Title: Wonderland

Characters: Jasper/Bella, Edward/Alice, Rosalie/Emmett

Summary: Bella stumbled upon a dark mansion. Being lost and cold from the rain, she seeks shelter within only to find another world filled with amazing creatures and people. Is this real or is it just her imagination? And why the hell is that hatter keep winking at her?

A/N: This idea of mine has been bugging me ever since I saw Jackson Rathbone's pictures from one of his photoshoots. The one where he looks like a circus entertainer with the top hat and glasses.

Why was I walking in a dark forest again? Oh, yeah it was Jake's stupid idea to go camping this summer with his dumbass friends. And being the ever so nice girlfriend that I was, I agreed to join them. Stupid. Stupid idea. Now I'm lost surrounded by live critters and insects buzzing in the night. This is seriously all fun shit, note the sarcasm. I should have figured something bad was going to happen. I had a dreaded feeling that this summer wasn't going to start well.

It all started at the campfire, Seth was telling one of his infamous scary ass stories. Then Jake said he needed to take a leak so he left. I watched in silence as my 6 foot tall boyfriend stood up to stretch his muscles. Ever since we arrived here, he's been acting funny around me. I had my suspicion but I always pushed it away as an overly imagination of mine.

"Try not to get eaten out there!" Paul hollered out after a chorus of laughter's. I looked around in confusion as to how that could be even be considered funny. Seth was the only one that wasn't laughing with the rest. He then caught my gaze and gave me a small smile.

"Yeaah eaten. Fucking shut up!" He snorted at Paul before taking long quick strides into the forest to relieve himself. What irked me was he didn't say a goodbye, or gave me a kiss on cheek with a whisper 'I'll be back'. It was as if I wasn't even there. My mind was still reeling around with these haunting thoughts, when I decided to call it a night. I stood up, and a bid a farewell to the only person I knew that cared.

"Hey Seth, I'm hitting the hay. When Jake comes back tell him I called it quits for the night." I explained, yawning a bit. In truth my body was definitely tired, but my mind was in overdrive. I hate having this suspicion. It bugged the hell out of me.

"Sure thing Bella. Want me to walk you back?" We decided to have the campfire by the lake, and away from the tents for many reasons. One being the early sleepers can actually go to sleep without the interruption of the other's juvenile laughter.

I shook my head, "Nah, it's fine Seth." Seth was a good kid. He was about 3 years younger than me, and yet he was always looking out for me. Heck he worries about me more than Jake does. It makes a person wonder why.


"No. Seriously, I'm fine. I'm a big girl." I laughed out and Seth joined along.

"Alright then, goodnight Bella."

"Goodnight," I waved goodbye to him as I took careful steps in the dark path way to the sleeping area. The darkness did freak me out, but I refused to let anyone know this. Sucking it up, I stomped my way up the gravel path. The only sounds that filled the cold musty air were of crickets chirping and the wading laughter coming from behind me from the lake. Then I heard it. Moaning. What the fuck? I stopped in mid-step, letting my ears try and pick up where the moaning was coming from.

"Fuck Leah, that's it baby..suck it.." My eyes widened at the sound of Jake's voice. Taking a deep breath, I followed his moans then the sound of someone making wet sucking noises crept its way into my hearing. Then I found them. Jake was leaning against a tree with one hand grasping the back of the girl's head, who I assumed was Leah. She was kneeling in front of him with his cock deep inside her mouth.

Ugh, fucking disgusting pieces of shit. I should have felt pain at the sight in front of me but it never came. Like I suspected, he was indeed cheating on me. Our relationship over the past few months has been strained over the fact that I declined to have sex with him. A real loving boyfriend will never rush his girlfriend into doing something like that. I know I'm not a virgin anymore, but I just didn't feel like we were ready for that. Should have known the hornball couldn't keep in his pants for too long. Douchebag.

But since I wasn't the normal typical girl, instead of running out screaming 'how could you' I decided to do something else. The plus of living in Forks is that everything was damp and humid because of the climate. That being said, I looked down at the ground and eureka there was mud. Crouching down, I scooped up a good handful of it. I didn't pay no mind to the cold slimy feeling it had against my hand. The only thing in my thoughts right now was payback. With a wide evil grin plastered on my face, I took a step forward towards them.

"Well now, having fun?" I asked the two. Before Jake could even register who the voice belonged to, I pulled my arm back then with all my strength I threw the mud ball at them. Successfully the mud hit directly at its mark, right at Leah's head. The impact of the ball caused mud to splatter everywhere and did something else. Jake yelped like a girl and pushed Leah away, cupping his dick in his hand. That's when I realized Leah must have bitten down on him in surprise. I couldn't help it, I actually laughed.

"You fucking bitch you bit it!" He screamed at a surprised Leah and glared at me.

"Ha! That's what you get you fucking cheating son of a bitch!" I snorted out through my laughter.

"My hair!" Leah screamed out not caring for a second of the harm she did to Jacob's little precious thing.

"Whatever whores, I'm out of here." Turning around, I flipped them both the double birdy and walked as quickly as possible away those two sick creatures.

