Jacob Black had imprinted.


But why did have to be on him of all people. He didn't understand. He didn't even like the bloodsucker that way…at all as a matter of fact. Why had fate caused him so much pain in life?

"What am I going to tell, Bella?" he asks himself

'who said you had to tell her?' Sam asks in his head

'Sam, I have to tell her. She's my best friend' Jacob says in his head, 'I'm sure Edward already knows anyway. He just refuses to accept it'

'Because he's not one of us. He doesn't know the situation. You have to be in his life. You know that'

'He's never gonna listen to me, Sam' Jake says

'Then let me talk to him.' Sam says in his head, shifting out of wolf form from behind Jacob and going to get clothes.

Edward Cullen was in his house, reading an old romance novel quietly. He loved romance novels. They made him think of the thing he cherished most, Bella. He was disturbed from his reading by a knock at the door. He got up to answer it and was surprised by who he saw.

"Sam Uley? What are you doing here? You know the treaty! You're not supposed to be here" Edward says

"I came to talk to you" he says

"about what, dare I ask?" Edward asks

"Well…have you been feeling weird lately? Feeling like you want to eat more or kind of warm at night and not ice cold?" Sam asks

"Now that you mention it, yes. Yes I have" Edward says, giving him a once-over

"Well, there's a reason behind it" Sam says, watching Edward with slight animosity.

"And just what would that reason be?" he asks

"Well…uh…I don't exactly know how to put this…but…uh…Jacob kinda sorta…" Sam trailed off.

"What about Jacob?" Edward asks

"He kinda I-imprinted on you" Sam says, watching his reactions.

Edward's eyes went huge. "Wait…What?" he asks.

'this can't be happening. Jacob? My archenemy? Imprinted? Me? When?' says the bloodsucker in his head. Jacob was his worst enemy. The person who had tried to steal Bella away so many times before. How could this be happening?

"Well, What am I supposed to do about it?" Edward asks

"You're supposed to let him be in your life. That's all he needs. Well, when a wolf imprints, that imprint is their soul mate. They are destined to be in love in the end no matter how long it takes" Sam says

"That's never going to happen because I love Bella," Edward says

"You say that now, Edward" Sam says

"What will happen if I don't let Jacob in my life?" Edward asks

Sam looked down instantly, "Something terrible" he says, closing his eyes and clenching his fists.

"Well what would it be?" Edward asks

"He would…die"


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