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Eternal Love

When Cloud first saw the silver-haired boy walking in the forest near his castle, he knew that he would love him forever. Granted, he was the young, five year old prince of Nibelheim and knew nothing of love as of yet, he knew it had to be true. So when he walked up to the boy and found out that the boy's name was Sephiroth and he was a seven year old servant in his castle looking for apples, he made the boy make him a promise… a promise that would last Sephiroth for his lifetime.

"Since you are a servant of my mother and step-father, that means you are for me as well."

"So you are the prince?"

"Yes I am, and I command you to do something for me."

"What is it my prince?"

"I want you to love me, and me alone…for eternity."

Sephiroth laughed as Cloud frowned. He said nothing worth laughing at…or so he thought.

"Why do you laugh?"

"Because it's a silly thing to ask of a mere servant. Besides, I'm a boy. You have to marry a girl when you get older. It the rules."

"Whatever. I'll change that when I get older."

Another laugh from Sephiroth.

"Fine, I'll accept your command."

"Good." Cloud smiled before tackling the taller child to the ground and kissing his cheek.

It was no secret that Cloud was completely spoiled by his mother. His step-father tried to stop his mother from giving him whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, but it never worked. So when Cloud was ten, he demanded that his mother make Sephiroth his personal servant. His mother asked him why and he told her the deal that he and Sephiroth made. Laughing it off, his mother made it so, making Cloud become the happiest prince on Gaia. He was able to play with his love more than he had before because Sephiroth had to be somewhere else in the castle. He was also able to make Sephiroth sleep in the same bed as him, even though Sephiroth did not want to. Cloud quickly changed Sephiroth's mind when he told him that he commanded him to do it because he loved him.

Cloud's heart soared when he and Sephiroth kissed for the first time on the lips. The setting couldn't be any more perfect. They were on the hill, at sunset, in the back of the castle that overlooked the river and the town of Nibelheim below them. Cloud was sitting in Sephiroth's lap, leaning against his chest. He giggled as the wind blew his love's long silver locks against his cheeks. He couldn't help but turn in his love's lap and stare at him. His love was a strange, yet beautiful person. He was completely different from him. Cloud had tanned skin, bright blue eyes that resembled the sky, and blonde spiky hair. He had never met a person who had long silver hair who was young with pale skin, green cat-like eyes and a well toned body. That mixed in with the sunset lighting created the perfect picture of Sephiroth that could be only described as…


"Cloud, what are you –"

Sephiroth was cut off by Cloud pressing his lips against his. When Cloud pulled away, he didn't expect for Sephiroth to have a confused look on his face.

"What was that?"

"That was a real kiss. I saw my mother doing that to my step-father and I asked her about and she told me that it was a kiss that you do to someone you love very much. Since I love you very much, it's only fitting that I do the same to you."

Sephiroth nodded in understanding.

"Am I to understand that we will be doing that every time you want to kiss?"


Cloud returned to his previous position in the taller boy's lap as they continued to watch the sun go down."

"Seph, I love you."

"And I you, Cloud."

"Promise that your love for me will never change?"

"I promise, my prince."

Cloud remained happy…until his cousin came to stay at their castle when Cloud was 16.

It wasn't as though Cloud held a grudge against his cousin, Zack Fair. In fact, he always enjoyed it when he would visit him. The spiky-haired brunette always made him laugh. But the last time he saw his cousin was when he was four and Zack was six then. His mother told him that as a birthday present for turning 18, the Gongagan prince was allowed to live with them for a year and do as he pleases. Cloud was okay with him staying that long, but there was one thing that he did not find acceptable. It was the way that Zack looked at his love. It wasn't the normal look a higher-up would give to a servant. It was the look that he knew he gave to Sephiroth every time he looked into his eyes. Cloud absolutely hated when others looked at Sephiroth that way. Every time all three of them would do something together, Zack's eyes would always wander to Sephiroth or he would openly flirt with Sephiroth. What made him even more…upset was the fact that Sephiroth would look at Zack in the same way. Was he worried? Of course not. Sephiroth had promised that he would love only him for eternity. He was sure that Sephiroth would remember and keep that promise.

So when Zack asked his mother to make Sephiroth his personal servant four months later, Cloud paid no mind to the request. He had no say in the matter anyway. Whatever Zack wanted, he got because it was apart of his present. As long as Sephiroth came to him whenever he wanted him to, he was fine, until he found Zack and Sephiroth in the forest where he and Sephiroth first met.

They were both naked with a thin layer of sweat on them both and kissing, as if saying that they have been doing this for hours. Cloud could tell that this wasn't the first time that they had done this by the way Sephiroth entered Zack. Cloud watched Sephiroth move in and out of Zack in a fast pace as Zack moaned out his name, gripping his shoulder tightly. Cloud was nowhere near being stupid; he knew what sex was and what it meant. His mother told him that sex was also called making love and that you only should do it with the one you love most. What he didn't understand was why he and Sephiroth haven't done that before? He loved Sephiroth and Sephiroth loved him…didn't he? He had to. Sephiroth told him so and kissed him everyday, even in front of the one he was currently fucking. He knew that Sephiroth wasn't lying…he couldn't lie. It would mean Sephiroth's death if he did. He also knew that it couldn't be because of hs age. There were sex slaves that were younger than him that were doing the same thing as Sephiroth and Zack. When he heard Zack scream, he didn't expect for him to scream what he heard, nor did he expect Sephiroth's response.

