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Omake #1 The 'Don't Forget' Note

(The next day after the Festival)

Ranma and Akane were walking home after they bought some ingredients that Kasumi needed. The pig-tailed boy was sensing the aura of the person he needed to see. It was weekend so there was less possibility that the Amazon would show up which they usually do. He wanted to talk to Mousse regarding the faded note he attached in the potion but he was reluctant to visit the Cat Café. Suddenly, the familiar bell rang.


Ranma thought that Mousse would show up once he let the purple-haired girl hug him, so he let her. Unfortunately, Akane was with him.


"It's not what you think Akane! Let me explain," he pleaded. They got along well when he delivered her dinner. She asked him to tell her what happen in the festival, of course, he didn't tell her about the kidnapping. "Akane! Come on!"

"I'll go ahead! Enjoy yourself, baka!" Akane said as she stomped her feet and marched towards their house. Unknown to Ranma, Akane knew that he was waiting for Mousse so she decided to let her fiancé speak with the duck-boy. She smiled as she walked away.

"Damn! Where's Mousse?" he inquired.

"Shampoo here Airen why you look for blind stupid Mousse?"

"Saotome, let go of my Shampoo!"

Ranma smiled and welcomed Mousse's attacks. He kicked the Amazon boy and followed where he landed. Shampoo was confused and just let Ranma beat Mousse.

Ranma grabbed Mousse's collar and then looked around. "Hey Mousse, wake up!" he slapped. The duck-boy opened his eyes. "Your notes got wet and I was not able to read the whole notes. What did it say?"

"You stupid Ranma!" Mousse retorted. "I neatly wrote and folded that note and you just let it wet?"

"I'm sorry! I tried the potion to Ryoga and you know how strong he is so I have to splash him to activate his curse, unfortunately the note also got wet," he explained.

"But you're still stupid! Anyways, the potion was not that harmful even you take the whole vial. It just that…" Mouse paused then wiped his eyeglasses.

"Just what…? Come on! Are you trying to kill me? Or to be killed? Spill it duck-boy!"

"You're an ingrate bastard! If you follow the dosage, you'll fell asleep and forgot some of your memories, some of it in no particular time. Too much of it will have the same effect. But, as the last reminder of the note, if you used less of it, it could also paralyze the taker for several hours."

"That's it? I mean no other bad side effects? You made a complicated potion. I just need sleeping potion with an extra power to forget. How could that happen? I thought I can rely on you!"

"That is because I don't have enough ingredients for the potion. I dot have much time and some ingredients of it don't exist here, only in our tribe and we ran out of stock of it so I replaced some herbs which are not harmful," Mousse explained. "Why are you being fuzzy about?"

"Nothing. I'm just making sure. It seems that Akane lost some of her memories, she slept and she's fine. If anything happen to her, I'll kill you and I will follow you even in your tribe if you ran away," Ranma threatened the Amazon boy.

"You're annoying and ingrate, Saotome. I love Shampoo that's why I helped you. Hmp! I should've let you used Cologne's potion."

"No way," he hissed. Ranma saw how the plant died in an instant. Imagining how it would kill Akane, it gave him chill in his bones. "But, thank you, Mousse," he said. "I was able to execute my plan and Akane's okay, we're okay. I'm very much okay with that," he stated while bowing his head to show gratitude to Mousse.

"As long as you stay away to my Shampoo, that's okay," Mousse blushingly said. He never heard someone thanked him like that as if he just saved someone's life.

"Gonna go now!" then Ranma left, running away from him.

That night, Ranma was having a hard time sleeping. He was haunted by Mousse's revelation that small amount of the potion could only paralyze the user. Did he use enough amount to Akane for her to sleep and forget? Or did he use too little for her to just be paralyzed but awake? Did she hear him confess? Did she know he kissed her and slept with her in the rooftop in that position? Ranma sighed and changed his position. He smiled. So what? Akane didn't seem to be angry or mad at him. If she was just paralyzed, she could've kicked him for being a pervert, but she didn't. Yeah, maybe he used 'enough' for her to sleep and forget.

OMAKE #2: Endless Challenge

(Festival Day, Late Afternoon)

Ryoga was walking in a forest holding a map. He was furious that he was not able to participate in Furinkan's Festival. He was glad that there was a nice student who fetched him and sent him to Akane's booth. He was disappointed that the class changed their plan. Akane was no longer a maiden. So his only chance to claim Akane's lips was no more. They said that he could still kiss the former maiden if he could face a challenge with her mighty fiancé, Ranma. He's very much okay with it. He was willing to fight Ranma. He was out all his life training to become the greatest martial artist. But they said that the couple was not there, so he waited. Nabiki whispered to him that his arch enemy was at the rooftop, waiting for him and his prize, Akane, was also waiting for him. Unfortunately, he was trapped in the forest and he didn't know how long he had been there.

