"How are you feeling Jasper?" I asked him, holding back my laughter with a bite on my tongue.

He released a sigh, "Conflicted." I burst out in laughter. Poor empathic Jasper.

After a degree of verbal fighting between the two hotheads, all of us managed to squeeze ourselves in Jasper's mobile. It took a couple of minutes and dozens of threats at the back before we made it to our destination. Chelsea really needs a chill pill.

We pulled up to a two story cabin surrounded by thousands of thousands of fully grown mushrooms in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Some of them, actually, reaching the roof of the cabin. It was like a mushroom garden gone wrong and yet it was still soothing to the eyes. The cabin itself seemed to be the color of deep rich brown. However, I wasn't sure since the sun had finally settled and the only lighting we had came for the moon.

Within the lighting of the moonlight, I noticed two huge objects moving about in the front of the cabin. As we grew closer I realized that they were two huge horses, one white and the other black, grazing on the little grass poking through the carpet of mushrooms. At the hearing of our approaching vehicle, they both lifted their heads up simultaneously.

Jasper slowed the car into a crawl before parking a few feet away from the house. The large overgrown mushrooms were keeping him from getting any closer.

"See there they are," Afton said as he got out of the car to point at the two horses that now had their heads cocked to the side with matching grins directed at their owner.

"Afton, don't talk to me right now unless you wish for a black eye or two." Chelsea replied, gritting her teeth together as she took a step outside to stretch her arms up above her head. Afton sighed in defeat and went to gather up the two horses.

"Great you two made me lose a night of action." I heard him grumble to the two horses, whom both let out a series of horse knickers. I would say they were laughing at him. Interesting pets they have.

The cold air was beginning to crawl its way up my legs once I got out of the warmth of the car, and I involuntary shivered. A warm arm came around me, tugging me flush into a hard rock chest. From the interesting scent and the familiar buttons in front of me I could tell it was Jasper. I lifted my gaze up at him, his intense blue eyes were staring deeply into my brown eyes.

"Now boogey on over from your lover's stare or chill to death!" Emmett's voice rang out through the night, quickly breaking me and Jasper's moment.

"Jester, you're such a douchebag." Edward's voice drifted on over followed by a loud smack, no doubt Rose had just accompanied the remark.

"Grr flambering gypses! That hurt Queenie!" Emmett cried out and the tinkling laughter of Alice blended in.

"Mushrooms!" Alice squealed in delight. I turned around to see the silhouette of my short friend jumping on top of the head of a huge reddish mushroom. "Hip hop to the beat of the night. I'm flying so high that I can reach the sky!" She sang, hopping from one mushroom to another. Edward was following her safely on the ground, making sure he was there to catch her if she fell. I pulled away from Jasper's embrace to follow the rest of the group inside of the cabin.

I froze when I felt Jasper's fingers intertwine with mine, looking up at him from the side I saw him smiling at me with a complementary wink.

"Shall we?" He asked, inclining his head towards the front door.

"We shall," I replied with a laugh, swinging our connected hands back and forth between us.

The inside of the cabin completely differed from Jasper's place. The walls, furniture, carpet, and every item in the cabin were practically white. Whoa, pure much? Chelsea quickly disappeared through a doorway were a moment later the sounds of pots and pans clashing together traveled our way. I was too fearful to take a step further due to the chances of staining anything. Jasper had other thoughts, tugging me forward I tripped along behind him.

"Jasper! Slow down," I grumbled, trying to take long strides across the fluffy white carpet.

"A snail nor a rabbit I am so why slow down?" He looked over his shoulder at me with a crooked smirk. My reply to him was of narrowed eyes and sticking my tongue out. Very mature, Bella. Ah fuck it, it's time I start acting childish.

Rose gracefully walked passed us as if she were gliding across the carpet, unlike Emmett who was sulking behind her with dramatic stomps of his foot. Heh, at least I wasn't the only one acting immature.

"Chelsea do you need some help?" Rose was standing underneath the doorway when a pot went sailing straight over her head. "Heads up!" She shouted before shaking her head at Chelsea. "A simple no would have sufficed." Jasper pulled me to the side of the wall as we both watched the pot sail across the hallway and out the front door. It's official, Chelsea has anger issues.

"Ah Alice, what will I ever do with you my love." Edward walked through carrying a yellow covered Alice in his arms. I gasped in shock while Emmett snickered as he caught sight of the couple as well.

"Had a drop in with a flower, Seer?" Emmett questioned with his personal smile appearing.

