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And it's peaceful in the deep,
Cathedral where you cannot breathe,
No need to pray, no need to speak
Now I am under.

And the arms of the ocean are carrying me,
And all this devotion was rushing out of me,
And the crashes are heaven, for a sinner like me,
The arms of the ocean deliver me.

Though the pressure's hard to take,
It's the only way I can escape,
It seems a heavy choice to make,
Now I am under.

And it's breaking over me,
A thousand miles down to the sea bed,
found the place to rest my head.

And it's over,
And I'm going under,
But I'm not giving up,
I'm just giving in.

Oh, slipping underneath.
Oh, so cold, but so sweet.

Florence and The Machine - Never Let Me Go

Chapter Thirty One - I surrender

I have said it, I don't know how many times, but I have said it before. When I'm with him, it is like I'm flying, like every fiber in my body is alive. And now, just a few minutes ago, I was in the air, literally flying. I don't know how long we spent in the air, an hour or two. All I know is that we were soaked from top to bottom; the summer rain came down hard, washing away all the doubt, all the pain and worry. Until all that was left were Godric and I. The whole time we were up there, his lips never left my skin, whether my lips, neck or face, he showed me how much he loved me.

When the rainwater became too much, I think Godric thought I would catch a cold or something because there was a WHOOSH and we were back in the hotel room. My body slowly slid off of his until my feat touched the carpeted floor. His face wore soft smile as he pushed the wet hair that was sticking to my face with both of his hands.

"What?" I questioned my face automatically copying his smile. He looked happy, genuinely happy. He shook his head, his smile getting bigger as if whatever he was thinking about was a secret. "It's my hair isn't it? I bet I looked like a wet cat." I questioned good-humoredly.

"A very cute wet cat," was all his reply. Pouting my lips playfully, I grabbed his hand dragging him toward the bedroom. "I will let that slide cause' you said cute. Now, let's get you toweled off before we ruin the carpet." Godric only complied with my wish as he followed me.

Grubbing two towels from the closet, I dropped one of them over my shoulder, before setting the other over his head and rubbing down. "I was thinking maybe you will tell me more about being a vampire, you know, like vampire 101. I wanna know more about you, the other side of you." As I blabbed on, my hands worked collectively. I didn't even realize I was unbuttoning his shirt swiftly, before lugging it off his shoulders and tossing it aside. Godric might be in the smaller physic, but he was all muscle. He must have done a lot of physical labor in his human days, for he was very well toned. My hands softly and gracefully traced over the hardness of his chest; feeling the pale and smooth skin. I couldn't help but let out a sigh.

It was then that I became conscious of my action. My hands froze in their spot and my face heat up. I slowly brought my eyes up to look up into his. There was fever in his gaze, longing, a-need. My heart thumped against my ribs, and the heat seemed to spread down my body. I couldn't take it; I couldn't take the rawness of it. Without even knowing what I was doing, I swiftly turned around, breathing hard.

"Anna," he began—I knew I needed to get away, and before even he could say what was on his mind—I interrupted him. "I—I'm ganna take a shower." I mutter awkwardly before I dashed toward the bathroom. When the door clicked behind me, I leaned into it, taking a deep breath. What the hell am I doing? I blame it all on the blood I had last night. I thought to myself as my face turned a new shade of red.

Shaking my head, I quickly got undress, before turning the water on, and stepping in under the warm flow. I couldn't help but grin like a fool, not even for a second smile leaving my face, as I recalled everything that happened tonight and every word that was said. After about 5-10 minutes shower, I stepped out of the water and wrapped myself with the towel I brought in.

The bedroom was quite when I tiptoed in. Godric was lying on the bed sideways, his feet still on the ground. I quietly observed that he had changed out of the wet pants, but still no shirt. I slowly moved in closer noticing he wasn't breathing. "Godric? Are you asleep?" I questioned.

"No, just thinking." He murmured without opening his eye.

"About what?" I wondered out loud, I thought I would still see the happy look in his eye. "About you," was all he said, making me raise my eyebrow. As if sensing my unsatisfactory, he elucidate, "I felt it you know… the way you look at me sometimes, but it unfeasible to how much better it is to actually hear it." His voice was soft; almost un-hearable. He slowly rose to sitting position, when he noticed the quizzical look on my face.

"I have been alive for over 2000 years, and I have never truly been in love. Obsessed maybe, but never the way I feel for you, nor what I sense from you. I never really understood the need to be consumed with another." His hand prolonged out, his fingers intertwining with mine, pulling me to him. "I found you in the darkest time of my life and, now… all I want is to crawl under your skin... it's just baffles me sometimes." He whispered the last sentence, as well as accomplished what he wanted. Just in that few words, he was under my skin.

