Eva: OMG!

Ikuto: What is there a fire!

Amu: No, her cosplay stuff has arrived.

Ikuto: That means, she'll never take it off.

Eva: I will! Sooner or Later! Anyway! Enjoy I own only my plot!

"Ikuto... What are you?" Amu asked me.

"What are you talking about Amu." I said playing her off as if she was crazy.

"Ikuto.. your different, I know it! You can't lie to me! and if you do Ikuto, I'll hate you forever!"

"I'm me, Amu, a human being." I said throwing in a smirk to see if she would fall for it.

" Your horrible, Ikuto. I thought I was your friend... I guess you don't care, and you can't be human, your to heartless." She said looking down, have that heartbroken look about her.

"Amu... you would be scared..." I said looking away in disgust of myself.

"If I would be scared, why would you still be here." She said pulling her head back up.

"Amu" I took a deep breath. " I'm a vampire."

Her eyes widened, but before I knew it I was on the bed, and Amu was on top of me, trying to open my mouth.

" That means you have fangs! Ikuto show me!" She was acting the polar opposite of what she should be acting like.

"Amu-" She was pulling my checks."Stop- They'l cut yo-" To late. Amu had pricked her finger on them, she pulled out fast.

Thank God, none got in my mouth I thought to myself, as she looked at it. Some blood was running down her finger.

It made me feel like I was going to go mad. Then I snapped.

" There's no need to waste it Amu." I said moving close to her, having those instincts take over.

"Ikuto? Do you wa-" I started licking the spilled blood that was on her finger.

"Ikuto?" Amu said as I finished lapping up the blood. "It may sound weird... but..er... how did it...taste?" She said the last part so quietly.

"Oh, Amu." I was going to mess with her. " You taste like strawberrys."

"BAKA" She said hitting me! "Your such a pervert!"

It was cute. How she acted when I did those things to her.

"But, Amu... You have to understand some of the vampire rules... when a vampire drinks a humans blood... the human in which the vampire has drunken from becomes whats known as a "Maid." " I said, she looked confused.

"Ikuto, what's a maid?" She asked. I knew she was going to ask that.

"A maid, is the choosen food source for the vampire, they usually have bonds, and are tied together. Most Maids usually die of the vampire consuming them though." I could have left that last part out.

"EH! I could die! By you drinking all of my blood!" She yelled.

"Trust me, I won't I promise, I won't do anything like that." I said reassuring her.

" Ikuto? Is Utau, a vampire too?" She asked.

"No, because me and Utau have different father's, like different last name's; Hoshina. Tsukiyomi." I said as if, I was talking to a kid with needs. But she is younger so that would make since.

"So, Ikuto... That... umm... makes me... your maid?" She asked shyly.

" Yes." Was all I could say.

" Ikuto... did you..err... nevermind..." She said, she looked scared. She was shaking.

"Amu." I grabbed her she jumped from my touch, but it didn't keep me from pulling her into me. " Don't be scared. I won't do anything... that would endanger your life..." I was half lying to her.

"Ikuto... I know it's a little childish...but can you... umm... stay with me... just until I fall asleep... Please" She mumbled

"Yes." it was the least I could do. I just threw her life into hell, without her knowing... Damn I just hope that fucking group doesn't find put about this...

I got under the covers with Amu, she snuggled up to me.

"Ikuto? Do vampires sleep?" She asked as I wrapped my arms around her small frame.

" Kinda. Except we don't dream." I said, she held me closer.

" Good... so I won't feel... like someone's watching me... While I...sleep" and she was out like a light.

Oh dear, My sweet little Amu. What will I do with you.

Eva: Cosplay cosplay!

Ikuto: You have problems!

Amu: Sihg... R&r Please!