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Chapter 13.

"Why is nothing ever on TV?" I muttered flipping through channels.

"Maybe because you have ridiculous standards when it comes to television, Bella," Cassie said sitting next to me, propping her bowl of cereal in her Spongebob covered lap, shoving her hair out of her face even though I knew if she didn't tie it back she was going to end up with a mouthful of hairy Lucky Charms, despite the fact that I'd told her this well over one hundred times in the past I'd given up on reminding her to tie her hair back when she ate.

I sighed and continued to channel surf, "Perhaps you're right," I said, before settling on Boomerang.

"Seriously? Josie and the Pussycats?" Cassie asked, "Who the fuck watches this shit?"

"It's almost over," I told her, "Samurai Jack is coming on next." Cassie didn't argue with me, continuing to eat her cereal while I watched TV, glancing at the clock on the cable box for two seconds. "Five," I started.

"Four, three, two, one," Cassie muttered, finishing the countdown and Charlie promptly entered the house.

"Morning girls," he greeted.

"Morning dad," we chorused.

"Your eggs are microwave," I told him.

"You're both saints," he told us. His statement would have held if the doorbell didn't ring at that moment. He went to answer it and several moments later called for the both of us.

"Cassie, B, your,er, friend is here," he called and we both exchanged a look, getting up from the couch and walking over to the front door to find Alice on our front stoop beaming.

"Hi," she greeted us.

"Er...hi," Cassie muttered while I struggled to hold in a groan.

"Alice..." I started with a sigh.

"Oh, please, you two, please?" Alice pouted, "I promise it will be just this once." my sister and I exchanged a look.

"What did you have in mind Alice?" I asked.

"Well...Halloween is coming up," she said hesitantly. It didn't take the both of us long to fill in the blanks. "No," we both said in unison, point blank. Division may have been preoccupied with the Chinese government but we weren't taking any fucking chances.

"Wait wait wait," she said, "it's a little nondescript boutique in Port Angeles, I promise it'll be amazing. We'll even get some burgers and ice cream afterwards." Cassie and I exchanged another look, the both of us being secretly fat the sound of ice cream and greasy burgers sounded fucktastic.

"Fine," I said.

"But," Cassie added, "only that one store, we're not serial shoppers like you."

"And, we do expect to be fed," I continued and Alice smiled so wide it was a wonder her face didn't crack.

"Yay!" she said, "We'll be waiting for you in the car."

"Er...'we'?" I asked.

"Rosalie," she pointed to the cherry red M3 sitting at the end of the drive at the front of the house and I just stared at the car rather than the gorgeous Ice Bitch driving it.

"We'll be ready in five minutes," Cassie told Alice, knowing my weakness for fast vehicles and pulled me inside, ignoring my whining when the door closed and cut off my view.

"Cass," I whined.

"You can drool over the engine later," Cassie replied, rolling her eyes and we both dispersed upstairs. It literally took us five minutes to get ready, not bothering with shit like color coordination and we both ended up in matching jeans (we didn't do it on purpose, I swear) but contrasting t-shirts. Mine said, 'Show dick some respect!', while Cassie's had a graphic of Jack Skellington on it.

Alice was horrified at our selection of clothes but Rosalie commented that Emmett would get a kick out of my shirt.

Probably the nicest thing she's said to me as of late.

Needless to say, the ride to Port Angeles was awkward, while Alice tried to spur conversation (which meant she kept up a running monologue the whole drive), Rosalie kept her eyes on the road, adding a comment here and there while Cassie and I just sat there. This is testament to our absolutely rubbish social skills and why we avoid talking to anyone else in general.

Alice was talking about an Alice in Wonderland theme for her party, now that she had a pair of twins to dress up as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Cassie and I exchanged a look intending to shut that idea down before Alice could put together some costumes. We did occasionally do that weird twin thing where we finished each others sentences, like the weird duo from Alice in Wonderland, but it was mainly on purpose to freak people out when unwanted persons approached us.

Now we were stuck in a obscenely gorgeous car with two equally obscenely gorgeous girls from school who were dubbed to be just as weird as we are. "Of course you'll have to dye your hair to match," Alice was babbling, "though even I would have a hard time telling you apart if you did that..." and I went back to tuning her out. We arrived at the aforementioned 'nondescript boutique'.