So that returns us to the present, where I'm now currently trying to find my way home. I rode here with Jake and there was no way in hell I was going back there. Heck everyone at that freaken camp knew Jake was cheating on me with all the laughter and the remark Paul made. What hurt me the most was that Seth knew about it, and yet never told me? I sniffled a bit and continued on. My hands scraped along the barks of the trees. It was pitched black and the only light I had came from the moon. Suddenly, everything got darker then thunder echoed through the silence. It was so strong that I even felt the vibrations.

"Shit," I looked up and at that exact moment the rain opened up. I ran trying to look for shelter, but my clothes made it difficult to move being as they were drenched and pulling me down. I paused to lean on heavily against the trunk of a tree. This was definitely the worst summer ever. I hope that, Charlie figures out that Jake lost me. I snickered at the image of a red face Charlie and stuttering Jacob as he tried to explain what had happened. Yes I am a bitch, and I don't give a shit about it. My eyes gazed along the front and there I saw the small flickering of light.

"Someone lives here?" The sounding thunder followed by the great flash of light told me how dangerous it was now to stay out here at the open. Taking in a deep breath, I ran towards the light hoping it wasn't a hallucination.

What I saw, froze me in my tracks. It was a huge dark mansion like the ones you see in a horror movie. It had a gothic style to it with the old fashioned turrets at the top. It had at least more than a dozen windows with dark gray shutters and billowing blood red curtains within. Light was seeping through one of its glass windows at the bottom floor. Should I go? Let's think of the possibilities you have Bella. Stay out here in the rain and wait to get struck by lightning or get eaten by some wild animal...or...go inside and seek shelter and be in danger of facing a could be killer? Heck on both sides there is a 50/50 chance of dying. Minus well die comfortably. I walked up the small pebbled path and stopped right outside the double doors.

I cringed at the sight of the gargoyle brass knocker. It stared at me menacingly with its sharp teeth bared out with scrutinizing eyes. Gently I lifted it up and slammed it against the door two times. The sound echoed louder in my ears instead of the pounding rain. I waited for about a minute and yet no one answered. I then chose to knock with my fist, but as it made contact with the cool door it cracked open. I froze for like the second time as fear ran through me, making my blood run cold.

"You can do this Swan," I reassured myself and pushed the door slowly open. I peeked inside to see practically everything was covered in white sheets and dust heavily clung into the air. I sneezed once then twice, the sound bouncing off the walls in the mansion. "Hello!" I called out, taking one step forward. I closed the door behind me, hearing the dull click of the lock settling in place. I knew I was making a mess of the floor with how soaked I was. I shivered and wrapped my arms around my mid area, trying to hold in some of my body heat.

"Anyone home?" I asked. The double doors to my left side were slammed open and man came out with a horror stricken face. I screamed and jumped up in fear. But he paid no notice to me, he hastily pulled his pocket watch and screamed.

"I'm late! Oh boy I'm late! This can't be right, this can't be fair." He ran up to me and shook my shoulders briefly, looking down at me with his ever green eyes. He his hair was shockingly bronze, and his face was pale as a marble statue. He had a strong jaw and amazing kissable lips. My eyes wander down his body to see he was wearing a red vest over his white button down shirt. He had a pair of black slacks on and glossy black dress designer shoes. Huh..he sure dressed funny.

"Funny is word of contradiction." He inquired with a raised brow.

"How did..what the..you read my mind?" I asked incredulously. This man was beyond of doubt weird and confusing.

"Ah sweet innocent lamby mind. I hear it tick and tock as the clock on the wall. Humming and sighing like the soft caresses of a woman's touch." He rambled on, waving his hands in the air. He stopped those actions quickly and looked at his watch again. "I'm late! Oh far thee, I'm late!" He ran off down the hallway, lights flickering on his way.

I stood there in shock. What was that all about? "Wait!" I shouted after him. He couldn't possibly leave me standing here. Without thinking about it, I ran after him this time the lights flickered off as I passed them. It was as if the shadow of the night was chasing me. My skin prickled and my heart beat increased. No, no..please don't leave me alone here. I would rather be with Mr. Mindreader than spend time alone in this haunted place.

I heard a loud thud as I turned the corner to see a streak of bronze hair run down a flight of stairs and into an open doorway filled with light. I didn't stop to wonder as the dying flicker of lights behind me was catching up. I quickly ran down the stairs and straight into the doorway to finally stop. I was outside in a forest and the sun was blazing high in the sky.

"What the?"

"Are you my mother?" I looked down to see a pixie like girl gazing up at me below her blue colored lashes. Her dark black hair was extremely short and spiked up with a tinge of glitter covering it. She wore a small mini white dress with slim straps and a pair of vibrant red flats on her feet. She swayed side to side, dancing to an unknown tune.

"Uhm, no." I gave her a weird stare. How am I to be her mother when clearly she was just about the same age as me? She stared at me closely, her hazel eyes examining me carefully.

"Do thou lie?"

"No! We're practically the same age! I can't be your mother!" I didn't mean to shout it. But seriously, how is it possible?

