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Let's give them something to talk about

Three years later….

Twenty year old Rose Weasley sat in a chair watching the procession. A blond Louis Weasley stood at the end of the aisle radiating happiness as his soon to be wife walked toward him. Rose peeked at the silver watch on her left wrist. She sighed and uncrossed her legs.

"What is it?" Al whispered from her right.

"Nothing," she whispered back. She ran her hands through her shoulder length hair as she watched. Finally, months, years later, Louis and Selena made their way back down the aisle as Rose sighed in relief. She quickly got up, smoothing down her dress as she did so and ran to the bathroom pulling out a muggle cell phone. She pressed a couple of buttons then lifted the phone to her ear.

"Hey Rosie," came the familiar voice.

"Hey Scorpius, is it, did you-" all the air left her lungs as she felt slightly panicked.

"Yea Rose it is. I think it's time," came the response. Rose sighed and leaned against the cool wall. "Do you want me to come over?" The young woman ran her fingers through her hair again, biting her lip.

"Yea, you'd better." She clicked the call off and went back out to where some of the Weasley family was already on the dance floor much to her embarrassment. The rest of them were sitting at the small white clothed tables scarfing down the food, even more embarrassing to the twenty year old. She winced as she watched her Uncle George drop mashed potatoes down his dress robes seemingly without noticing. Rose's eyes fell on her parents in a close embrace swaying in what was their version of dancing. She turned away when her father's hand starting moving downwards to her mother's arse, she didn't want that vision in her head. Through the crowd of people she noticed a familiar blond head moving towards her. She smiled as she focused on the man heading toward her.

Scorpius was laughing as they walked semi drunk toward the alley where they would apparate to Rose's flat. They had gone for a late night picnic in a park nearby, enjoying the anonymity of being among the muggles who were ignorant of whom these young people were. They had drunk far too much wine and were walking, trying not to stumble, to a spot where they wouldn't be seen disappearing into thin air. Rose enjoyed the feel of her boyfriend's arm around her waist as she leaned into him. Upon reaching the alleyway she stood on her toes to kiss Scorpius on the mouth. And then came the flash of a camera. Rose pulled away covering her eyes to try to make out the figure facing them.

"Who's there?" Scorpius said, tightening his hold on Rose as he turned her so she was slightly behind him. The figure laughed.

"A Malfoy protecting a Weasley after snogging her. What a story this will make for the Prophet tomorrow. Have a good night." The figure disappeared. Rose looked to Scorpius in a panic. Scorpius smiled reassuringly before kissing Rose.

"We'll deal with it. Beside we have to tell people sooner or later. It's been three years."

"But tomorrow is Louis' wedding, my family-" Scorpius kissed Rose again.

"They'll be too busy tomorrow to read the Prophet, heck even hide the papers and we'll deal with it after the wedding." Rose nodded leaning her head against his chest.


"Hey Rosie," Scorpius said softly as he reached the young red head.

"Hey," Rose said softly hugging her not for long secret boyfriend. Over his shoulder she noticed her father eyeing them suspiciously from where he was still dancing with his wife. James strolled by smirking at them both.

"So, I told my parents before I came over," Scorpius said softly. Rose pulled back and looked at him.


"I think my father is still standing there with his mouth open," Scorpius said chuckling at the memory of his father in shock.

"And your mother?" Rose asked.

"My mother looked at me and said 'oh that's nice darling' and then left for the spa," Scorpius answered, that response had been predictable for his mother.

James leaned against the bar, and turned his head to where his sister was flirting with the bartender.

"So Lils, did you see the paper this morning?" James asked casually. Lily smiled and winked at the bartender before turning to look at her oldest brother.

"You mean the article on Rose and Malfoy? Yea, like that was a big revelation," Lily snorted. The eighteen year old turned back to her flirtation, leaving her brother to watch the still somewhat secret couple conversing. James watched as his uncle went over to them.


"Hey Uncle Bill," Rose said to the father of the groom.

"Hey Rose, and…" Bill paused as his eyes rested on the young Malfoy.

"Scorpius Malfoy, sir." Scorpius held his hand out to the older man to shake.

"Right, well nice to meet you," Bill smiled at his niece and continued on his way.

"Rose, who is this?" Rose turned around to see her father looking at her and her companion. Scorpius' face paled just a bit.

"Scorpius Malfoy, sir," Scorpius said yet again, Rose detected his voice shaking a bit this time. Ron's eyes narrowed as he looked intently at the young man.

"Dad, there's something I have to tell you," Rose said, taking Scorpius' hand in hers.


James turned away from the bar and chuckled at the expression on his uncle Ron's face as he stared at his daughter whose hand was entwined in the young Malfoy's.

"What's going on?" Harry asked his oldest, casting glances over at the scenario playing out.

"Rose is finally telling her dad how she's been dating Scorpius Malfoy for about three years now." James informed his father.

"Oh. Wait what?" Harry's eyes widened. He did not see that coming.

"Dad I think I am capable of choosing who I date," Rose said forcibly, still holding Scorpius' hand in hers.

"Clearly not," Ron hissed at his daughter. Bill would kill him if he caused a scene at his son's wedding reception.

"Scorpius Malfoy has been my best friend since I was eleven, and my boyfriend for the last three years. You have no say in that," Rose said, eyes flashing before turning to Scorpius and pulling him towards her kissing him. Scorpius hesitated than wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. Ron took a deep breath than turned to see Hermione who had her hand resting on his arm.

Rose felt her heart fluttering. She loved being in Scorpius' arms. She pulled away to breathe, Scorpius smiling at her. Both of them ignored the whispers from the people surrounding them. Let them talk.