My hand that wasn't in his, moved to his hair, fingers trading in his locks. "You gotten under my skin the moment you told me I sang beautiful, remember, the day we met. From then on, I have been unambiguously, irrevocably in love with you. And if you give me the chance, I will tell you that every night you rise beside me."

Our eyes were connected, as we stared intensely at each other, as if waiting for some sort of cue. My eyes slowly moved, tracing the shape of his lips, which was full, smooth and beautifully delicate. Godric parted his lips in somewhat surprised, allowing me to outline along the crease of both his lips. Before he or I could say anything else, the vampire grabbed my towel, pulling me down to press his soft lips blindly along my own. I felt chills run along my spine, making my knees tremble and toes curl in a new pleasure. This kiss was different than any of others. It felt rather like our first kiss. Nevertheless, I felt my body shudder but rise to the bait.

He leaned forward, before standing up completely so the tip of his nose pressed alongside my cheek. I picked up the pleasant, masculine smell that I adore so much clouded my senses. Without much of a thought I splayed my hands onto his broad shoulders, smothering his mouth with my hurried, longing kisses.

A soft smacking was in the air, as we both inhaling deeply through our noses and trembling beneath each other's touch. My fingers, nearing a tremor, kneaded Godric's shoulders idly as his hands traveled down the curve of my back, before brushing against my bare thigh.

I yelped in surprise, forgetting the fact that I was completely naked under the towel. In a shuddering exhale, I slowly broke apart from his smoldering kiss, timidly running the pads of my fingers across his chest. His lean build, grooved abs, and the V of muscle which traveled down beneath his trousers had my eyes set with astonishment. To me, he was the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Even his skin tone was something to behold. Smooth, soft and pale, like a moonlight that beamed in through a sliver window. I felt my stomach tighten just then with nerves. His fingers moved under my chin, lifting my face up, catching my mouth once again.

Godric's kiss deepened, taking the very breath from my lungs. Our head turning from side to side after a few moments in one position, his teeth pinched my upper lip gently and he sucked on it until it turned a puffy pink, and when he released it, there was a little pop sound as it plopped back in place.

My eyes moved to meet his, and my breath hitched in my throat. The sight of him was glorious; his lips were kissed pink, his eyes dilated… I couldn't help myself but grind against him, almost letting out a moan. He grabbed the back of my head and there was a WHOOSH, as he eased my back onto the center of the bed. His hands moved in his vampire speed to the front of my towel only to pause and gaze at me.

It wasn't really a question, but he voiced sounding deep and sure. "You're mine." At that moment, the atmosphere between us rippled, ignoring the breathlessness only he could evoke, I nodded, losing my voice. "I-have always been..." was all I could say as I initiatively kissed him.

I felt the desire soar, triumphant, compelling as I became excruciatingly aware of his hands sliding the towel apart, and his fingers brushing the swell of my chest. He bit his lips as if he was forcing himself to ask after pulling back just an inch, "Are you certain?" I was turning a new shade of red, nonetheless, it must have been the blood, but exasperation flared in my eyes.

What if he doesn't like what he sees? A self-conscious thought drifted in my head. I don't know what I'm doing, what if I suck at it.

"Yes." I replied hesitantly, pushing the doubt away, wanting to feel him more than anything. I managed to cling grimly to his reins as I wound my arms about his neck, pressed myself to him in utter abandon and flagrantly incited his possession. More of an unconscious tug than anything else, he complied, and his bare chest soon pressed against mine. I shivered at the coolness of his skin, and the intensity his touch as he drew me back to the kiss.

In-between kisses he spoke, "I want you to be sure, my love." Another kiss, "Once I take you, there'll be no turning back." It was temptation. A warning. A promise. I wanted all. Determination flared, steely green in my eyes popping out. "Actions speak louder than words." I mumbled our lips met again, and again. Desire, hot and urgent, rose between us; passion rode in its wake. His hand curled around my breast, his thumb flicking back and forth over my quickening nipple with exquisite care, sending tiny shock waves of pleasure to seep through my body and quicken through my veins. One of my hands buried in his hair grasping hard, as my other slid across his back, my nails dug in his skin, making him groan. There was a SNAP as I felt his fangs pop out.

I had decided before. Thinking of sex before marriage was never the right way to go, but now, after almost dying, I realized I want to be his completely, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. I wanna it all. Now I felt as if I was drowning in it, sinking deeper into its velvety embrace with each deft stroke of his fingertips against my flesh. I let Instinct take over, as my brain shutting down.