"I love you, Seph! I fucking love you!"

"I love you too, Zack!"

No! It couldn't be! It can't be! Cloud screamed inside of his head until angry tears rolled down his face. He wasn't angry at the fact Zack and Sephiroth were the same age at that boys that age do this a lot, as explained by his mother. He was furious at the fact that Sephiroth declared his love to someone else. It was him and only him that he was supposed to say that to! There was no reason for him to say that to Zack…unless Zack ordered for Sephiroth to do and say that to him. Yes, that was it! Zack was trying to steal the love of his life away from him by making Sephiroth do and say such things. He was making Sephiroth lie to him for his own selfish intentions. Sephiroth was in trouble and needed to be saved, and Cloud was willing to become that savior for his silver beauty. Zack failed to know that what a Strife wants, a Strife gets, but if someone tries to take what a Strife wants away from that Strife, they end up… Cloud smiled before turning away from his love in distress and the traitor and running back to the castle. He had to prepare for tonight.

It was cold outside in the forest, but it was worth it. Cloud had a job to do and he was certain that his plan would work. He whispered to Zack during dinner to sneak out of the castle and meet him in the forest alone after everyone retired for the night for a surprise and not to tell anyone, especially Sephiroth. Sure enough, Zack appeared, a little later than the time he told him, but it didn't matter to him…nothing about Zack mattered to him anymore.

"Where's my surprise at Spiky?"

"It's right here."

Cloud pulled out the axe from behind his back. Zack's eyes widened before letting out a nervous laugh when Cloud stepped closer to him.

"Y-you want me to chop wood or something?"

"No, of course not, Zack. I want you to die. No one takes what belongs from me. Sephiroth is mine… He loves me and I love him…FOR ETERNITY!" Cloud yelled as he brought the axe up and swung at Zack. He smiled when blood splattered across his face…he smiled the same smile se saw his mother give his real father when she pulled the axe out from his back when she found out that he was cheating on her with her sister, Zack's mother. He smile turned into a wicked grin and a laugh escaped his throat at the sight of Zack's lifeless body, covered in blood, lying motionless on the grass. He finally saved his precious love.

Cloud was somewhat surprised when he opened the door to his room to see Sephiroth still awake sitting on the bed. He couldn't help but smile at his concerned expression on his face.

"Cloud, where have you been? It's way past 12 and…why are you soaking wet?"

"I'm sorry, my love. I fancied a late night swim in the river. I forgot to tell you."

"But Cloud, its fall. I don't suppose you forgot that the river is usually freezing by now?"

Truth be told, Cloud had forgotten that fact, but how else was he suppose to get rid of the blood on his clothes and axe?

"I did. Care to warm me up some?"

When Sephiroth left the room and came back with a towel he was surprised to see his prince still clothed.


"Undress me Seph…"

Even though Sephiroth raised a brow, he compelled to Cloud's request and began to undress the young prince. He stopped unbuttoning the shirt when he felt lips against his neck. He pulled back to see Cloud's eyes full of lust.

"Are you –"

"I want you to touch me Sephiroth."

Sephiroth's eyes widened in shock.

"Cloud, I cannot do that. You must remain pure until you are married to your chosen princess when you turn 18."

"I don't care… mother will understand. She knows that I love you and only you… I choose you to be my prince and I'll be your princess. You do love me still, don't you?"


"Don't you?"

"I do Cloud, but –"

"Then there's nothing wrong. I need you to make love to me Sephiroth, please…"

When Sephiroth laid Cloud on the bed, with both of them completely naked, Cloud couldn't help but smile, not just at the fact that they finally got to consummate their love, but at the excitement of getting to erase Zack from his love's memory. Cloud was once again happy.

Cloud was even happier at Zack's funeral a few weeks later, even though he couldn't show it. He pretended to cry into Sephiroth's chest as they put Zack's casket into the ground in Zack's hometown. Not even Sephiroth noticed his snickers in between his fake crying. He heard Zack's parents crying and he couldn't help but feel a little bit sad…sad at the fact that they didn't teach their only child about not taking what belonged to someone else. It was something his parents should have told him about, especially after his real father's funeral. He was crying at the loss of his father, but stopped when his mother told him of his father's ultimate betrayal of their eternal love. That's when he made a promise to himself: if anyone ever tried to take whomever he chose as his eternal love, he wouldn't kill his love, he would kill the one who tried to destroy their eternal love. Not only was it what his mother somewhat taught and showed him, it was also the right thing to do. Was Cloud at all ashamed with any of that? Nope. Why would he be? It wasn't as though Zack was his first kill…

The End?

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