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Amanda 3

Sonny's pov

My date with Chad last night was amazing I can't believe how sweet he is! Just as if on cue my phone vibrated with a text from Chad!

Chad: Hey Beautiful

Sonny: Hey, whatcha doin?

Chad: Oh just thinking

Sonny: Bout what?

Chad: Oh the usual Mack falls, you, my car, and well you

Sonny: Aww chad you are so sweet!

Chad: I try. So what are you doing?

Sonny: Nothing just sitting in my dressing room

Chad: great ill be there in five

Sonny: okay!

Chad was coming to my dressing room and I was not even ready for the day yet it was only ten o'clock! So put my hair in a side ponytail. And put on some mascara. Then I heard a knock at the door. OH NO I was still in my pajamas because I was too tired this morning to change oh great!

"Come in!" I yelled. Chad walked in. he had his Mackenzie Falls uniform and looked so adorable.

"Hey Sonny nice pj's!" he joked. I grimaced and turned away from him

"Hey Chad nice uniform!" I joked

"Well played Munroe" he said back. He came up behind me and hugged me once he let go I turned around and looked at Chad's eyes he was so cute!

"Hey I forgot to give you something last night"

"Yeah and what's that?" I asked curiously

Before I could even take another breath his lips were on mine it was a short sweet kiss that had me begging for more.

"What was that for" I asked even though he said he forgot to give it to me last night

"You are to cute I couldn't resist" that made me blush

"Aww Chad!" I said looking down

"So what are your plans for tonight?" he asked pulling my chin up with his finger

"Helping my mom pack for her moving back to Wisconsin" I said in a sad voice

"Why is she leaving?" he asked

"She misses Wisconsin and my family" I said

"Well what are you doing tomorrow night?" he asked

"Nothing. Why?" I said

"Good we have a date then" he said while walking out the door

"Well where are we going?" I asked excitedly

"A place" he said

"Well where?" I asked following him out the door and in to the prop house and relized i was still in my pj's. he sat down on the couch and i sat next to him and he pulled me on to his lap.

"do you really want to know?"

"yes i do" i said with hope

"fine i'll tell you but first... you have to kiss me" he said with a teasing tone

"fine!" i said like i was dreading it but i wasnt i was excited

i leaned in and gave hime a short sweet kiss but he wanted more so i decided i would give him more but then we heard


it was the cast of So Random they were all standing in front of us with looks of disgust on their faces. Tawni was the first to speak

"im glad you are both here we all wanted to tell you guys something. we dont really like that you two are dating but since we love sonny we just wanted to say that we are somewhat cool with it."

"aww really Tawni you guys okay with it? and you love me?" i asked suprized

"yes we are okay with it! and yes we love you!" she said

i got up and hugged each and every one of them and suprizingly Tawni actually let me hug her

"you guys are the best! i love you!" i said

"yeah yeah sonny but we will see you later we are gonna go get some frozen yogurt" nico and grady said at the same time and then with that the So Random cast left the prop house. i turned back to Chad would had stood up and walked over to me and gave me a hug

"im so gald that they are okay with us dating." he whispered in my ear

"me too" i said pulling away to look him in the eyes "so where are you taking me?"

"well i guess i should tell you cosidering you did kiss me" he teased

"yes you should!" i said

"well im not going to tell you where but definitley wear a swimsuit!"

"okay i guess i can live with that"

"hey i have to go rehearse but i will see you at lunch" he said while walking out the door

"okay ill see you later" i said