His hand skated lower, tracing the graceful arch of my hipbone; I wrapped my legs around him, tipping him close so I could feel the hardness of his erection. When he dragged his mouth from mine, I moan in protest, which quickly melted to sighs as he pressed feather-soft kisses against the corner of my mouth, the delicate curve of my jaw, the skin beneath my ear. I arched my neck, unable to resist the softness of his lips searching for the pulse in my throat. A pulse thundering out of control against his fangs, fluttering as if it were a butterfly cupped in the palm of his hand.

Lost in a daze of delight, I felt the scrape of his teeth for instant before he gave the tender flesh a sharp nip. My knees utterly buckled, losing any sense of composure. One second my fingertips were grazing the dark locks of his hair, the next both of my wrists were manacled above my head in one of his hands. His gaze lingered on the gentle swell of my breasts, before he lowered his head, but this time it wasn't my lips he sought, but the rosy peak of one breast. I cried out loud as his tongue flicked across the turgid bud of my nipple, pleasure purled deep within me, making me whimper and arch against him. I crook my head up inhaling his masculine scent; wishing to bite him like he'd just done.

My voice seemed became locked in my throat, as he pulled back and started stripping out of the rest of his clothes. I couldn't help, but pull the towel to cover me. As if sensing the fear and noticing the hesitation in my green orbs, he responded with another heated kiss to, which seemed to melt away my fear. Anticipation had soared; excitement shivered over my skin. My lungs had seized; a delicious panic had tightened every nerve.

My fingers traced the muscles on his chest. His skin flickered under my touch and he muttered something in a different language. Free of his last restriction, my eyes moved downwards, only to quickly avert my head once I got the sight of him. I was a bit hesitated—this was the first time I had every touched a naked male, but it only lasted a split second. Once our lips met in a ravaging kiss, there was no longer any distinction, as my hands on his chest, greedily exploring, my fingers sinking deep. He groaned loudly, his fangs sinking lightly in my lips, as my fingers deliberately invoking his desire—all the possessiveness in his soul. He instantly must have felt desire rise, full-blown, famished—too strong for me to handle. He grasped my wrists, just as I grasped him.

The shock that pierced through him nearly shattered his control, he froze and so did I. I looked into his face to see his eyes were shut, his expression graven. Carefully, I curled my fingers again, utterly fascinated by my discovery. How could something so hard, so rigid, so blatantly, elementally male, be so silky smooth, so soft. Again, I touched the smoothly rounded head—it was akin to stroking hot steel through the finest silk. My eyes never left his face as he let me caress him until I thought his jaw would break—he had to pull my hand away.

Without making an effort at concealing his reluctance, he stopped me without warning, as he pinned my hands over my head against the mattress, before swooping down on me and taking my mouth in a wild, claiming kiss. Thrusting his tongue deep with such total dominance, that I was sure there would be nothing left of me by the time he was done. I writhed beneath him, wanting to draw him deeper. I yanked one of my hands free, immediately my fingernails scoring his back, but he never flinched, never wavered in his determination to possess.

I was open to him at that moment, heated, my thighs spread, soft and welcoming, and my hips a cradle in which he already lay. I was at sheer surrender. He didn't move, and the air shimmered, stirring, alive, invested with power. My knees clamped to his now naked hips. He drew in a breath, he eased me forward a fraction more. I knew what was coming, and I knew it was going to hurt. But all thought failed me when he pressed nearer, simultaneously drawing closer as he sank into me. My body was tense, and I let out a breath trying to relax.

One powerful upward thrust, with the help and enforced by the pressure of his hands on my hips, it was done. He breached into me in that single movement, forging deep into my body, filling me, stretching me. I let out a loud scream only to be smothered by hot kiss, and my eyes widened at the raw shock of his possession. He whispered soothingly in a language I did not understand. His body was tensed too, and his breathing sounded ragged to my ears; he was so tense his fingers dug into the pillow tearing it.

I closed my eyes, tears falling down my cheek. I don't know how long it took, but the pain faded to a dull ache. Godric locked his jaw—along with every other muscle he possessed, keeping himself momentarily still. His muscles flickered under the strain, but he kept his rhythm very slow so I could grow accustomed to the intimacy, to the elemental repetition. I drew in a huge, long-drawn breath, my breasts swelling against his chest. Now the worst part was over, I could truly explore his limits as well as my own.

Little by little, his rhythm began to quicken. Faster. Harder.

He locked his beautiful eyes onto mine, and without waiting for more, he caught my lips in an overwhelming kiss and, anchoring my hips against him. Like waves piling on the shore, we surged together. Sensations swelled like the incoming tide, rolling ever higher. I caught the rhythm and matched his.

