Chapter 1. Snowy Day Nessie's POV

This mourning I woke up to find snow falling outside. It looked beautiful. There was already about an inch or so on the ground, the snow covered the trees, and with the sun raising in between the mountains the scene took your breath away. This is a moment I would like to spend with Jacob I thought to myself and then sighed.

Jake, he had been in my life from the very day I was born and there is no way I could imagine my life without him, it would be incomplete. Over the years my feelings towards him have changed ever so slightly. Here lately though my feeling have changed drastically. I now notice things about him I have never noticed before. The way his muscles flex when he is doing something that would cause I strain, his abs when we go swimming, his perfect smile set against his dark; tan skin, and then there is the way he makes me feel inside. He makes me feel alive, safe, perfect, and secure wonderful, loved, and meaningful. He would do anything I asked of him with a smile on his face. I love his careless banter and how he always brings a smile to my face. I love it when he is sweet and thoughtful. I love everything about him.

I will not tell him any of this though. I will not tell him how I feel because I am afraid he will just write me off as some kid. Technically I am just 6 but it's not like I look or feel like a 6 year old. I look fully matured and that is the reason I can go to school now. School... It's Thursday so I have school. Crap. I got up to go pick out my clothes for the day when there is a knock at the door. "Come in," I yell. It's my mom.

"Hey sweetie, we are all down stairs and your dad heard you thinking about school clothes and he thought I should come tell you it's cancelled for today and tomorrow. The snow is worse closer to town." Damn. I thought dad would have heard everything I just thought about Jake...You would think I would know how to control my thoughts. "Nessie!" my dad cautioned and I groaned. I was not allowed to cuss verbally or even in my own head! It was crazy! My mom continued, "Anyway I don't know what you are doing to annoy your father but we are having a snowball fight later and tomorrow we are going to Alaska to visit Tanya and the family do you want to come?"

"No," I answered, "I think I need a little TLC."

"Alright then," she responded, "Esme is making you breakfast it should be ready in about 5 minutes."

"Alright, thanks mom."

"You're welcome sweet heart."

With that she left me alone in my room. I went to my closet and picked out a pair of black skinny jeans, durable ugg boots, and a flannel shirt. I went to the bathroom and pulled my hair up into a sloppy pony tail, the sexy kind with a couple fly aways. I didn't bother with make up because I was just with my family and I've been without make up in front of them a thousand times. I went down stairs to eat my breakfast.

Esme had made me sunny side eggs, bacon, a biscuit, and poured me a glass of chocolate milk. I don't bother with the regular milk because who likes that? I noticed there was another plate sitting next to me and I asked my grandmother, "Who's the other plate for?"

She laughed her trilling laugh and said, "Who's it always for?" I laughed too.

"I just figured with the snow he wouldn't come over today."

With what I had just said she gave another laugh, "Renesmee sweetie I worry about you sometimes," she laughs again and continues, "he only lives one mile away and he is a wolf he has his ways of getting here plus according to Alice we won't have a foot here until at least 10:30," and with that she gracefully left the room to join the others.

I ate in silence by myself for a while. Then I heard my lullaby from when I was a baby playing on the piano. My dad had composed it the day after the Volturi left. He was rejoiceful and completely happy, proud, and content in his life and that is what the music reflected. Happiness. I ate my last bite as he played the last note. As a got up to go wash my plate and silverware Jake came in the door.

"Hey Ness," he greeted me.

"Hey Jake," I replied, "I would have waited and ate with you but I was starving and didn't know when you'd get here so..." I trailed off.

"Don't worry a thing about it; it's not a big deal I promise. You ate so what?"

I laughed as I always did in his presence and started on the dishes. As I did this I glanced up at him and watched him as he ate. He was wearing a black muscle shirt that clung to his body and showed off every single one of his perfect abs. He caught me staring at him and I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. Damn human genes I thought and I heard and ever so subtle Ness come from my dad in the other room.

"Enjoying the view?" Jake asked chuckling.

"Sorry, you know me I get lost in thought and don't know what I'm doing."

He laughed, "You think I don't know that you've been scrubbing the same fork for like 2 minutes!"

"It has not been 2 minutes!" I teased.

"Oh yes it has! I promise you!"

"Well if you have a problem with me making sure everybody has clean utensils then you can just clean your own dishes," I said.

"Me, you, and the occasional visitor are the only ones who use the utensils anyway."

"Well excuse me for trying to make things easier on Esme," I said and walked out of the room.