There wasn't much in the windows, empty mannequins with strange hats and whatnot but apparently Alice thought it was all genius. Apparently the woman who owned the shop tailored each piece to fit the client, and each was totally unique...and insanely expensive. Cassie shrugged, "It's got artistic appeal," she told me, "my inner fashionista? Not so much." I snorted lowly at the sarcasm.

If Cassie was a fashionista then I was a bright pink platypus that liked to dance in toe shoes. I was no fashionista either, seeing as I would rather put knives in my eyes than put on the contraption that Alice was holding up. "It would so suit you," she was saying, and the look I gave her was nothing short of absolute horror.

"Satan would have a snowball fight in Hell before I try to fit my ass into that," I pointed. "Alice, I thought we were here to help you pick out a costume."

"Yeah, pick out a costume for you," she said smiling brightly. Cassie slunk off to another corner of the store while I facepalmed.

"Alice, buying either of us a costume will be a waste of money," I told the mischievous waif.

"No it won't-" she began.

"Because I will use the pieces to start a bonfire," I continued, "gasoline, matches, the whole shebang." Alice gave me a scandalized look, like she couldn't believe I would actually attempt to do such a thing to a poor harmless piece of fashion. Alice opened her mouth, presumably to laugh me off but Cassie piped up, "I wouldn't write her off Alice, she's got the look," she said.

"What look?" Rosalie said with her characteristic sneer.

"The look she gets when she's determined to face something down, or tackle a difficult piece of machinery," Cassie said before holding up a sparkly blue dress, "how about this Alice? You'd be cute as an ice fairy...thingy." the discussion of me wearing the costume ended after my supreme objection to doing so.

Halloween wasn't something Cassie and I generally participated in, as judging from our past experiences...it never turned out well for us. Usually the holiday was spent squatting somewhere or trying not to bash in the heads of idiotic teenagers...so we usually stayed at home. Alice trying to get us to go to her Halloween party was a no-go for me. I honestly didn't care what Cassie did as long as she didn't get killed or arrested, I was content to sit at home like the homebody I am.

Alice tried to coerce me twice into trying on Halloween costumes, each one she displayed looking tighter than the last. I don't think Alice realized that I ate a lot of pasta and gorged on sweets when I could, thus I wasn't stick thin like most girls, yet my high metabolism made me burn those calories with a vengeance. Cassie was a bit thinner than I was, so she'd have a better chance of squeezing into a Victorian style corset.

I heinously vetoed anything with tights and anything that looked like a shirt but Alice claimed was a dress. By the time we actually got to the food part I was brimming with an anxiousness to get back home, finish the few chapters I had left of my book and work on my essay for AP American History. Rosalie watched me with a look of fascinated horror as I wolfed down my fries, while she hardly touched her food, probably getting nauseated at the thought of all the carbs I was consuming.

Cassie didn't eat with as much gusto as I did, but still managed to polish off her food and dessert. On the drive home I speculated as to why I'd seen the two girls picking at their meals, other than the cliché excuse of 'watching their figures'. Rosalie was a tall blonde bombshell and I doubted she'd have anything to worry about until she hit her thirties, and Alice's little figure probably wouldn't suffer until she had her first child, not to mention the disgust in their eyes at the greasy food joint, the both of them keeping their faces carefully placid while they pretended to eat.

I fidgeted nervously in the backseat until they pulled up in front of our house, thanking them awkwardly for the day out while I walked stiffly up the drive and into the house, Cassie imparting them with a final wave as Rosalie drove off, the very picture of perfection. Charlie was upstairs sleeping as it was already seven 'o clock, and no doubt had an early shift in the morning. "That was like pulling teeth," I said.

"Oh yeah," Cassie said, "but weirdly...I had fun."

"Food was good," I added half-heartedly and Cassie gave me a look. "What?"

"We need to work on our social skills," she commented and I suddenly giggle-snorted, earning me another odd look.

"Did you see the look on Rosalie's face in the diner?" I asked and Cassie pursed her lips obviously trying not to laugh.

"I'm not surprised, your manners were awful," she said trying to scold me but I only laughed harder. Cassie shook her head, "I'm going to finish my homework," she said, going around me and up the stairs while I followed behind, clutching the railing while I gasped for air in between guffaws.

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