Title: Boys will be Boys

Author: Neon_Chandelier

Prompt: oneword prompt 01 - Reckless

Rating: K

Genre: humor

Word count: 249

Characters: Inuyasha, Kagome, Souta

Summary: Souta gets a new toy, and Inuyasha has some fun with it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Kagome was overjoyed to be headed home after a long day of making excuses. She was now so 'sick' that even Hojo wouldn't come near her, and it had taken three work periods to convince her friends that coming within ten feet of her wouldn't give them all purple spots. Apparently, when you were sick, bruises mutated into chickenpox.

"Kagome?" Yuka asked as they approached the block that the shrine was located on. "What's that?"

Kagome looked up just in time to see her brother fly up into the air and flip before he fell, being replaced by a certain hanyou in very noticeable red clothing. Not even bothering to reply, she started trudging toward her house, speeding up as a news car rolled up beside her and a neighbour pulled out her cellphone camera.

"Whoa, Inuyasha! Do that again!" Souta hollered at his idol from his place up in the air. Sure of what he was doing, the hanyou pulled himself into an unrefined twist, letting gravity pull him hard back onto his stomach and bouncing the boy up into the air, laughing as he watched Souta rise up above the top of the shrine and plummet back down again onto the black mat before repeating the process a third time.

"Inuyasha! Oswari!" Kagome bellowed as she rounded the corner, walking past the torn new trampoline and muttering something about reckless dogs.

"Maybe we should have read the manual." Souta gulped.