Just another little random story I started when I was bored. Enjoy. Oh, and if you like you can send in ideas (in review form) if you want your funny thing on here, you will be credited. (:

1. Tent scene, enough said.

2. Edward's a VILF.

3. Dayyyyum, I'd imprint on that.

4. Its all fun and games until someone gets a paper cut.

5. Merry Twilight and Happy New Moon.

6. All good things sparkle, LIKE STICKERS.

7. Team Edward, except when Jacob's shirtless.

8. WARNING: I drive like a Cullen.

9. I will seriously LaPush you off a cliff you don't stop being a butt munch.

10. TEAM ALICE: Because Pixies need a lil' loving too.

Only doing ten at a time (:

But like I said, review if you want your part in this story.