She shrugged her small fragile shoulders and grabbed my hand. "If you're not my mother than you shall be my sister!"

"Ah fuck," I grumbled out, clearly this girl was out of her mind.

"Mind shhmine.." A voice said from behind us. I screamed to see it was that bronze haired guy again.

"Reading minds is a shame. Don't be rude and stop playing that game." The pixie girl scolded him. He grinned at her crookedly before running towards her, grabbing her around the waist to lift her high up in the air. She squealed and her tingling laughter followed it. Settling her down back to the ground, he leaned down to place a soft kiss on her lips. I felt envious for them. It was clear as daylight on how much love is emitting from those two.

With a sigh, I turned my attention to my surroundings. Everything was lively and full of bright colors. Flowers of different colors and kind littered the ground like pieces of multi-colored paper. The trees swayed shyly from the small breeze as if they were waving hello to me. Looking up, I can see the white puffy clouds lazily make their way through the blue ocean called sky.

"Where am I?" I whispered so low.

"You're in Wonderland!" The pixie girl answered me dancing this time with the bronze haired man. Together they twirled and laughed around me in a wide circle. Their happiness was so contagious that I myself couldn't help but smile. "I am Alice!" The pixie girl bowed down.

"And I am Edward!" The bronze haired man bowed down along with Alice.

"Hi Alice and Edward, I'm Bella." I gave them a small smile and examined their amazing good looks.

"Well then fair Bella, I welcome you to Wonderland! Please keep your thoughts at bay, for this laddie over here is the reader of the mind." Alice spoke in tone filled with awe.

"Uh-huh I see." I nodded my head in agreement already deducing that myself.

"And careful of the paths you choose, for this little one right here is the seer of time." Edward said with wide bright eyes. I laughed and smiled, they were both quiet a pair.

"Uhm but can you tell me how-" I was about to ask them how was it possible for a place like this to exist when Alice let out a loud gasp.

"Oh no! Oh dear! The queen is mad!" Her eyes looked up straight into Edward's and he winced.

"Oh shame, I must go!" He ran off and Alice frolicked right behind him, leaving me alone in the field.

"Fucking great, left alone again." I rolled my eyes and started to stroll down the path they went. As I was walking something sweet caught my senses, I looked at my right to see a bright neon blue butterfly fluttering my way. It landed on my cheek gracefully, and began crawling its way up my forehead.

"Ah it seems that Abigail likes you." A soft voice whispered into my ear. I turned around quickly to see a pair of blue eyes gazing merrily into mine.

"What?" I uttered out, his close proximity brought jitters through my body. He took a step back and winked at me. From this distance I can finally see what he was wearing. He had a tall top black hat and a pair of glasses with no lenses on them. Weird. His blonde hair looked like waves flowing down from under his hat. His outfit consisted of a red tailcoat and a blue bowtie. He had a pair of black pants and black boots to accompany it. He may have looked ridiculous but something about him attracted me.

"I said blue nice Abigail likes you." He pointed at the blue butterfly on my forehead. Suddenly, the blonde man was in front of me and he gently took the butterfly into his hand. "So precious Abigail." He whispered softly then to my great surprise and shock, he shoved the butterfly in his mouth and chewed on it.

"What the fuck?" My jaw dropped open. He was so kind and sweet to the innocent creature than he just ups and eats it.

"Fuck is a bad word." He smiled and winked, showing his bright blue teeth that the butterfly might have caused.

"You're teeth are blue." I said lamely.

"Yes they are," he hums in content and smacks his lips together. "Mmmm fruity." He looked at me with a curious look.

"What?" I asked getting a bit agitated by his intense blue eyes. It was as if he was slowly examining me carefully. If I thought nothing else would shock me, I was completely wrong. Blonde guy cradled my face gently between his palms. I felt the callousness of it against my cheeks, but that didn't freak me out. He was after all a man, so it was common for them to have rough hands. However, what freaked me out was he showed the same kind of gentleness to the butterfly right before he ate it. "You aren't going to eat me right?"

He tilted his head to the side, as if contemplating on what he should answer. "You're wet." Was all he said. I looked down to remember that I was indeed still soaking wet. I completely forgotten the state I was in due to all of this random shit that has been happening.

"Yes, I am." I sighed.

"Well then off with those clothes!" He proclaimed winking at me again. What was wrong with his eye? But that thought was quickly diminished when he began tugging on my clothes, trying to get them off me.

"Wait! I can't be naked in front of you!" I exclaimed. What was he a perve? Well he was one handsome perve. He grinned wide at me.

"Well then we shall be naked together." He started to pull of his bow but I grabbed his hand to stop him.


"Why not?" He then pouted at me. Seriously he pouted! And damn it was a very sexy pout. But I wasn't crazy enough to get naked in the middle of a path with a complete stranger.

"Sorry, I don't get naked with strangers."

"Well then we shall not be strangers! I am Jasper the Hatter!" He bowed down, winking then grabbed my hand to leave a kiss on it. "Associates we are. To the party we shall go!"

"Party?" I squeaked out as he pulled me along with him. "But I'm wet!"

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