(Chapter 11)

A few days after Neal and Peter had been released from the hospital Peter heard the news about Sam. Hughes told him the agent had run from ICU and disappeared. They had both been unconscious at the time, Neal being found at the scene, so he hadn't been able to tell them what had happened. A 'John Doe' was brought in later the same day when they had woken up. The man had been in bad shape and it was only by luck Hughes had heard out about it and found out it was Agent Jackson.

The agent had been found in a stolen vehicle that was totaled. They think he might have been confused after everything that had happened with Goru's meddling. He died a couple of days after they were released from the hospital. They were going to have a small memorial in a few days.

Hughes also let him know that Goru had died of natural causes in prison and had been cremated since they were sure he must be toxic after all the people who had touched him had gone into comas. All of them had waken up not too long after the man had died. There was no case anymore since most of his flunkies were under the same mind conditioning as Sam had been. All the people involved would be placed in some kind of institution till they established how dangerous they were. The bureau wanted to evaluate Peter and Neal just to be sure nothing else had happened from contact with Goru. If everything was good they'd be able to return to work in a couple of weeks.

Peter nodded at his cell as he listened to Hughes speak.

"Thank you, Reese. I'll pass the news on to Neal. It's a relief about Goru. Let me know if you want me to go in sooner." Peter finished up the call and hung up. He looked across from him at the figure curled up on the end of the sofa, moving over to hug them.

"Honey?" Elizabeth sat up and leaned gently against her husband. Peter smiled.

"Reese called. I'm off for another two weeks as is Neal. They want to be sure we don't have any side effects from what Goru did. They confirmed he's dead. Also... they found Agent Jackson." His voice sobered near the end, El hugging him tightly.

"I'm sorry. Sam seemed like a nice person. Does Neal know yet?" She looked up into his brown eyes but he just smiled softly back.

"Not yet. Reese only just told me the news. I'm just glad Goru won't be coming back." He spoke a little more harshly than he meant.

"Tell Neal. He needs to know. He looked absolutely exhausted the last time we saw him like he hadn't slept much." She squeezed his cheek gently, kissing him on the lips as he nodded.

"I was thinking of visiting him today to see how he's doing." Peter wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the forehead before he stood up and stretched, walking towards the stairs. Elizabeth nodded, following him with a little yawn.

"Let me drive honey. You haven't been sleeping well either." She eased up beside him, arm around his waist as they walked up the stairs together. He nodded, making his way to the bathroom as she diverted to the bedroom.

Peter jumped in the shower, the hot water easing his tension and making him feel relaxed. It had only been a few days since everything had happened but it felt a lot longer. It still seemed impossible to think they had been psychically attacked by someone. He still wasn't sure how to classify this kind of experience. Dr. Ambrose had been all there was that kept Neal and himself from falling into what would have been a mental black hole.

He closed his eyes and let the water flow over him, his mind wandering through the darkness. He thought he heard someone. No, two people talking. The scene started to change to that of something familiar. Peter froze when he realized where he was. He looked around at the landscape and kept hoping it wasn't what he remembered.

"You never said good-bye to me... why?"

Peter heard his voice speaking in a familiar manner, turning to see the back of a man that looked like him some yards ahead. Ahead of the figure, facing towards him was Neal. The young man was dressed the way he had been that day he meant to leave. It had been six months since that event. Why was he dreaming about it now? He had had nightmares of the incident, mostly of what could have happened but had since gotten over the worse of it when he knew Neal was safe. But he sensed this dream wasn't his.

"You're the only one who could change my mind..."

Peter saw Neal turning to leave, walking towards the plane. He could see a figure in the window of the small jet peering out. It was Kate. Peter started to walk forward, making his way up to the other Peter who vanished as he passed him. He had a bad feeling about this, not just because of the memory it represented. There was something else here. Something dark and cold.

He opened up his mouth as he saw Neal make it half-way to the jet. He looked at the plane windows again, eyes widening.

"NEAL! NEAL!" He started running, practically flying towards his partner. He saw Neal stop and turn, his manner no longer that of someone dreaming. He blinked and looked at Peter curiously.

"Peter? I have to go." He started to turn again, Peter seeing that figure in the window, continuing to run towards his friend, hand outstretched.

"Don't! Kate's not on the plane!" Peter screamed, feeling that it was taking too long to reach his friend, the figure on the plane smiling. Couldn't Neal see what was going on? He shivered, forcing himself closer towards his friend.