His name spilled from my lips in a broken litany, only to be caught by the passion-roughened heat of his own mouth descending on me. My mind was beyond lost, and I arched higher against him by primitive female instinct, determined to prove that I could take whatever he could give me. Heat and flames were everywhere, raging through me. Molten rivers of pleasure and urgent need flowed, a hot tide, from where we joined. The tide swelled, reaching higher, consuming my body, buoying my mind, my senses.

Higher and higher and higher…

I clutched tightly, mostly in desperation to my escalation senses, knowing I was close. "Let go, my love, let go." He whispered, his lips touching mine briefly. All I could do was obeyed at that moment. The wave swept in swallowing me completely. I don't know how I knew, might have been the blood bond, but I turned my head aside, extending my neckline. As if on cue, his fangs pierced down my neck.

"Godric…" I shattered his name through my lips, my body clamping on his, hauling him with me, into the white heat of the void. My world exploded, completely obliterated. I lost my senses completely—lost all touch with reality. I was swept up by a force I couldn't even begin to describe. It was hot and deep, bone-melting pleasure. It surrounded through me like a sea, and left me floating in ecstasy.

Godric collapsed on top of me, and I knew then, that I wasn't the only one affected, utterly blown away. It took me a few minutes for my brain to find its way back home, and when it finally did, I held him tightly, my fingers trading in his hair and back, his weight not mattering.

"Wow," was all I could say, as if it could come any close to the bliss. He slowly slid to his side of the bed, lugging me with him. I was covered in perspiration, but I didn't care, I pressed my face to neck. I can't believe I just lost my virginity. It's not that I never thought about sex. I don't know, in my head there was always this fancy dinner, slow dancing, and we become intimate under dozens of candle light. But this was unexpected, yet utterly perfect.

"I'm sorry I bit you, I couldn't help myself." He murmured as if just finding his voice. He moved, gliding the comforters out from underneath us, and dropping it over our naked body. He lied beside me, bringing his finger to his mouth and snapping out his fangs. I looked up when I heard the clicking sound, watching him pierce his skin. He brought his bloody finger to my neck, running it over the dull ache.

"I wanted you to, Godric; it was perfect, every minute of it." I voiced happily, resting my head back to his chest, laying a soft kiss to the tattoo around his collarbone. "Yes, it was perfect. Thank you, Anna; I'm deeply honored to be your first." There was content-ness in his voice.

I couldn't help but my cheeks heat up, my face turning red, "yeah, me too." I'm glad he was the one i could happily give myself too. He moved closer, half of my body lying on his, yet there was enough space so he could look at me. Our body seemed to fit, as if we were made for each other. His eyes found mine; his skin seemed to be glowing. How could things get any better?

"It's like we're soul mates," I said it more to myself, incoherent thought, but he heard me nonetheless. "Do you believe in such things?" He questioned, his finger brushing against my hair, soaking in the aftermath of glow.

"Of course, don't you?" He let out a chuckle, "I never really thought about it," was his answer.

"I think I was thirteen or fourteen when I found Sarah's philosophy book. And in there, according to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and one head with two faces on it. Plato describes a world where people who were both men and women."

"And you believed that?" He queried, raising his eyebrow.

"Well, of course not. I'm not that gullible. But I was fourteen, and I kind of wished it was true. Anyways, so, these humans were as strong as the earth they stood on, as fast as the wind. They were these beautiful divine beings. But then, the humans began scheming about how they could climb up to the heaven and replace the gods themselves. When the gods learned about this plot, they were simply furious, and so, they began to discuss what should be done.

The simplest solution would be to destroy mankind, but the mighty Zeus, god of thunder, came up with a better idea. He suggested cutting all human beings in half, which would serve two purposes. The first one being, immediately doubling the number of people that would make offerings to the gods. Second, it would weaken the humans, so they would not be able to carry out their plan. Even though the gods censured upon the idea, they feared the humans' power and capability, so in the end, Zeus's proposal was accepted.

Since it was the god of thunder's suggestion, he was given the honor to complete the task. Zeus propelled his mighty power upon the humans, splitting them into two separate parts… condemning their souls to spend eternity in search of their other halves. Plato wrote in his Symposium that, humans have been looking for their soul mates ever since Zeus cut them in half." I let out a breath, my fingers moving to his cheeks.

"That's rather sad." The whole time the vampire's eyes never left mine, as he whispered his thoughts.

"Yeah, but in a sadistic way, kind of beautiful too." And for a moment the story was real, truly and beautifully real.

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