"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet,
regardless of time, place, or circumstance.
The thread may stretch or tangle,
but it will never break."
- an ancient Chinese belief

A/N: This story is about that red string. In recent chapters of One Piece, Doflamingo severed a man's leg straight off, revealing that his powers are not of body manipulation but of strings (String-String Fruit?). He controls body's like puppets. In one piece, a Devil's Fruit's abilities can go beyond just its name like Kalifa ate the Awa-Awa Fruit (Soap-Soap) and, in addition to washing away dirt, she could wash away energy. What if Doflamingo could control the strings of fate and even remove, remake, and rearrange them? This story explains that.

P.S. This is basically ridiculing the entire cast of One piece...

Sailing was very boring so Doflamingo couldn't help but get excited when there were islands to dock on. It was always so fun when he got to pilage and steal...

"Captain! An island to our North!" a crew member called out, through the cabin door.

"Perfect timing!" He yelled with a grin. Time for terror.

His crew all ran off the boat shortly after docking and ran into the many houses of the village. Doflamingo walked straight up to the biggest building and entered as if it were his own home (after kicking down the door with one swift kick). An old man popped out of one of the many doorway's of the semi-mansion with a rifal pointed at Doflamingo. "I'll give you one chance to walk out that door or a bullet is going between your eyes!" he yelled, hand slightly shaking in fear, perhaps?

Doflamingo swiftly lifted his hands and before the man knew what was happening, his own hands steadily turned the gun around so it was resting beneath his own chin, his finger resting readily on the trigger. "You chose the wrong pirate to threaten!" Doflamingo gleefully pointed out, one twitch of his finger and the man would be dead.

"No! Don't kill him! We have a rare treasure we're willing to give you if you leave us be!" a little girl yelled after jumping out from behind the man, tears welled up in her eyes.

"Hmmmm...? What kind of treasure?" he asked, lowering the gun from the man's head as a way of saying "I accept".

"It's a family treasure worth several million beli!" she said, wiping the tears away to show she was strong.

"Becki!" The man cried, picking her up and shielding her from Doflamingo's sight of view.

"Settle down! I will accept your offer! While I am a pirate, I am also a man of my word." Doflamingo lied, faking a serious face.

The man put the girl down and told her to go run to the shed to hide. He then began walking up the main staircase and gestured for Doflamingo to follow. He took him into a bedroom and removed a portrait of him and his family to reveal a safe that he quickly opened, revealing a small box made of a very expensive wood that had beautiful carvesmanship and designs lacing the sides, a keyhole in the front of it.

The man took his necklace off with a key-shaped pendant and stuck it into the key-hole, unlocking it. He opened it to reveal a pair of glasses, the lenses strangely tinted in a black that changed to a light pink in light. Their frame was a magenta color and the shape was very similar to the shape of Doflamingo's sun glasses. They honestly didn't look that expensive. They actually looked rather cheasy, something you'd find in a thrift store.

"Those are it? What's the big deal?" Doflamingo asked, quickly losing interest.

"These glasses are what our family calls 'Destiny Lenses'. Legend has it that soulmates are binded by an invisible red thread tied around their pinkies. The string is indestructable and holds true love together. These glasses let the wearer see these binding strings. That's how I found my wife." The man explained, handing Doflamingo the glasses.

Doflamingo's interest quickly returned as he recalled that legend being told to him on several occasions. "Hmmmm?" he mumbled, taking off his glasses and placing the supposed "Destiny Lenses" on.

He looked down to his hand to see a string tied around his pinky even though he didn't feel it there. He traced it only to see that it went straight through the wall and, poking his head out the window, saw that it extended long over the ocean. "Everyone has this string?"

"Not a person in existance doesn't have one."

"Do gays get paired with women?"

"No. The string connects them to the one that will bring them true happiness. A straight man may be gay without even knowing it and vice-versa."

When the two people meet is it gradual or love at first sight?" He plagued the man with numerous questions, keeping fll interest and listening intently to the answers.