"Peter, she's waiting for me. I don't under..." Neal was cut off as Peter grasped the young man and pulled him away, covering him. They fell to the hard asphalt of the tarmac as their ears were assaulted by a deafening roar. The heat and debris flew around them, surrounding and engulfing them as they lay there. Peter held his breath, lungs burning from the extreme heat. He could hear as well as feel Neal reacting in the same manner, his arms over his face and head.

He only looked up briefly to see the figure standing in the fire glaring at them. It wasn't Kate, glittering green eyes staring darkly at Peter as they turned and seemed to vanish into the very flames. Peter watched, shivering but forgetting his fear long enough to notice Neal was shuddering beneath him. He rose and saw his friend laying there, face down, crying.

"I'm sorry, Neal. You're still dreaming about her and he knew it." Peter put his arms around the young man and pulled him up to a sitting position. Neal looked at him with blood shot eyes, their blue faded to a stormy gray. He pulled the young man close to him seeing the ring that El had placed there and looking at his own bracelet.

"Peter?" Someone was talking to him. He opened his eyes and found he was still in the shower, a cloud of steam surrounding him. The water was too hot, his hand moving to lower the temp a bit as he answered back.

"Sorry, I'll be out in a moment!" Peter finished washing up, turning off the water, drying off before he wrapped the towel around him and looked in the steamed mirror. He wiped at it and stared at his face in the glass a moment before he did his best to shrug off what happened. It had to be a dream. That's all it was. He nodded to himself, starting the hot water in the sink to shave.


Neal opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling. He was warm, looking to find his duvet tucked around him securely. He pushed it aside and sat up, sitting on the edge of the bed. He'd been dreaming, his breath coming fast from the memory of it. He perked up as he heard a knock at his bedroom door.

"Neal? It's June... are you awake?" He smiled at the sound of his landlady's voice, standing. He walked over to the door and opened it up.

"June? What's up?" He had pulled on his robe, giving a stifled yawn as she peered up at him.

"Just wondered if you were ready for breakfast. It's kind of late. You ok?" Neal blinked looking at the clock to see it was nearly 11:30 and nodded.

"Late night. Let me get dressed and I'll meet you downstairs." He watched her nod and closed the door.

She'd been worried about him since he'd returned from the hospital. He wasn't sure how much she knew about what had happened. He wasn't sure what to think about what had happened himself. It all seemed like some kind of bad dream. He shook his head and walked to the bathroom, closing the door and turning on the water as he disrobed and walked into the steamy water. He thought about the nightmare he'd waken from. Peter had been there but it had felt more real as if he were really there. He was going on the plane again, Kate peering out the window and yet... something told him this had not been an ordinary dream. Peter's presence was typical but the feeling had been real as if he had just pulled him from the fire once again.

Neal shook his head, turning off the water and exiting the shower. He toweled off and wrapped it around his waist before staring into the steamed glass of the mirror. He wiped the surface and jerked back, two green eyes glittering back at him a moment then they were gone. His heart was beating about a mile a minute before he realized he was looking at himself again. Neal walked out of the bathroom and grabbed some clothes from the wardrobe, slipping into a pair of boxers as he moved the towel up to his shoulders and dried off his hair. He poked around in the closet till he found a comfy pair of black jeans, a black tee and dark blue corduroy button up shirt. He grabbed some black socks and soft black suede loafers, pulling the ensemble on and checking himself out in the mirror.

It was just over three days ago everything happened. He would continue to dream about it for a while he knew. He couldn't hold back a yawn as he continued to dress before the mirror. He sat on the edge of the bed pulling on his black socks before he stood and slipped his feet into the loafers, stifling another yawn. He heard a knock and sleepily called out.

"Come in. It's open." He shuffled over to the kitchenette, turning on the coffee maker when he heard the door open and a second knock. He turned to see Peter standing there. The agent looked a bit sleepy as well but his face held a soft smile.

"Hey... June said you might be hungry. She sent me up with this. El's downstairs talking to her." Peter carried a small tray over to the coffee table and lay it down gently. Neal nodded, setting up the coffee pot before he turned and followed his friend, sitting on the sofa near him.

"Tired?" He wasn't sure what to say, having only seen him a couple of days back when they'd both been released. It seemed like weeks ago that everything had happened. Peter nodded back to him.

"Yeah... you?" Peter picked a small strawberry off the plate of fruit from the breakfast tray and popped it into his mouth. Neal took a piece of toast and started smearing butter over it, taking a quick bite as he nodded in reply.

"So... Hughes called me today." Peter got straight to the point, his manner uncertain. Neal perked up, taking another bite of his toast as he put it down to pour himself a cup of water from the pitcher on the tray.

"What did he have to say? When do we go back?" He sounded anxious, Peter shaking his head.

