Eva: I'm bored… And this have been on my mind for a few weeks, and I couldn't stop thinking about this!

Ikuto: It's because Eclipse is coming out isn't it.

Amu: Probably, you know her, she has habits….

Eva: You guys are insulting me and I'm right here. You might as well say it to my face!

Amu+Ikuto: Enjoy she doesn't own anything.

~? POV~

I stared at the sleeping girl through her balcony window, from the tree next to her window.

She was so adorable, with the way her hair clung to her checks, and she looked so peaceful.

But most importantly, she looks… mouthwatering…

I could feel my eyes turn, from their cobalt blue to, black with tints of red.(I know used all the time but give me a break)

I saw the small pink haired girl move in her sleep, and knew it was my que to leave.

~Amu's POV~

I woke up having an odd sensation, but I couldn't wrap my pink head around it. So, I began getting ready for school.

My name is Amu Hinamori, I'm 13 years old and attend Seiyo middle school. My best friend is Utau Hoshina, she's 14 and is in a grade ahead of me.

"Amu-Chan! Utau-Chan is here!" My mother called from down-stairs. But I know what you're thinking, Utau is 14 she's to young.

"Ok, Mama, I'm coming."I said running downstairs and out the door.

You see Utau's older brother Ikuto takes us to school, on his way to Seiyo High.

"Amu! Hurry up!" Utau yelled form the car.

"Hai!" I called back, getting into the back of the blue 2009 Mustang.

"That took forever Amu, Jeeze!" Utau said buckling up her seatbelt.

"Sorry…" I mumbled doing the same.

I noticed in the rearview mirror Ikuto staring at me.

"Oi, Ikuto we're going to be late" Utau called out, pulling Ikuto out of his little trance.

As we got out of the car, all I could think about was Ikuto's staring earlier.

~After School(Nothing interesting at school yet)~

Ikuto was waiting for me, to take me home. Because Utau has Choir practice, she didn't come home till later.

When I got in the passenger seat, Ikuto leaned away. 'What the fuck is his problem' I thought to myself.

Before he could start the car I yanked the car keys out of the ignition.

"WHAT THE HELL AMU!" Ikuto yelled at me, as I put the keys in my pocket.

"You won't get these back until you tell me why your treating me like a disease!" I yelled back.

"I'm not acting weird." He said regaing his calm composer.

"Liar. You acted like I was Cancer or Aid's!" I yelled

He didn't say anything. "See" I yelled proving my point.

"I acted… that ….way… because…. YOU SMELL GOOD AND IT'S INTOXICATING! " He yelled back.

"I smell good?" I questioned aloud.

I took the keys out of my pocket and out them n his freezing cold hands.

He's freezing in Spring? I thought to myself

Ikuto drove faster than usual, speeding to my house.

When we got there I began getting out but stooped, when I realized, Ikuto looked sick. He was breathing hard, and sweating.

"Ikuto?" I asked sitting back down and leaning toward him.

He put his head on my shoulder. I could feel his breath on my neck, leaving a tickling sensation.

"Get a hold of yourself, Ikuto." I heard him say to himself.

"I-ikuto?" Why was I stuttering?

He pulled back his head and looked at me with pained eyes.

"I'm gonna go now." I said exiting the car and goin into my house.

~Ikuto POV~

After my breakdown at Amu's house I drove far to the woods.

"I was so close to… No Ikuto Don't think about it!" I screamed to myself.

I walked into the woods, and spotted a deer. Perfect. Within seconds I was on top of the deer sucking it blood, bring once 30 ft away from it.

The blood was able to stop the thirst from earlier. But barley.

I promised myself I wouldn't drink human blood. Especially Amu's.

By the time I got back in to town from my trip to the woods, It was 9:45.

I drove home parked my car and ran to Amu's house.

I went to the tree closest to her balcony window with perfect view inside. I sat down and observed the pink haired girl doing homework, in her bed.

She was adorable. I kinda just want to go in there and talk to her.

Actually, great idea Ikuto.

I hoped down on to her balcony and knocked on the slide window.

"Ikuto?" She said opening the door.

"No the pizza man." I said sarcastically, and laying on her bed.

"Hey , you can't just come into my house like that." She yelled. She seemed to calm down a little.

"Ikuto… what are you exactly." Amu said bluntly.

Eva: Really bored and tired I have summer camp tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. and it's 1:01 a.m.

Ikuto: Don't you know how to sleep.

Amu: no she doesn't R&R and give ideas she running low…