For the Right Reasons

A/N This will have a slight Avatar crossover but nothing major. The main couple is Naruhina and will not follow the canon.

Die = Demonic / Shouting

HMM = Thinking

. . . .

"I can see now, it is you that is suffering Neji ." Hinata said while she coughed.

Naruto was having a major struggle. The girl he secretly liked had just fought her cousin and was soundly defeated. But, she got back up to face him. He didn't know if he should step in and stop the match or let it continue.

With his Byakugan active, Neji looked over his cousin. He saw she was on her last legs but what she said struck a nerve. The Jounin saw the look in his eyes change just as he began to charge.

Time stopped for Naruto. He felt a pull into his mind then suddenly found himself in front of a cage that is held together with a paper tag that said seal.

"Finally, I get to meet my host", said a massive voice.

"Who's there? Where am I?" asked a freaked out Naruto.

"In backwards order we are in your mind and I … I am the Nine Tailed Fox." As the answer came a pair of blood red eyes and a row of sharp teeth appeared in the dark of the cage.

"What do you want you bastard? You're the reason my life has been hell," shouted a now pissed Naruto.

"First off I didn't want to attack the village. I was put in a genjutsu by a sharingan wielder, so I am sorry your life has been trouble for you. I plan to make it up to you with knowledge and power to protect the one you love," stated the fox looking down a little in shame.

"What do you mean is something going to happen to Sakura!" screamed Naruto.

"DON'T TAKE ME FOR A FOOL BOY," roared the fox. "I know all about your mask of idiocy and obliviousness to protect the Hyuga girl from the villagers, but now is not the time her cousin is planning on killing her."

Narutos face immediately dropped into a look of controlled panic. "Ok, I'm listening."

"Good, now you have two bloodlines. one is a very old eye bloodline that your father had that's called the Piercing Eye. The second I created using you mothers families abilities," the fox said flatly.

"So I have an eye bloodline and a technique bloodline that is manufactured by you. Am I on track right now," asked Naruto.

"Correct. Now your eyes is like the Sharingan and the Byakugan put together. It gives you the ability to have sharp, clear vision for a 270 degree field of vision and dispel massive genjutsu. Even the Mangekyo Sharingan can not affect you. Then there is the modes you can see."

Naruto look up, "Modes?"

"Think of them as levels. At first you have the ability to see normal colors and the infrared and x-ray spectrum. Then it will advance as your charkra increases and you gain some real world experience. Now on to you other bloodline. Your mothers family had the unique ability to manipulate the element that their primary alignment is. By following a series of tiajutsu moves and adding their chakra to the element they could manipulate the elements."

"So what's been changed?"

Well as I have mastered all the elements that trait has passed on through you."

"Whats the catch for all this?" Naruto asked suspiciously.

"For you to do this we have to merge our chakra and minds this in turn will complete the seal your father placed on you to contain…"


"Yes please keep it down I have sensitive hearing." said the fox as he held his ears. "Yes, your father was the fourth we will get back to that later we don't have much time left before you must act. This fusion will turn you into a half demon fox. You will gain all my knowledge in taijutsu for your nature manipulation and gain access to your Piercing Eye."

"Alright, I'll do it but only to protect those I love not for power. If I think for a minute you are trying to take over I'll kill you myself." Said Naruto with a determined look on his face.

"Ok to do this you will have to peel the seal off the cage, don't worry there is a second seal under it. One last thin this will hurt like hell."

"Ok." Naruto walked up to the cage, looked at the seal for a second, then quickly ripped of the paper. Just as fast, red chakra surrounded Naruto and invaded every hole in his head. He felt the pain but didn't even moan in pain.

. . . .

Out in the outside world many things happened at once. Neji had charged with the intent to kill, the jounin sensais moved to intercept him, and Naruto made a firm stance and thrusted both hands down palms flat.

Neji noticed an influx of chakra in the ground in front of him and Hinata, but though nothing of it. Hinata saw it also and just stared.

Just as Neji threw his hand forward the ground erupted in front of him and blocked the trust.

Everyone stared at the strange phenomena until an orange movement caught their attention. Naruto had jumped from the railing faster than their sensei and made a strong pulling action that was similar to the fighting style Mui Tai.

"What is that baka doing," shouted Sakura.

As the pull action was completed, chunks of the wall the size of Neji's head flew out at high speed and struck him in the chest knocking the wind out of him and sent him flying into the wall. All the ninja were dumbstruck at the action of their knucklehead as they felt him give off an entirely new feeling. This feeling was recognized by the Jounin and the Hokage.

"This is Naruto." Said Kakashi.

"What do you mean it still is the Dobe?" asked sasuke.

"You don't understand," said Asuma, "that is the look of a seasoned veteran with nothing to lose by dieing. He has the intent to use everything to protect her. This is where a leaf ninja is the most dangerous."

What was that move earlier? I've never seen anything like it." Yelled Ino.

"I don't know but it look dangerous." Asuma said flatly.

Down on the floor, Neji had just pulled himself from the wall and looked at Naruto with a sneer.

"What are you doing you failure. Do not interfere with clan affairs." said Neji.

"I will interfere if it involve my friends getting hurt. I will not allow you to touch her."

Neji reactivated his Byakugan and started in shock by what he saw. Naruto was emitting chakra to the environment on an immense scale. To him and Hinata it look like he was infusing his chakra to the very elements around him.

"With the way you are emitting you chakra recklessly you won't be able to fight me if I ran past you." He then charged.

Naruto saw it all. Then calmly closed his eyes and took a calming breath, and began to move. The stance and movements looked to everyone like a very fluid yet powerful taijutsu kata. Just as everyone began to wonder what he was doing he made a punching motion in his kata as Neji came within ten feet of him. To everyone's surprise a stream of blue fire erupted from his knuckles and engulfed Neji.

. . . .

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