"Two weeks give or take. We have to be evaluated considering all the repercussions of what Goru did. They confirmed he's dead and he's been cremated so we never have to see him again. Case closed." Peter didn't sound so certain when he said that, Neal looking at him curiously as he finished the toast and rose to grab the coffee and two cups.

"Two weeks... what about Sam?" He still sounded a bit sore on the subject but his voice is all that revealed a slight anger at what the agent had done to them. Peter sighed.

"Died in a car accident. They're having a memorial in a few days." Peter left it at that his thoughts going to the dream he'd had in the shower. How could he prove they had the same dream if only he saw Goru there? Still, if the man was dead why would he be haunting them. Must be aftershocks of whatever he had done. Nobody could survive without a body... could they?

He looked up as Neal pressed a cup into his hand, the sweet aroma of June's Italian roast wafting up to his nostrils. He smiled and took it gratefully.

"Thanks." Peter took a long sip and saw Neal do the same only the young man looked a bit more thoughtful than usual.

"You said they cremated him? He can't come back... right?" Neal wasn't looking at Peter, his eyes looking down into his coffee cup. His face was pale, some dark circle around his eyes indicating his lack of sleep. Peter didn't think he looked much better but he nodded.

"I wouldn't think so. We could always talk to Dr. Ambrose. I still have his card." He saw Neal shake his head.

"I just... I dreamed that dream again. I haven't had it in about a month and now... it's like I'm so much closer to the blast. I can feel the flames, the heat and smell it. If you hadn't..." He paused looking up as he put the cup on the table.

"If I hadn't what?" Peter didn't want to say anything till he was certain so he prompted Neal to continue.

"If you hadn't run after me. I thought you were going to let me leave this time. I've never made it to the plane before but this time, I almost did. I was nearly there, I could see Kate and then you called out. It felt different. You pushed me to the ground and..." Neal paused, trembling ever so slightly as he remembered. Peter remembered what he had seen too, putting his hand on the young man's arm and nodding.

"It's ok. Don't think about it. It was just a dream. I'm just glad we both lived to tell the tale. Right?" He saw Neal nod, putting his hand on Peter's before they looked back at the tray. He wasn't going to mention he'd seen Goru. Neal was already upset as it was.

"Mind if a grab some more coffee?" Peter had finished his cup already, a sheepish grin on his face. Neal nodded, making a small plate and pushing it over towards the agent.

"So, how is El doing? You said she was downstairs with June?" Neal watched Peter nod as he took another sip of coffee and popped some fruit into his mouth.

"Yup. I see you still have that ring on." His eyes moved to Neal's right hand. Neal blushed slightly.

"Yeah. I, uhm... like it." He blushed more looking at Peter's wrist and a very soggy looking bracelet. Peter pulled his sleeve over it with a little knowing smile. They ate in silence a few before a knock broke their moment. They both turned to see Elizabeth standing there.

"Hey... we were wondering where you boys were hiding." June popped up behind El as they both walked in, Neal and Peter both standing as El walked over and hugged him. She noticed the ring and winked whispering softly:

"Peter's still wearing that brace..." She saw her husband looking at them as he gave June a small hug. His look was sarcastically pointed but she just nodded and gave Neal a knowing look.

"Why don't we all go sit out on the terrace. It's a lovely day today." June's words made everyone nod, Peter grabbing up the small plate Neal had made for him and his coffee, while El helped Neal with the tray and coffee pot. Everyone sat around the small table, June passing a plate of food to El and pouring a cup of coffee for them. Everyone seemed so relaxed, the sun shining overhead.

"Cappuccino in the clouds..." Peter muttered quietly. Neal turned and gave him a little smirk, sipping at his coffee with a smile. El scooted closer to her husband, both of them holding hands under the table like two kids. Neal had his legs crossed, looking like he was sitting in a cafe in Paris while June seemed to have that timeless look of someone at a corner bistro from another era. The moment was perfect.

"So when were you going to tell me there was a party going on, Neal?" Everyone turned to see Mozzie standing there. Neal stood and walked over to his friend.

"Hey Mozz... sort of impromptu. What's up?" He kept his voice low on the last part. Mozz shook his head.

"Nothing actually. I only just heard you were in the hospital and had gotten out. I was out of town and wanted to see how you were." He peered around to wave back at June, El and blink at Peter.

"Hey June... El... Suit." Mozzie walked back with Neal to the table and June pulled a seat up for him. He plopped down, taking the proffered cup and took a bit of the ambrosia known as June's Italian roast. It was then he was peering at Peter's wrist oddly, the agent pulling his sleeve down as he realized what was grabbing the little guy's attention. Neal tried not to laugh, Mozz noticing something dully shining on his finger.