"If the love is gradual it is not their true soul-mate, however they may settle for that person if they neeveer do actually meet their soul-mate. If they are true soul-mates, it will be an over-powering love at first sight in both of their minds." the man explained, seemingly holding no real grudge against Doflamingo.

"I originally planned on killing you and your family anyways but you have been quite cooperative and gave me an item valuable enough for me to be put in a good mood. None of your villagers have been killed. I ordered my crew not to kill, but to take prisoners. I feel good enough to release said prisoners though. You are quite lucky." Doflamingo said, patting the man on the head, him being thrice his size.

"Thank you, sincerely!" The man thanked, seeing the generosity of the offer considering how rutheless said pirate normally was.

After sailing away, Doflamingo looked through his crew to see that they all had the red string as well. after a thorougher search through them all, he found two that actually connected within his crew!

He had a large crew, having bases set up on many islands to help fit them all, also having five large warships to fit them all. He had to jump between ships in order to find these two that connected with each other. He highly doubted that they've ever even met before, despite being so close. The only problem was they were both male...

He didn't introduce them to each other yet because he was curious whether or not they'd react like the man said. He took one into his cabin and began questioning him. "Your name is not important so don't bother telling me. What is your sexual preference, if your not honest I will find out and kill you." He interrogated, instilling fear in the man.

"I'm... well, I'm gay... or so I've recently discovered..." The man admitted, seeming ashamed (A/N: I am not homophobic! This man just fears those people who are. It's part of the story. I have several gay friends and I see no problem in it, in spite of how religious I am.)

"Hmmmmmm?" Doflamingo wondered aloud. Upon further inspection, the man was quite muscular, hs hair was to his shoulders, wavy, lustrous and a beatiful shade of silver, he had a good tan, and, after ordering him to show it, a big penis. He had some minor facial defects in his teeth and nose but was quite handsome. It could be quite possible for a straight man to go gay for him, but not at first sight.

He shoved the man in his closet, ordering him to stay there until further notice. The man felt confused, scared, and violated but obeyed in fear of death.

He ordered the second man in. He decided to inspect him before interrogating him. He was much buffer and taller, had a 6-pac, was bald but in an attractive way, and was slightly less tan than the first man. His face was rather fierce, and he had deep brown eyes, a well-proportioned nose, and a mouth that naturally fell into an allurring grin.

Considering the grin was still on his face, he was also brave. Doflamingo found him extremely attractive and was tempted to rape him right there and then but held in the urge for the sake of his test. "What is your sexual preference? Be honest because I can tell." Doflamingo said with a serious face.

"I'm straight. Why do you need to know?" the man said, rather curiously. Damn, even his voice is sexy. Doflamingo thought in defeat. It was brisk and manly yet soft and understanding which, in addition to his looks, would greatly tempt a man to go gay.

A Gay man and a Straight man? The glasses are wrong? Let's test it...

"Have you ever met this man?" he asked, knocking on the closet door. The confused man emerged, his eyes slightly widening when the fell upon the beauty before him. "No, can't say I have." the straight one said, seeming unphased.

"Kiss each other. Now!" Doflamingo ordered, raising his voice when they failed to follow through. They leaned in slowly for a kiss that was at first, seemingly awkward at first. "With Passion!" Slowly the straight man melted into it, bringing his hands up to the back of the other man's head slowly, pulling him in closer. The other man's arms went limp along with his legs as he stood in awe of the other man as he held him up to keep the kiss.

In close inspection, Doflamingo noticed the red string thicken slightly as the two men pulled away. "You two will be placed in the same private cabin close to mine. I want to keep an eye on you!" Doflamingo yelled, shooing them away. The straight man eyed the smaller man once more before leaving to the other boat to gather his belongings, his cocky grin gone as he held a serious expression.

"That went as well as plannned." Doflamingo said, rather satisfied.

A/N: Mostly just he Prologue I suppose. I'm trying to build up the story a bit more, grab a few fans before all the good stuff happens. Comment and Review. Critics and Haters are all welcome.