Two children were playing in the park when they felt something was moving in the park's garden. They decided to approach and check.

"That might be a puppy that we need to help," said the little girl.

"Shhhhh! Be quiet. The puppy might run away," the other whispered.

"Damn you Ranma! I'll kill you once I get out of this forest!"

The two kids heard the shout and got scared. They went home running and trembling.

"Monster! There's a monster in the garden! Waaaah!"

"What was that?" Ryoga inquired as he looked around and tried to find were the yell came from. "I didn't know that there are inhabitants in this forest. Hmmm… Did I just hear them say 'monster'? I'm in Africa, how come I can understand their language?" he scratched his head. "Ahhh! I might be exhausted. I need to look for a place to camp. Oh! Akane-chan, once I got back in Nerima, I promise, I'll defeat Ranma and have your kiss," Ryoga murmured while blushing furiously.

Ryoga continued to walk while still looking at his map, around the bushy garden of Nerima Park.

OMAKE #3: First Potion

(After the incident in Omake #1)

"Shampoo have you heard anything about son-in-law?" Cologne asked her great granddaughter while counting their income. They were about to close the cafe and they were so busy the whole day.

"Hmm? I met Airen. He kicked Mousse. Shampoo didn't see him after," the Amazon teen replied. She was curious also what her Airen was up to.

Mousse was just listening while mopping the floor. He didn't want to join the Amazon women's talk; he might end up confessing about his own potion. The old lady had the power to extract the information while the younger lady could persuade him even by just looking at him.

"How about you Mousse? Have you seen the Saotome boy?"

Mousse decided not to look at the Amazon's face but he replied. "The same, when Shampoo saw them."

"Them? Are you talking about the Tendo girl? How is she?"

"Same. Large thigh, big waist, Airen hate Kitchen-destroyer face," Shampoo answered with disgust.

"She seems fine. Saotome and her are getting along well when we met them," Mousse replied as he continued to mop the floor.

"How does she look?" the old Amazon hadn't stopped asking. She decided to ask Mousse though he had this eyesight problem.

Mousse looked at Cologne first. He even adjusted his eyeglasses to look at her and read her expression. Well, the old mummy didn't seem to have her evil aura but she was curious to know Akane's look. "Same," he curtly replied then continued his work.

"She didn't have whiskers? Or fur? Or claws?"

"What?" Mousse curiously asked to repeat what he already understood. "I mean, she doesn't have any of those. She's the same-looking Akane Tendo." He paused. "Why?"

Mousse saw how the Amazon matron's eyes reacted in his question. He knew that it was something to do with the potion she created for Ranma. But why was Cologne asking if Akane had whiskers, fur, or claws?

"Yay! Shampoo remember now! Airen's potion!" Shampoo exclaimed making Mousse looked at her direction. She immediately slapped her mouth with her palm to cover but too late. Well, Mousse already knew about it but he wanted to know what's with their potion.

"Mousse, enough mopping here. Finish the dishes!" Cologne commanded, and then looked sharply at her granddaughter.

Mousse obediently went to the kitchen. He could feel how the old mummy followed him by her eyes. He let the two Amazon thought that he was clueless and stupid. But he was still curious about the exact potion they handed to the clueless Ranma.

Once the blind boy disappeared from the dining area, Cologne glared at her heir. "Did you follow my instruction properly?"

"Yes, grandmother."

"Then why is the Tendo girl still look normal? She should look like a feline in an instant," the old woman said.

Mousse gasped as he heard what Cologne said. It seemed that the potion was not as deadly as he and Ranma thought. But what the hell was she talking about Akane being a feline? He created few sounds to make him looked like he's working in the kitchen. It seemed that the two didn't bother to check on him.

"Shampoo followed instructions and used Amazon ingredients!" the teen Amazon protested.

"If you had followed it correctly, he should be running away from her. I pulled out that potion because we all know how scared son-in-law is to cats. We could have brought him home before the potion loses its effect. By the time the Tendo girl returned to her normal self, the Saotome boy already gave us strong heir for the tribe," Cologne stated. "If the Tendo girl still looks normal, your potion didn't work. Tch! As punishment for failing, you will not leave this café for a month and you will learn more on potion-making! I will entrust the delivery to Mousse," the old ghoul stated.

"No fair! Mousse is blind. Delivery will fail. The business will fail," Shampoo still tried to protest to her grandmother's decision.