"Fell straight in the pollen center of one she did." Edward sighed, while Alice sneezed sending forth a cloud of yellow dust in the air. I stared in amazement when the yellow substance made contact with the white surfaces and disappeared as it did. It was as if they were absorbed away and a second later that once white surface turned yellow like it had a fresh coat of yellow paint. I will never get used to all of this.

"She needs a shower." Rose appeared with a scowl on her face though I doubt it's because of Alice's predicament. A loud banging and a screeching filled the cabin, it was like a war was commencing right in the kitchen.

"Out! Out! Now!" Chelsea screamed. Afton ran straight out of the kitchen, ducking his head away from the flying cooking ware.

"Uhm, let me show you guys to your rooms." He replied brushing off the flour on his sleeves and hair. He rounded the corner and walked straight into a darkened hallway. Slowly light began illuminating his form as he walked by lamps that turned themselves on. Suddenly a staircase formed in front of him, winding its way up to the second floor. "We only have three guestrooms. But seeing as you all are coupled up I'm sure it's quite enough for you guys." You mean forced coupled up. Though I don't mind being stuck with Jasper. Nope, not at all.

"Mind if you may show us our room first?" Edward was now completely covered in yellow pollen, while his bundle kept on sneezing none stop. "She is in dire need of a shower." He deadpanned. Alice gave him a cheeky smile before sneezing on him.

"I plead sorry Edward," she giggled with a sniffle.

Afton chuckled, "of course here you two may have this room." He indicated with a wave of his right hand towards a door at our left side. "It has its own bathroom. Actually every room has its own bathroom."

"Excellent, see you all in a bit. Excuse us." Edward and Alice went straight to their room, leaving the five of us outside at the hallway.

"Well then let's continue on." Afton took three steps then stopped to wave another room, which was for Rose and Emmett. "Do enjoy yourselves."

"Absolutely!" Emmett cheered, grabbing Rose and throwing her over his shoulder. Together they disappeared into thin air, not a moment too soon did we hear a shriek from inside the bedroom.

"Okay..," Afton then led us to another room at the end of the hallway. "And here are you twos room. I'll send word out once the kitchen is safe to be entered for dinner." Jasper tipped his hat in thanks while I gave Afton a smile.

"Ladies first," Jasper opened the door, walking in first I saw the room was painted a deep purple color. It made me wonder if it used to be white and if so what made it turn purple. A waft of lavender caressed my nose as the wind blew through the opened window in the bedroom. Maybe lavender was the culprit. I turned swiftly around my dress lifting up slightly at the process. Oops, reminder naked in the bottom area Bella. I scolded myself, padding my dress down and hoping Jasper didn't get a free view of my treasure place. I glanced over at him to see him, looking through the closet. It reminded me of that one time he was digging around in his closet. What was it with him and closets?

"Aha!" He backed up away from the closet holding a couple of clothing in his hands, tossing me a blue dress in the process.

"Wait..what the hell?" I looked at the dress now occupying my hand with a look of confusion. How was it the right fitting dress? "Jasper...ugh nevermind." I gave up on asking him on how he even knew there would be clothing for us. I finally came to a conclusion when it comes to stuff like this it's better to just let it be and don't ask questions. "I'll be taking a shower, do you need the bathroom?"

"Nope, all is fine and dandy my way." He said while fluttering around the room opening drawers and peaking under the covers.

"Alright then," I closed the bathroom door behind me and locked it. It wasn't that I didn't trust Jasper but knowing him, he wouldn't find it wrong to walk in when I'm butt naked. I showered quickly enjoying the lavender scents of the shampoo and soap. This must definitely be the lavender bedroom of the cabin. I walked out of the shower to be surrounded by a willowy fog of hot steam. Got to love the hot showers. Bad for the hair, or so I'm told, but who cares? I felt scrubbed clean and smelled closely related to a flower.

I just managed to put on my dress when I saw a pair of panties fall off from the counter. Oh thank the blessing god! No more going commando for me. I was just about to slip it on when I saw a pair of gray eyes looking back at me through the foggy mirror.

"SON OF A BITCH!" I screamed and twirled around to face a laughing Emmett. Jasper came barreling through the door and I mean that literally. The door flew back, smacking directly at the opposite wall with a crack from the force.

"If the hills may speak Emmett. Get out of our bathroom!" He glared at a red faced laughing Emmett.

"Aw you two hold no fun at all." He proclaimed with a shake of his head in disappointment.

