"Kiss me, love." Gillian had been caught by surprise herself at the rapid spread of heat through her body at Cal's quiet command. If she'd experienced the beginning of an anxious thought about whether this kiss would change everything between them, she had pushed it firmly from her mind, concentrating on moving the few inches needed to bring their lips into contact. She'd intended a simple brush of her lips against his, more than a peck, but still something that could reasonably happen between friends – barely more than the quick kisses Cal occasionally gave her in parting, in fact. But when she'd felt his lips return her pressure, breathed in as he exhaled, whatever she'd intended had come to naught, and the pleasurable heat that had been moving through her limbs had turned instantaneously to a euphoric feeling, and moved her body into line with his all of its own accord.

Cal's arms were enfolding her, pulling her insistently towards him until her breasts pressed against his chest and her arms circled his neck. He moved a hand upwards to caress her neck, guide her head to the side so he could deepen the kiss. When his tongue flicked her lips, she gasped, but his mouth stayed locked on hers, turning the sound into a moan as his tongue pressed deftly into her mouth. Somehow Gillian found the presence of mind to return the gesture, allowing her tongue to meet his, entangle it.

Eventually Cal pulled back no more than a few inches to let them both to breathe; he placed small kisses at the corner of her mouth, then nipped her lower lip gently as she caught her breath shakily.

"What now, Gill?" he asked, dipping his head to find her eyes. "Do we continue?" He caught the flicker of concern that flew across her face, and grinned knowingly. "The game, that is – do we keep playing?" He stroked along her bottom lip with his thumb, shuddering when the tip of her tongue emerged briefly to meet the pad of his thumb. "Or have you done what you set out to do?"

Gillian straightened herself slightly, eyes twinkling as she met Cal's gaze. "I think we could go on for another round or two, don't you?" She smiled sweetly at the expression of disappointment she knew he was allowing her to see, as she moved away from him to get a better look at his face. "I mean, have you accomplished everything you wanted to already?"

He settled himself back on her sofa, one arm trailing over the sofa's back to continue stroking her neck with the lightest of touches, sending electrical sensations down her arms. "Well, when you put it that way… I believe it's your turn, actually," he said, staring at her with a challenge in his eyes, and in the one-sided smirk on his lips. "Dare, Foster," he added, his grin widening to show his teeth as she'd seen him do countless times, usually when preparing to take down an enemy. Gillian shivered internally – she'd had a watered-down version of that look directed at her more than once, but only in teasing; she'd sometimes wondered what it would be like to face Cal in a genuine confrontation, and although there was no trace of hostility between them, this was it.

"You're very brave, Dr. Lightman," she said, rising from the sofa and standing over him. She placed a hand over his, where it lay on the back of the sofa; reaching for his other hand, she pulled it to a similar position. "Hold still," she instructed him, pressing down on his hands gently to make sure he understood her meaning. Cal merely raised an eyebrow, but very soon both brows were raised in surprise when she placed a knee on each side of his hips and swiftly sat in his lap. She pushed his hands more firmly into the sofa cushion when she felt them move towards her, then pulled hers away when she was sure he'd gotten the message – he'd asked for a dare, and she'd given it to him; she saw his arms relax and stretch casually along the sofa, but his dilated pupils and tightened neck muscles gave away his real emotions.

Gillian let her weight sink onto his lap, shifting herself slightly to maximize the contact between their lower bodies. She was aware of his hardness growing between her legs, but she ignored that for the time being, choosing to bring her lips to his ear, hands finding their way to his chest. "All those years of wanting to do this, every time we stayed late working on the budget in this office, every time I caught you slumped at your desk in the middle of the night working on a case, and now you can't stop me," she murmured into his ear, then gently bit his earlobe, taking pleasure in his groan and the twitch in his fingers that told her he desperately wanted to hold her, take control of her body.

"As if I would ever have stopped you, love," he said, his eyes roaming from her eyes to her lips to her throat, and back.

Gillian's fingertips skimmed lightly over Cal's tensed forearms, then biceps, then shoulders, finally resting on either side of his face. She leaned into him and flicked at his lips with the tip of her tongue, pulling back teasingly when he tried to press his lips to hers. She allowed her hips to begin moving against Cal's as they'd been trying to do ever since she sat down; she rotated herself against him, shocked when she felt how wet she was. While she was momentarily distracted, Cal darted his head forward and caught her thumb between his teeth; he bit down hard enough to hold her thumb in place, but it didn't hurt, it merely made her head spin and her juices pool in her panties.

"Felt that, darling," he said around her thumb, which was still trapped between his teeth. "Can smell how turned on you are, too, did you know that?" His tongue stroked her thumb and circled it suggestively, before he finally released her. "My turn, yeah?"

Gillian studied his face for a moment, astonished by the powerful attraction she saw there; Cal Lightman, who always made people see exactly – and only – what he wanted them to see, was openly desiring her, wanting her, and it made her bold. "Dare," she replied, warning bells immediately sounding in her mind when she saw the grin spreading across his face.

"You sure about that?" he asked, still not moving from the position she'd directed him to, his mocking tone belied by a new rasp in his voice. "I'll let you change your mind if you want," he added, teeth showing in his smile again.

Gillian brought her lips to within millimeters of his. "Dare," she repeated.

This time, Cal responded - no sooner had the word left her lips than he was standing up, nearly dropping her to the carpet in his abruptness. By the time she found her balance and reseated herself on the sofa, he had crossed the room and dropped back into her desk chair, slouching deeply and resting his chin on his hand. At this distance his eyes seemed black; he seemed an entirely different person from the Cal who'd so gently told her to kiss him ten minutes ago.

"Take off your clothes," he commanded, his voice coming out low and dangerous. She felt her mouth dropping open, and saw him drinking in her shock with eyes that held her pinned to the sofa. Feigning relaxation, he rested his shoes on her desk, clearly conveying that he was waiting. "Well, Foster?" he said, when a few seconds had passed without motion. "You did say 'dare,' after all."

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