Imprint On The Enemy

Chapter 14

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Later That Night

Jacob and Edward were in their room, discussing baby names, when they heard a knock at the door. Jacob got up to answer it, a little surprised to see Alice.

"Hey Alice…what are you doing here?" he asks, eyebrow raised.

"Edward has a letter" she says, handing the letter to Jacob. He blinked and looked down at it. It was addressed to Edward in Bella's handwriting. Jacob stared at it quizzically then nodded.

"Thanks Alice" he says, closing the door quietly and going over to Edward.

"Who's it from?" he asks

"I'm guessing Bella" he says, handing him the letter. Edward took it and stared at it for a few moments before opening it very neatly. He didn't tear it like most people would. He slowly lifted the flap of the envelope and pulled the letter out.


I know you said Jacob is the new love of your life, but can you really say that after everything we've been through together? You were mine first. You had to have me. We were happy together and we were going to be married. Your family liked me and they had no objection to ME. Alice loves spoiling me with random, unnecessary gifts. You all fought to save me from James and I've never been more in love with you. I know you will probably come back to me at some point. I'll be waiting. Miss you. You are now and always will be the love of my life. Charlie says he can't wait to talk to you again. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Come back to me. Where you belong, in my arms. My body is physically shaking and I need to talk to you. Soon.

Love always,


Edward finished the letter and folded it neatly. He stood and threw it away. He looked back at Jacob, who was watching him with concern. He came back over to him and sat down next to him, then kissed him deeply. Jacob's eyes widened in surprise but then he closed them and kissed back. Edward held it for awhile then slowly broke it.

"Not that I didn't completely enjoy that…but what was that about?" Jacob asks, wrapping his arms around him and gently rubbing his stomach. Edward smiled and leaned his head back on Jacob's shoulder.

"I know you don't doubt it…but I just want you to know that I choose you and I always will" Edward says, kissing his cheek. Jacob smiled and leaned into it. Thankfully it was Saturday and the boys didn't have to go to school. They lay there together, just enjoying spending time with each other.

"So if it's a boy, what name do you want?" Jacob asks, looking at him.

"I don't know…there's so many. Although I like the name Hunter" Edward says happily, the thought of baring Jacob's unborn child pleasing him.

"I like that too" he says, smiling. "and I like the name Luna for a girl" he says. Edward gasped.

"I hadn't even thought of that. I love that name! Good choice, love!" Edward says happily, nuzzling into Jacob. Jacob held him and then Carlisle came up.

"Boys…Jasper and Emmett brought some food" he says through the door. Edward got up and waited for Jacob to stand and walked downstairs with his hand in Jacob's. Once down there, Edward saw that Emmett had brought twice as much food as usual. Edward and Jacob reached the bottom of the stairs and Edward went over to him.

"Em, what up with all the extra?" he asks, confused.

"Well…you're roughly 3 weeks pregnant and you're eating for two now. I thought to bring some extra. And Jacob eats an ungodly amount so I brought lots for him" Emmett says, smiling triumphantly. Jacob and Edward both smiled at Emmett's considerations and came over and feasted with the rest of the family. Jacob tore a hind leg off one of the deer and started eating, all while still in his human form, causing some of the Cullens to stare. He noticed.

"…yes?" he asks, finishing chewing.

"How strong are you?" Alice asks, "Because I don't think that's normal" she says. He shrugged and finished his meal and sat on the sofa contently. He watched Edward eat for two and chuckled. Edward hadn't started showing because the pregnancy was still relatively new. He couldn't believe that bella was still serious.

'She just can't see that he'll always be mine' he thinks to himself.

'Damn straight I will' Edward interjects, looking over at Jacob, blood surrounding his mouth. Jacob chuckled and motioned for him to come over. Edward obliged and walked over to him. Jacob pulled him down and licked all the blood off of Edward's mouth and cheeks and chin. Edward purred and smiled, licking Jacob's mouth back when he got the opportunity.

"Before you interrupted me when I was talking to bella I was about to tell her that you were pregnant" Jacob says, stroking his hair.

"Well after reading her letter, I think we should. She wants me to come see her. We can go together but go in separate entrances. You can get in the window right?" Edward asks.

"Of course!" Jacob says over dramatically. Edward rolled his eyes and smiled. "Alright. Should we go now?" he asks. Jacob thought for a moment.


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Edward was waiting outside Bella's front door. He'd kissed Jacob good bye and watched him go around the house. Jacob was waiting by the window now, waiting for bella to get the door. When Bella answered, she immediately smiled. She flung her arms around Edward's neck.

"I knew you couldn't stay away from me!" she says, breaking the hug and kissing all over his face. He shook his head in an attempt to get her off.

"No…bella no" he says. "I didn't come here to take you back. I came here to tell you something" he says, stepping aside so she could come outside. It wasn't as originally planned, but Edward knew Jacob could improvise.

"Is it to tell me you want me back? That you still love me?" she asks, trying to be seductive…and failing.

"Um…no. The other day when you and Jacob were talking…he told me he was about to tell you something…well I think he wants to finish it" he says, stepping aside as Jacob came around the side of the house. Bella raised an eyebrow.

"What is this?" She asks

"It's revealing the truth" Edward says, letting Jacob get in front of him.

"Well…as I was saying. Edward won't leave me because the sex we have is AMAZING and that's always a plus…and two…he's pregnant with my child" he says. Bella stood there for a moment, just blinking and breathing. Jacob and Edward glanced at each other and watched her, unsure of what to do. Then, she burst out laughing. Jacob raised an eyebrow and Edward glared.

"Why are you laughing?" Edward demands, crossing his arms.

"I've heard a lot of lies in my life but that's got to be the biggest. Guys can't get pregnant and even if they could. Edward hates you" she says, laughing harder.

"You don't get it do you? WE ARE NOT NORMAL TEENAGE MALES" Jacob asks, "We are in love. He does NOT hate me. We LOVE each other. We had sex; fucked; fornicated; whatever you want to say. Edward is now pregnant with my child. Carlisle diagnosed it himself" he says. "Just how stupid are you?"

"Pretty stupid apparently" Edward says, taking Jacob's hand. "Let's just go. She doesn't believe us" he says, tugging at Jacob's hand.

"Yeah alright, but she will eventually" Jacob says, turning and walking home hand-in-hand with Edward.

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