"You'll be lacking fun when the Queen hears upon this." He replied with narrowed blue eyes. Emmett blanched at the thought and quickly apologized incessantly then disappeared, leaving me along with Jasper in the bathroom with me holding the panties in one hand. I blushed furiously red in embarrassment.

"Thanks for the help Jasper..but uhm...just a minute of privacy please?" Jasper tilted his head and saw the white fabric in my hand, he snickered. Yes, he snickered everyone! And by hell was it hot. If I was red early I must have resembled a freshly ripe tomato by now. I gave him one of my steely stares before he reluctantly left me with a sigh. With a lack of grace I managed to slip on the small piece of clothing before barging back in the bedroom.

Jasper was standing in the middle of the room, facing the bathroom when I came out. We stared at each other, not a muscle or sound from both of us. He had that unknown emotion glazing his eyes. I couldn't fathomed what it may be.

A knock at the door attracted our attention and Jasper went to answer it with another sigh. Emmett was outside, standing rather sheepishly.

"Slip of the mind, I dare forget to mention dinners ready." He then disappeared no doubt reappearing in the kitchen area.

Jasper let out a gust of breath and swept his arm forward for me to take in a gentleman manner. I wonder how dinner would be..

This is by one of the most unique dinners I have ever attended in my entire life. Chelsea had set up the dining room for us. The room was in deep red clashing with the white walls at the outside hallway. At the center was a huge old fashioned table with at least a dozen dishes created at the center. Chelsea worked herself out, even with her anger issues she was one hell of a cook. At the head of the table sat of course Chelsea with Afton at her right side and Rose at her left side. The only seats left open were the one at the opposing head of the table and the seat at the right side of it.

Of course Jasper had to give me the head chair once again. Wonderful.

"So care to elaborate on what the Sphinx told you guys about us?" Afton asked, while spearing a piece of potato with his fork.

"She said something about you two being able to train us." Rose answered for our group.

"Interesting well if the Sphinx sent you guys to us for training that'll mean only one thing." Chelsea took a sip from her cup before continuing. Way to draw the moment. "That she has high hopes for you six." She eyed each one of us with calculating eyes. Training funny, I'm not much a sports person so I have a dreaded feeling that this would be hellish for me. A wave of calm showered over me, glancing up I saw Jasper sending me a reassuring smile.

I never did picture this butterfly eating hatter to be my friend and yet I'm slowly getting drawn into his presence. I adored his eccentricity and his ability to be calm in situations of nerve wracking.

"Will you fair to tell forth your story to why you seize to follow the Red Queens regime?" Alice piped in jumping a bit in her seat, clearly pollen free now. Edward placed a hand over her shoulder to which Alice quickly calmed down but she still had that freakishly happy smile on her face.

"Quite easy my dear," Afton answered. "We forever will have our allegiance with the King and Queen of Diamonds."

"We are what are left of their loyal soldiers." Chelsea finished off. Chelsea's a soldier? Hell maybe there is some use for that anger of hers.

"Do I dare ask what happened with the rest?" Jasper asked calmly tearing a piece of bread, popping it in his mouth as he waited for a reply.

"A trap caught us all," Chelsea said solemnly. "The King and Queen sent most of their beloved soldiers off to battle after hearing upon news of a coming assault to the kingdom. We were ordered to go to the boundary line of the ice region and the land of death." Nifty names. "We weren't prepared for the onslaught of a dark fog."

"It crawled its way towards us inch by inch. We thought nothing of it at first." Afton sighed and shook his head still in disbelief. "Once it reached the front line chaos began." He shivered and closed his eyes, reliving the whole scene in his head again.

"We barely escaped unscathed." Chelsea explained, looking down at her hands. "When we returned to the castle all was deathly silent. The King and Queen were nowhere to be found, and so..you all know what happens next. The Red Queen took over." She gripped the edge of the table tight until her knuckles turned white. Silence filled the air, tension so thick it could have been cut with a knife. Thankfully, Jasper released a calm wave of aura towards us all.

"Is it...is it possible that the King and Queen are still alive?" I wondered out loud.

"The possibilities are slim." Afton replied after a moment of silence. I turned to look at Alice, her expression unreadable.

"The future holds many possibilities..from grief to success. For now it is all gray with no possible outcome." Alice spoke softly, her eyes transfixed on the table.

"Enough with the grief! Hope is in the air!" Emmett pounded his fist on the table. Jasper chuckled and wave of excitement drifted my way. I poked Jasper on the arm with the end of my butter knife.

"Jasper, easy on the emotional emissions you're giving me mood whiplash."