"I don't care if the restaurant fails, as long as you, as my heir, succeed. Now, finish the tables and chairs. We're done for today!" Cologne finished then hopped using her staff.

Shampoo frowned and stomped her feet when her grandmother left. She didn't like the punishment. She couldn't leave the café for a month. This would give her Airen and the kitchen-destroyer more time with each other. She knew that she followed the instruction carefully and she measured every ingredient carefully because she wanted to their plan to be successful; to make Akane Tendo looked like a cat. This would make Ranma disgust and stay away from her.

Shampoo slumped in a chair and frowned deep. She felt defeated. Being an Amazon, she should not give up, she could not give up, so she decided to review the recipe of that potion.

Mousse carefully finished the dishes. He thought that he overestimated how evil Cologne was. He thought that her potion was an instant death for Akane, but it seemed that she just wanted Akane to stay away from Ranma or for Ranma to stay away from Akane. He sighed and shook his head. He smiled at the thought how everything turned out. Even his own potion turned out to be a little disaster because he lacked some of the ingredients. The exact effects were unknown to them but at least Ryoga was a good sample and nothing bad happened to Akane.

OMAKE #4 The Deal

(Night, after the Festival)

Akane sat in her bed after brushing her hair. She just got from the bathroom. After she woke up and Ranma left, she had a little time to think. She recalled everything, starting from their fight until he kissed her at the rooftop not knowing that she was 'semi-conscious.' She smiled again. It seemed that smile wouldn't leave her for a while. He even sent her dinner to her room and stayed until she finished. He just left when she decided to take a bath before hoping in bed again.

She looked around her room and it seemed that she was forgetting something. She got nervous. It might be the effect of the potion Ranma was talking about. She did fall asleep, though it was short, and now she was forgetting something. It was okay for her to forget some but she felt sad and scared if she would also forget how Ranma 'saved' her from being the maiden. She wanted to cherish how he desperately acted just to stay her away from the Kissing Booth.

The short-haired girl tried to look around again, she knew she was forgetting something and it was important. Akane knew she had thought of it while they were in the rooftop and also before her fiancé left her in her room. Her eyes landed on a picture displayed in her desk. It was the picture of her and her sisters. She had her famous smile, Kasumi's kind smile and Nabiki's smirk. Even in pictures, her sister showed her famous smirk and cold façade. Nabiki! She had to talk to Nabiki regarding Ranma's deal. She stood up and ran to the next room. She decided to 'save' Ranma from the deal. She would endure posing with costumes for Ranma. She would replace her fiancé. He saved her from the booth, so it's her time to save him. It would be embarrassing but it would be more embarrassing in Ranma's case knowing he's a strong martial artist but a sex-changing freak. She was also a best-seller 'model' so that would be enough for Nabiki to accept her deal.

Akane stopped in front of Nabiki's door. She closed her eyes then sighed heavily. She had decided this and would execute it. She raised her knuckles and softly knocked. "Nabiki?"

"Come in."

Akane nervously tuned the knob and saw Nabiki already sitting at the edge of her bed, arms crossed, legs crossed and brow raised. She looked like she had been waiting for a while with boredom written on her face. "Can we talk?"

"Speak," Nabiki commanded.

Akane sat on her legs and bowed her head. "Nabiki, let me replace Ranma," she started. "I-I mean, since you didn't want your deal with him to be void, and you gave our class sponsors and new gimmick just to remove form being a maiden, let me pay you by replacing Ranma," she nervously said.

Nabiki raised her brow. This was unusual. She had expected that either of the two would talk to her regarding the festival or the deal. So Akane came in but her proposal was different. She thought her sister would ask her to free Ranma from the deal, but to replace him? Interesting. As if the two decided not to be discreet anymore with their feelings. On the second thought, the two always acted selflessly just for each other. She had to change her plan.

Akane impatiently raised her head since she hadn't received any reply from her sister. She looked at Nabiki who was still wearing her cold face and the famous smirk. "May I?" she politely asked her older sister again.

"Why would I let you? What the hell got into your mind?"

Akane felt nervous again. It's Nabiki for God's sake, she'll squeeze every pieces of information she needed and wanted. "…t-to repay him, and also as payment for getting our class two sponsors. Y-You know what I mean."

"Tch! I'm not that evil to let my sister pose for me. And I am already got paid for your sponsors. I spoke to your class president. Don't ask me about the details because I won't tell you either. And could you please stand up?"

Akane reluctantly stood up and sat properly. "This doesn't change the fact that I decided to replace Ranma. You sell a lot of my pictures also so I am also p-profitable."

Nabiki huffed. "You're both annoying. Don't make me an evil sister. Just do what you always do, I'll take care of the pictures and shots. Get out of here. I have a lot of things to do."