As I walked out of the room I saw the shocked look on Jake's face. I understood the look we had just been goofing off then I snapped on him. The reason is I find it hard to fake my feelings for him now to act like I'm not attracted to him in the way that I am. To just be his friend. I walked into the living room where my family was having a debate on how they wanted to get to the Denali's home.

"I want to run there. It's winter and the bears are mid hibernation right now that is the BEST time to hunt them!" Uncle Emmett whined.

"Emmett that will take too long. Flying would be much quicker," my father said.

"Oh well that's lame," Uncle Em complained, "Plus it's snowing wont the airport be closed or something."

"I don't see the airports being closed," Aunty Alice stated.

"Why don't we compromise," Grandpa Carlisle suggested, "we could fly to Seattle and then drive the rest of the way and stop to hunt some grizzly."

"Works for me," my dad said smiling.

"Fine," Uncle Em grubbed and everybody laughed.

Unless he got his way Uncle Emmett always sulked. He was just like an irritable grizzly I thought to myself. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my dad with his famous crocked grin planted on his face nod ever so slightly and I laughed. As I laughed Jake walked in and said, "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing," I said smiling, "did you have fun doing the dishes?"

"Loads," he said his voice rich with sarcassam, "it was just dandy." My dad started to chuckle and I smirked.

"Well Renesmee," my father said, "since we don't have school today it is the perfect time to practice the piano."

I smiled. My dad had been teaching me the piano for a long time. I'm not as good as him, but he has an upper advantage he has been playing for hundreds of years. I am however better than the average human. I can sing too. I love to sing. I feel alive when I sing. My parents are the only ones who have heard me though because I won't allow the rest of my family to listen. I'm sure they hear because they are vampires but I like to think they haven't heard me. I walked in to our music room and sat at my piano and just started to play whatever came to mind. Some songs my dad would play with me on his piano but most he just liked to listen with a smile on his face.

I had probably been playing for two hours and then I began to sing. I loved songs from about half a decade back. Actually I love any music I just have my favorites. I loved "BlahBlahBlah" by Ke$ha but daddy won't let me sing it so I settled for "When I look at you" by Miley Cyrus. I'm not a huge Miley fan but I love that song. I began to play and sing.

Everybody needs inspiration,

Everybody needs a soul.

A beautiful melody,

When the nights are long.

Cause there is no guarantee,

That this life is easy.

And when my world is falling apart.

When there's no light to break up the dark,

That's when I, I, I look at you.

When the waves are flooding the shore,

and I can't find my way home anymore.

That's when I, I, I look at you.

When I look at you,

I see forgiveness,

I see the truth.

You love me for who I am,

Like the stars hold the moon,

Right there where they belong.

and I know I'm not alone.

As I was singing I heard the door open but I wasn't going to stop. I was invested in the song. I could feel it. I could feel my fingers drifting along the keys and I could feel the music as I sang. It was one of the best feelings and I wasn't going to stop.

Yeah when my world is falling apart,

When there's no light to break up the dark,

That's when I, I, I look at you.

When the waves are flooding the shore,

and I can't find my way home anymore,

That's when I, I, I look at you.

For the next part I poured my whole heart and soul into it finish with a bang.

You, appear just like a dream to me.

Just like kaleidoscope colors,

That cover me,

All I need,

Every breath that I breathe,

Don't you know you're beautiful!


When the waves are flooding the shore,

and I can't find my way home anymore,

That's when I, I, I look at you.

I look at you, Yeah, Woah.

You, appear just like a dream to me.

I played the last notes of the song and let them hang there. Then I looked up to see Jake standing there. His eyes where wide and bemused. He looked shocked. I thought for sure he had heard me sing "I'm walking on Sunshine" before guess not.

"Ness, that was absolutely amazing!" he whispered, "I've never heard anything like it before!"

"Thanks," I blushed, and that's the reason why I only sing in front of my front of my dad I added mentally and daddy laughed.

"Well anyway," Jake went on unaware of the other conversation, "we are ready for the snowball fight," he said smiling.

Me and my dad got up to go outside where we assumed the rest of my family would be waiting for us. When we got outside however nobody was there. I turned to my dad and thought, "Where is everybody?"

He didn't respond instead he reached out quickly and threw a snowball at me he was the only one I saw but I felt 8 other snowballs hit me. I turned to face my family with a shocked expression on my face and they just started cracking up laughing. "Oh it's on," I yelled. I went straight for Emmett who was on the snow covered ground doubled over in laughter. Once I hit him the full snowball fight was on!