"Ah not my intentions love." Wait? He called me love! The sweet endearment brought consoling warmth to me. Jasper then took a deep breath and hummed. I laughed and poked him again.

"No need to overdo it Jasper." I giggled. Yup, the hatter just made me giggle.

After Emmett's declaration of hope, we had to call it a night before he started to exceed his hope speech. Especially when Afton had somehow managed to enraged an already moody Chelsea. Jasper was no help at all, saying he couldn't control the emotions of an already menopausing woman. Which only resulted to more anger and verbal threats from the so called 'menopausing woman'. Overall dinner was a memorable moment for me.

Jasper was in bed with his hat on, staring up at the ceiling when I bounded out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth. Jumping on the bed, I glanced over at Jasper and wondered if he'll be able to answer a couple of questions I had.


"Si, Bo Beep?" He replied his eyes still locked at the ceiling above. I crawled on over to the pillows and laid down next to him looking up at the ceiling as well.

"Can I ask you a couple of questions?"

"It bothers me not." I'll take that as a yes.

"Were you born here at Wonderland?" I peeked at him at the corner of my eye to see that he had a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Nope, I came from your world." My eyes widened in shock as my mouth gaped open. Jasper used to live at my world?

"But-how?" I blurted my mind still in semi-shock.

"A wondering soul I was at the age of 17. Father took a beating of me whenever he laid hands with a bottle of whiskey. Whiskey will always be his buddy to death." He said this with a frown. "The last straw 'tis was for me one day. So off I went into the forbidden reigns of nature where I stumbled upon a house."

I flipped over to lay on my stomach as I listened to Jasper talk. As he continued on, I was slowly hearing him talk more like a normal individual did at my world. Unconsciously, I inched closer to him.

"I bet it's the same house I found when I trying to seek shelter from the thunder storm." Jasper nodded absently. "So you lived here at Wonderland since then huh?" He nodded again. "What about the rest?" He glanced over at me, blue eyes boring through me before returning his gaze upwards.

"Runaways we all are from our pasts. Wonderland is our escape from the cruelness lying at the other side. Though with the Red Queen, life may now differ greatly." He sighed before closing his eyes. "What of you Little Bo Beep?" I wondered first at what he meant before I realized he was asking of my story.

I wanted to learn more about the others but I thought it to be only fair if I asked them about it myself. Though I doubt Edward would talk to me about his past. He seemed like a closed up being.

"Mine is nothing great. My mother ran off with a younger man when I was 6 years old. My dad was constantly drowning himself in his work trying to ease the pain away. So I was usually left alone. I have..I mean had a boyfriend named Jake. The only reason why I dated him was because my dad actually took notice of me after that." I shrugged my shoulders. "I guess you can say he approved seeing as how he was the son of one of his best friends though the guy cheated on me with another girl. I'm thankful of it however." I said as an afterthought.

"Thankful?" Jasper asked, blinking one eye open to look at me.

"Mhmm, if he didn't cheated on me then I wouldn't have lost myself in the forest and found the abandoned house or meet any of you guys." I explained, with a vacant smile on my face. All of it was the truth. I never had this much of an adventure if I stayed at boring old Forks. Heck, I would have been stuck with an annoying Jake and I would have never met Jasper. Just the thought of not meeting him made me frown.

"Sadness is prohibited in this bed." Jasper joked, poking the corner of my lips with his finger.

"Shut up Jasper." I smacked his finger away but not without smiling first. He then pulled me into his arms and hugged me close to him. Our eyes contacted then lips. My eyes fluttered shut, leaning my body closer to him to deepen the kiss. His lips were warm and soothing, perfectly molded against mine. It didn't last long before Jasper pulled away, blue eyes bright with glee. Disappointment and longing mixed within me, I wanted his lips on mine again.

"Sleep now, a day of new hope lies tomorrow." He mumbled softly sleep clearly taking hold of him in its grasp. I let out a sigh of defeat maybe I can sneak a kiss tomorrow morning.

"Stop talking like Emmett." I whispered, closing my eyes and enjoying the comfort of being in his arms. Reminder: Must talk with Jasper about this whole situation. What were we? A couple? Or just kissing buddies?

"Thou does not peek at you in the bathroom, so I am far from being him." Jasper's voice broke me through my mind of questions.

"If you had the ability to appear anywhere I bet you would." I teased.

"Guilty, now sleep." His voice grew deeper in fatigue. The last thing to filter in my head was the thoughts of tomorrow's events until drowsiness brought me closer to dreamland.

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