I've decided to finally go back and fix all grammatical and spelling errors that have littered this story. Nothing new as far as content, just cleaned up a bit!

This is the first chapter in the 30 Drabbles in 30 Days challenge by Mystii that I accepted, using the pairing of Andromeda Black and Ted Tonks as my focus.


She could have killed Ted Tonks.

She squinted up into the sunshine, searching for something, someone, she wouldn't find.

He thought he was so damn clever.

"Andy! Here now!" Someone had shouted. As she looked to see who, blue dots swam into her vision. She squeezed her eyes closed just as she heard the quaffle fly past her ear and into the goal post.

"Another ten points for Hufflepuff! Tonks is on a roll!" Of course the announcer today was a Gryffindor. He couldn't be more pleased with his fellow House, currently beating the snot out of Slytherin.

"Damn it!" Andromeda screamed, only fellow players hearing. From his spot in the sunlight, she heard Ted Tonks roaring with laughter.

She'd had enough. She left her post, shouting "Time out! Time out!" over and over, unable to make the universal hand gesture for Madame Hooch. The referee blew her whistle, and the other players followed the keeper to the field.

Ted was one of the last to land, smiling like the idiot he was while his fellow players clapped him on the back for his tactical move that had so far earned them sixty points.

Andromeda threw her broom down as soon as he was on the ground, and marched over to him, Madame Hooch following behind.

"He's being unfair! He's directly in the sunlight! He knows I can't see him!" Andromeda pointed an accusing finger at the chaser, who held his hands up in defense.

"Hey, I'm just playing the game. It's not like I have control of where the sun is positioned." He tossed his floppy, sandy blonde hair, while his grey eyes danced, giving away his feigned innocence.

"You do, however, have control of where you go! You're using the sun to your advantage! It's practically cheating!" Andromeda glared at the boy, who rolled his eyes.

"Sore loser, aren't we, Black?" He asked, raising an eyebrow and giving her a smirk.

"Oh don't even, Tonks! I'm not the one throwing a tantrum every time my team loses!" She snapped, Ted's face coloring as the snub successfully offended him.

"A tantrum? What do you think I am, a toddler?"

"You're certainly acting like one, playing a stupid game of hide and seek during a Quidditch match!"

"Enough, you two!" Madame Hooch finally cut in, pushing them away from each other. "Tonks, I expect a fair game from you. Black, be a good sport, would you?" As Andromeda opened her mouth to object, Hooch gave her a look, and she closed it, looking away with a glare.

"Now we will resume. Maybe, Black, your team will pull it together and get the quaffle out of Hufflepuff's hands. That'd solve that problem." Hooch added, smirking slightly as the Slytherin's all turned red, eye brows narrowing.

The teams remounted their brooms, and launched into the sky.


"Oh, don't take it so hard, Andromeda!" Ted called after the girl, who was stomping away from him. He had waited outside the Slytherin changing rooms for her, and upon seeing him, she had quickened her pace, determined to ignore the boy's existence.

"I wouldn't, if you had won that game fair and square!" She shouted.

"How was it not fair? You Slytherins use dirty tricks all the time in Quidditch, way worse than what I was doing! You're only mad because, for once, someone wised up and used something against you!"

"God, Ted!" She honestly didn't know how to reply to that, as every word of it was true. "Why are you even pursuing the subject? Just leave me alone, will you?" She stopped, whipping her head around to the boy, who stopped mid step, staring up at the girl. She looked perfectly lovely when she was furious.

"Well I was hoping in honor of the victory we could grab some butterbeers tomorrow when we go to Hogsmeade." He gave her a grin, as if the whole thing was perfectly understandable and a brilliant idea.

Andromeda's face flushed with embarrassment and rage while her stomach did back flips at the idea - and the fear that accompanied it.

She didn't answer, instead turning sharply back around and marching up towards Hogwarts, hands balled into fists.

Ted's grin faded to a small smile as he watched the sunshine fall on her retreating figure