"Just leave. I got it."

"Thank you," Akane said while her head still bowed before leaving her sister's room.

Nabiki just shook her head. She didn't epect that her prideful sister, Akane, would be humbly asking her to do something unthinkable as for her character. Well, the mighty Ranma actually did the same thing few days ago when he asked her to make a plan. Unfortunately, he did his own plan without telling her. She went back to her ledger and calculator.

OMAKE #5 The Deal 2

(Night, after the Festival, after Omake #4)


"Come in Saotome!" Nabiki said from her room.

The door opened and it showed an annoyed Ranma. "How come you know that it's me?"

"Instinct," Nabiki shortly replied. "I just feel like you're going to have a little chat with me regarding the deal we have. Is it right, Ranma-kun?" she teased.

"Uhm, yeah, about the deal…" Ranma curtly answered. "I am thinking, do I-I really have to, you know, cutely pose?" he stuttered.

Nabiki smirked. This was unexpected. It's very unusual for Ranma Saotome to accept defeat without a fight. She thought that he came to her room to negotiate and to appeal or anything that wouldn't ruin his pride. He's an egoistic bastard for crying out loud; but this was different. An annoyed but humble Ranma was in front of her, with downcast but determined eyes.

Ranma looked at Nabiki when he heard no reply. It's unusual for Nabiki Tendo not to retort in his very unmanly situation. He was showing his vulnerability and defeated side in front of this conniving business woman. But here she was, just smirking, or was that a real smile? He felt cold sweat in his palm. This was freaky; Nabiki's 'genuine' smile was freaking him out. It seemed like underneath their previous deal, there was another deal. "N-Now what?" he asked.

Nabiki frowned a bit then turned around. She started opening her ledger again and studied the notes. She slumped in her bed in prone position with her upper body slightly up and her head resting in her palm. She looked at Ranma again then gazed at the ledger. She sighed before looking at Ranma again with boredom distinctively showing in her face. She chuckled then turned the pages of the book then reached for the calculator and started to press the numbers.

Nabiki's action irritated Ranma. He was the most impatient person in the world and this was what he got for an answer. A boredom and glaring contest with her future sister-in-law made him to feel frustration again. "What the hell? Aren't you gonna say somethin'?"

"You know, you are a very rude dumbass," Nabiki calmly retorted as she continued to press the calculator.


"You are rude and dumbass, asshole!" Nabiki replied. She got up and sat at the edge of her bed, crossed legs. They were in the staring contest again but Ranma bowed his head first. The middle Tendo smiled and reached for her ledger. She flipped few pages before putting it back in the bed. "Anyways, I have another deal-"

"What?" Ranma yelped. "I am offering to continue the previous deal and now you have another for me?"

"No," she immediately answered. "I have a deal with different person. Our deal is still valid, as you offered but it will just co-exist with my new deal."

"I don't get it. Will I still be posing c-cutely to your camera and s-sell it?" he asked disgustedly.

"That's the advantage of my new deal, you don't have to pose. As usual, I will be taking pictures of you and sell it, but it will be like a candid like usual. I just want you to act a little feminine and be aware of the camera once in a while. That's all."

"That's it? I mean no more cosplay? No more cute poses? Just be me?"

"I said the usual routine but be a little feminine. If it will be 'just you' I will incurred loss instead. That's all you have to do, do what you usually do, be a little feminine and it's better if you will be Ranko-chan more often. I'll take pictures and sell it. Now, leave!"

Ranma was dumbfounded. He hadn't digested yet what Nabiki's new deal with him. As if it was null but the conditions were he had to be a little feminine and be Ranko-chan more. That was it? "O-Okay" he just said then he left the room. It was not what he expected but it was better that being aware and doing the cosplay and posing cutely thing. He didn't like that, at all. The question was: what kind of deal did Nabiki have and with whom?

As the pig-tailed martial left her room, Nabiki went back to her bed and flipped the pages of her journal. She smiled as she remembered her deal few hours ago. Akane went to her room and talked to her regarding Ranma's deal with her. Her sister proposed another deal with her just to void the previous deal. Akane said she'll cooperate with the posing-picture taking and approved to sell it as long as the pictures were decent. Nabiki could feel how Akane wanted to save her fiancé for degrading himself because of that deal. She was not sure what made Akane do it but she knew how her sister cared for the Saotome boy. Though she exerted a little effort looking for sponsors, she knew that both teens cared too much for each other that they bothered to do anything for each other. Just the thought of how complicated their relationship was, it gave her migraine. She gave up but for sure, she gave them the hard time.

Really, The End.