W/N - Every have one of those weird moments when a totally corny scene pops into your head? I was also smitten by Elchol Hamlet and I about squirted coffee when I heard that one on the elevator scene in ME. I was a huge Shakespeare nut back in the day and played Ophelia in HS as well as being a handmaid in R&J recycled as a courtier, Lady Anne in Richard III, and the second string Lady Macbeth/knight holding up a Birnam Wood tree. :P

Other malarkey - Worked on the Iaido Okuden set from Shihogiri to Tsuredachi. Then, we did kumitachi or paired practice with bokken to work on distance and cutting technique. I did some tameshigiri practice as well, cutting tatami mats with live sharpened sword. Too much fun.

Mass Effect: the Interview

As dusk settles, a crowd gathers in front of the theatre as a limosine pulls up to a red carpet. Flashes of light burst from the crowd as fans clamor to get pictures. The door opens and a woman in a black cocktail dress steps out, her feet wrapped in stiletto high heels. As the throngs bustle and wave, the woman blows a kiss to gathering and walks over to an Asian woman standing just to the side.

EMILY (In a red silk dress holding a microphone): This is Emily Wong of Citadel Entertainment Tonight and I bring you an exclusive interview with Commander Jane Shepard, Spectre turned actress and the star of Mass Effect, the Musical. Here with me right now just before the final night of the musical is Jane Shepard herself!

SHEPARD (Holding a bouquet of flowers): Thank you Emily, I'm really excited to be here. This musical has been a great experience for me and the crew.

EMILY: Commander –

SHEPARD: Call me Jane.

EMILY (Big smile): Thank you, Jane. You've been really good to me these past years ever since Fist and that controller story. I can't thank you enough.

SHEPARD: It's been a great relationship, Emily. You never let up on that Reaper story and you brought the truth to the people. That Khalisa woman was only interested in ratings (waves hand dismissively).

EMILY: And we see where it got her! Hah, traffic court reporter for the Wards! (both laugh) Anyway, Jane, Mass Effect the Musical brought something different to the fans. It was quirky, it was edgy…what was the best thing that you remember about the show?

SHEPARD (finger on lips): Well Em, I gotta say that the dance routines really hit it for me. We trained day and night and the instructor…what a Nazi! (rolls her eyes) But you know, come opening night, we were dancing with the stars.

EMILY: Did anyone have difficulty with the dancing?

SHEPARD: (sighs) You know…we had to bring in several dancers from Omega to teach Wrex. I love him to death, but he has no rhythm. Two left feet too. (both laugh)

EMILY: Now Kaidan has a voice. I didn't know he could sing like that.

SHEPARD: (points to her throat) He does this biotic thing with his vocal cords…a-mazing!

EMILY: Now Jane, the fans are all asking, you know, about any off stage romance between you two. You two have this…chemistry. You and Kaidan have been seen dining at some fancy places recently.

SHEPARD: Those are just rumors started by the paparazzi. Kaidan and I are just friends. (Kaidan comes up from behind and kisses the back of Jane's neck)

EMILY: Well, there we have it! Live on Citadel Entertainment! (Jane coughs nervously) So, what sort of projects will you two be working on next…other than saving the galaxy?

KAIDAN: Well, Em, we're backing Francis Kitts' Elchor Shakespeare festival. It's going to rock.

EMILY (skeptical): Uhhh, wasn't Elchor Hamlet enough?

KAIDAN: Oh, no way. Elchor Hamlet was a huge blockbuster! (expressionless, monotone) Contemplatively depressed: To be…or not to be. Sarcastic: Not so my lord; I am too much in the sun. Great stuff!

EMILY: Ummm, yeah. So, what's on tap with the festival?

SHEPARD: It's going to be monstrous! More gripping than baby human Reapers! We're starting with Elchor Henry V.

KAIDAN: (expressionless monotone) Inspiring: We few…we happy few…we band of brothers. And Richard III! Pleading desperately: A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.

SHEPARD: And my favorite, Romeo and Juliet (looks longingly sideways at Kaidan). (expressionless monotone) Swooning: O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Convincing: Deny thy father and refuse thy name.

KAIDAN: Or this one! (expressionless monotone) Lovestruck exhortation: Lady, by yonder blessed moon I swear – that tips with silver all these fruit tree tops.

SHEPARD: (expressionless monotone) Chastising rebuke: O swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon. I love that line! (pecks Kaidan on the cheek)

EMILY: Umm, there we have it. I…can't wait.

SHEPARD: We got you front row tickets, Em. Well, come on in. The show's about to start.