and Isabel

Yugi x Rebecca~ Kuano and Tiano

Seto x Joann (Joey remember?)~ Scylia and Kisara

Malik x Marik (Malik turned into a girl) ~ Caitlyn and Peter

Tristan x Serenity~ Kristen and Tommy

Me: Let Duke Devlin rest in peace. He died because his fangirls ripped him apart.

Ryou: That's nice. REVIEW!