"I guess you came to see how Neal was?" El was smiling at him as she spoke, sipping at her coffee as she continued to hold hands with Peter under the table. Mozzie noticed, looking at Neal sideways, the young man shrugging his shoulders.

"Yes. I guess he survived the government run assembly line they call a hospital. Seems you did too, Suit." He smiled slightly at Peter, the agent taking that as a compliment as he nodded back.


An hour passed before everyone decided it was time to leave. Peter and El, still holding hands hugged both June and Neal good-bye, nodding to Mozz as they left. June excused herself, taking the tray down and closing the door behind her. Mozz seemed to relax then, looking like someone who had just been forced to deal with his unwanted in-laws. Neal looked relaxed and happy despite all the company.

"So, what was the thing with this Goru person and your hospital stay. I got some weird chatter about it when I looked up the details." Mozzie was his usual direct self.

"It's hard to explain but every thing's good now." Neal stood up and stretched, walking over to the patio edge and peering out at the city over the wall. Mozzie walked up and stood beside him after a while.

"I know it's not that simple, Neal. Tell me what happened. I can see the bags under your eyes." Mozzie pulled on his arm and turned him around. Neal ran a hand through his hair almost nervously.

"Like I said... hard to explain." He fiddled with the candy wrapper ring and walked back towards the inside of the apartment, peering down at the chess board a moment before he plopped down on the sofa, Mozzie following as he sat down on the table and looked straight at him.

"Well try. I heard some weird stuff about this Hajimari Goru character. Things that made my toes curl. I heard an agent died?" He kept his eyes on Neal, the young man looking uncomfortable but nodding.

"Yeah... Sam. He... it's hard to explain. I don't think you'd believe me if I told you but since you're insisting. Goru got into our heads." Neal shrugged helplessly, crossing his arms over his chest as he sat stiffly. Mozzie nodded, noticing the motion and scratching his chin.

"Hypnosis? Brainwashing? Got into your heads... The Suit, too?" He watched Neal nod and blinked a few times.

"Serious stuff there. I've heard of people who can do 'remote viewing' and a few agencies higher up with people who use mind control. Was it something like that?" Mozzie peered at him curiously, Neal nodding.

"I guess. I really don't know much about that kind of thing. I guess you could almost call it a possession of sorts. He was in my dreams and Peter's. First it was just Sam and I and then Peter got involved trying to help us. I don't even want to think about it. The man's dead... good riddance to him!" Neal said the last words like a curse, standing up and walking over to his bed, lying down on it, his back to Mozzie.

"I'm sorry. It's still fresh. I should have waited. Do you want me to go?" Neal turned to look at his friend and shook his head, sitting up again. He hung his feet over the edge of the bed and sighed.

"I feel like going out. What do you say, Mozz?" He saw his friend smile and nod.

"Sure. Been wanting to try this new place down the road. It's within your tether." Mozz looked excited, obviously hiding his worry in hopes going out would make Neal feel better.

"Sounds great. Let me get my jacket."


They made their way downstairs and passed June who was passing from the dining room.

"Going out? Have fun!" June smiled at them both as they left. Neal pulled his phone out as it buzzed in his pocket, looking at the number briefly before answering.

"Peter... what's up?" He nodded into the phone, Mozzie watching him.

"Sure, see you then. Bye." He hung up the cell and pushed it back into his pocket. Mozzie looked up at him curiously.

"What's up with the Suits?" They walked leisurely down the street, turning when Mozz said. Neal shrugged.

"Barbecue. Peter thought since we're on medical leave for two weeks he'd pull out the grill and cook some steaks. Said I could bring a guest." Neal grinned down at his friend who paled slightly.

"Hmmm... sounds like an interesting evening. I'm game."

They walked in silence a few yards before Mozzie paused and looked up at Neal.

"So he really invited me? I didn't think The Suit liked me that much." Mozz sounded a little surprised. Neal shrugged.

"I'm thinking it was all El... she's the one who has a heart. Takes in strays like us." He smirked as they crossed the road towards a shiny neon laced building. Mozzie looked excited, turning to look at Neal.

"Hurry up or we'll miss Happy Hour!"

(The End)

Note: I know... how does Mozzie show up only at the END of the story?

I can only say as I was writing the scene, suddenly he just knocks on the door and is there begging to be put into the story so I put him in.

I channel them, if they only show up at the end... well that's what happens. Same with June. She never showed up till now either. She asked for a cameo. ;)