small drabble or the challenge posted by ilovetvalot and tonnie2001969.

"How do you do it?" Jordan asked JJ as she sipped her coffee. "How do you deal with the worries of whether or not you've picked the right case or said the right thing in an interview?"

JJ looked across the table at her coffee companion. The team had just returned from a tough case that Jordan seemed to have trouble dealing with. It had been just one month since JJ gave birth to her son Henry. "You trust your instincts. If you are caught between two cases bring both to Hotch. He'll help you make the right decision and show you why that decision is right. Trust the team. They are the best profilers you could work with. Use the profile they develop to help you during the interview. Anything you're not sure of, don't comment on. Just say that you can't comment on that matter at that time and that when the information is available you will let them know immediately."

Jordan nodded and looked down at her coffee processing the advice that she just received.

One month later.

"I can't do this anymore," Jordan looked down at her lap with tears in her eyes. "I gave the profile and the Unsub goes and murders his family."

JJ sat on the couch next to Jordan, "Rossi called me. He told me what happened. "The family had been murdered way before your press conference. It wasn't your fault."

"This time but what about the next time?" Jordan asked.

"You can't keep thinking about that." JJ shook her head. "If you keep that thought in your head, you will just drown in this job."

"I feel like I already am…I can't stay with the BAU anymore. I'll be handing my official reassignment request in on Monday. I'm sorry."

JJ let out a deep sigh. "Let me speak with Will. Maybe I can shorten my maternity leave. Give it two more weeks, okay?"

Jordan nodded. "Alright. Two weeks and then I'll go back to Counter-terrorism."

JJ took hold of Jordan's hand and gave it a small squeeze. "No matter what happens, this does not make you a bad Agent. The BAU is not for everyone. You will continue to succeed and do the amazing work with counter-terrorism that caught my attention when I approached you to cover for me."

Finally, Jordan was able to look into JJ's eyes. "Thank you." She gave a small relieved smile and the two woman gave each other a friendly hug.

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