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Chapter 1

It was late afternoon when Ranma was wounded because of another fight he had with Mousse. Of course, it wasn't an intentional fight and he did not plan to have a fight with the duck-boy. It just so happened that he and Akane encountered Shampoo on their way home from school. As usual, they came across with the purple-haired beauty and sticked herself again to him making the short-haired martial artist to be mad. Ranma closed his eyes, waiting for a hard kick or punch from Akane but nothing came. Before he opened his eyes, he thought why this always happened to him. The only difference this time was, instead of receiving a trip-to-Nerima air kick from Akane, she kicked Shampoo into thin air. He felt relieved that he was saved by Akane from Shampoo's bear hug. Of course, he didn't want to hurt a girl so he was thankful of Akane for doing it for him. And as Shampoo vanished, here came Mousse looking for his beloved. When Shampoo was nowhere to find, he accused Ranma for hiding Shampoo from him, then threw his hidden weapon then the fight started.

Ranma luckily got rid of the very persistent Mousse and was able to go home, with scratches and few cuts. Akane was already home by that time as she was no longer interested of watching the two teens fight which became more of a daily habit for them.

Akane was waiting at the porch when he arrived.

"At last, you're home. Even though you have a lot of scratches and cuts, you got home in one piece," she sarcastically commented as she stared Ranma from head to toe.

"Yeah right! I almost got my head cut off by that duck-boy bastard!" he replied. "He kept on insisting that I hid Shampoo somewhere!"

"You should've told him that I kicked her ass across Nerima," she retorted.

"Then what? He'll go after you? Like I'll let that happen!"

"Ranma…," Akane muttered as she stared the crouching boy in front of her with her hopeful chocolate eyes.

The stare made him blush. "H-He accused me of something that I did not do, of c-course, I am the one he should fight! And I know that a clumsy thick-thigh tomboy can't beat him"

The smile from her lips faded after what Ranma said. He bit his lower lip as he saw her eyes became gloomy. He didn't want to see that sad eyes. He regretted what he said and wanted to take it back but his ego kicked in first.

"Hmp! I'm about to ask you if you are okay but because of what you said, never mind!" she yelled and the then hopeful orbs were replaced by fire.

"I-I am fine. Just few cuts though. These won't kill me, you know that," he said, ignoring the girl's outburst. "I am fine, don't worry. Thank you."

The gesture made her eyes soft again while looking at his cuts. "Okay, that's good," she just said.

He was about to say something stupid again when he saw the first aid kit near the table. "Yeah, good," he said. A small smile appeared in his lips as he saw the kit. He knew that she prepared that for him knowing that he would be hurt as he arrived home. He knew for himself that she'll take care of him, would clean and bandaged those wounds.

The smile did not escape from Akane's sight. She was aware that he was just being himself: egoistic baka. But she also knew that he was softened by her thoughtfulness. Both of the teens were blushing furiously, while heads low, and both were silent. No one wanted to say anything that could've ruined their silent moment which was very unusual. Ranma instantly shivered as the night wind blew. This hinted Akane to remember what she planned to do, mend his injuries.

"Oh yeah, Ranma, it just so happen that the first aid kit is here, uhmmm, if you like, let me patch those cuts before you take your dinner," Akane offered, her head was already up but her eyes was lowered and still looking at his feet.

"Sure, thanks!" he said. He walked past her then slumped himself in front of the table. He rested his head in his palm. She grabbed the first aid kit and started to prepare the cotton, disinfectants and band-aids. She sat in front of him to check the cuts properly.

"R-Remove your shirt, baka! It seems that you have a big cut in your arms and back," she commanded. The pig-tailed boy blushed before removing his torn Chinese red shirt slowly. He made sure that Akane wouldn't see his crimson cheek. Luckily, Akane couldn't see his face because she also hid her face from him, as she felt that her whole face was as red as tomato. He turned his back to her to show the cut and for her to be able to clean it.

He winced as she first dumped the disinfectant in his wound. "Ouch! Can't you do it as gentle as a lady?" he complained.

"The disinfectant will really sting, baka! You are just being a cry baby!" she retorted while trying to calm and stop herself not to put a lot of pressure in the cotton. "You should be immune to this kind of stuff. You always get into a fight more than twice a week so you should be used to it!" she explained. "And stop complaining!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Just do it fast before I passed out of pain… and I am starving."

The treatment went well as Ranma stopped complaining. Akane cherished this moment of silent because it's not usual for the two of them. On the other hand, Ranma could feel how gentle Akane's hand as she treat his wounds.

To be continued….

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