Who are you? Why are you calling me?

"Sephiroth, please… please run… run away…"

Why? What are you trying to say?

"He… he will hurt you, Seph… He will hurt you…"

Who! Who will hurt me!

It has been a month since the castle burned down and he and Cloud found a nice cottage in the town of Nibelheim. Since the townspeople assumed that all of the royal family died in the castle and didn't know what Cloud looked like in person, they decided to stay in Nibelheim because it was a quiet place to live. Sephiroth remembered when he woke up that early morning in the dew grass of the hill and a crying Cloud on the other side of him. According to Cloud, he was trying to find him after he had a late night snack and he noticed a blood trail that led him outside. Once he found him on top of the hill, he was going to carry him back in the house for medical attention, but then he heard an explosion and turned to see that his home was burning to the ground. He never called for help because it was too late. Sephiroth couldn't believe what Cloud said…and still couldn't after his head wound healed up and they settled down in a small cottage in the center of the town and into a simple life. It wasn't as though he didn't believe Cloud, it was just that something seemed…off. He didn't believe that the castle blowing up because of a gas leak was an accident, someone planned for it to blow up. He didn't mention what he thought to Cloud because he wasn't sure of how he would react, although Cloud never cried nor brought up the death of his mother again after he woke up. He seemed to be alright with everything that has happened so far…which was odd. One would think that a prince would be at least upset a tad bit at the fact that he now has to fend for himself, especially since had no prior training in how to do so, but with Cloud, it was the exact opposite. He seemed happy with learning how to take care of the house and cook on his own as Sephiroth went to work at the tavern for some money. What completely threw him off one night after they had sex was when Cloud said that they should adopt. He couldn't answer him then and still couldn't. Granted, he thought about adopting children in the future, he just thought that right now was too soon and Cloud was not even 18 yet! The fact that Cloud even thinking of such a thing at almost 17 was strange within itself…but he still wasn't sure that his thoughts on what happened would not trigger a negative response from Cloud…or a response at all. Though he didn't have proof that it was a set up, he knew it wasn't an accident because he knew how the boiler room was set up. While he was Cloud's personal servant, he always went to watch the repairmen, Cid and Vincent, fix certain things throughout the castle, not only because it was educational, but because it was funny when the two would start arguing over which piece would go where and who wasn't doing something right. They also never minded him watching either. He remembered watching them install the vent in the boiler room and he asked them why they were doing that.

"It's to prevent an explosion caused from a gas leak, which seems to be the main cause of castles burning down for some reason. So if there's a gas leak, this baby here will automatically close all of the other vents in the castle and suck up all of the gas into it and filters it outside." Vincent said as he moved the vent pipe into the place he wanted it to go.

"Yeah, but the kicker is that the vent must be turned and left on at all times in order for it to work. If the shit is turned off then bye-bye castle if there's a gas leak, but there's a very small chance one would happen." Cid added on.

"Why's there a small chance?" Sephiroth asked.

"Because we also installed new gas tanks. Come over here and see."

Sephiroth got up from the floor and walked over to where Cid was standing at. Sephiroth stared in awe at how big they were as Cid grinned at Sephiroth's facial expression.

"Big aren't they? The difference between the new ones and the old ones are the knobs where you go to turn them on and off. I don't know why a fucking idiot would make the knobs on the new tanks look and feel like fucking knives! They're so damn sharp that you need a glove to turn them! If you don't wear one, you're hand is fucked!" Cid said as he took a glove off one of his hands and showed it to Sephiroth. Sephiroth gasped as he saw eight holes in a circular pattern in Cid's hand.

"Don't worry, kid. It doesn't hurt anymore, but it took a long fucking time for it to heal…"

So who knew of the new boiler room system? He had no idea…not like it mattered anymore… The person who did it was either dead or long gone by now…not that it made it any easier on Sephiroth's heart…


Sephiroth shot out of the bed, drenched in sweat and eyes wide open. Something…or someone has been calling to him ever since his head healed. It was always the same message, never completed nor clear enough for him to understand. What made him even more freaked out was that the voice that called to him would switch between what seemed to be Zack voice, not to mention that he was the only one that would hear him at night...even when he and Cloud were doing their 'nightly activities'. The voice in his head was becoming harder and harder to ignore because every time he would ignore it, it would come back ten times stronger with a vengeance, often giving him a headache like the one he had now.

"Seph, are you okay?"

He looked down to see Cloud with a deep look of concern on his face.

"I'm sorry, Cloud. I thought I felt something. Go back to sleep."

"The thought of feeling something doesn't make you break out into a sweat, Seph."

"It does if it was something that could poison you or me…" he lied. He would've sensed it before it had the shot to try and bite him or Cloud, but Cloud didn't need to know that…

"Oh, I see…" Cloud leaned up to kiss Sephiroth before shifting to go back to sleep and whispered goodnight before falling asleep. Sephiroth laid back down and Cloud snuggled closer to him, placing a hand on his chest. Sephiroth grabbed the hand and placed a kiss on his palm.

What the…!

Sephiroth slowly removed his lips and stared in shock at the holes in Cloud's palm.


"I don't know why a fucking idiot would make the knobs on the new tanks look and feel like fucking knives! They're so damn sharp that you need a glove to turn them! If you don't wear one, you're hand is fucked!"

They're the same… they're the same marks as the one on Cid's!

Sephiroth stared at the sleeping face of Cloud in horror.

He couldn't have… these holes are not deep enough for him to have still turned the knob. Cloud doesn't like to wear gloves…there's no way that he…he…

Sephiroth's vision of Cloud faded to darkness.


Sephiroth turned to the ghost of Zack with tears in his eyes.

NO! Shut up! Leave me alone, Zack! Stop calling me! Just stop it! I can't take this anymore!

"I know...it hurts…"

Just go away!

"No…run away…you have to run Seph…"

I…I can't just leave him like this Zack…

"He will hurt you…"

"No…running won't work…Cloud will find him…they are bonded…he will always find him…"


Genesis' ghost appeared next to Zack's.


"What do you mean by they're bonded?"

"I know you sense it…he loves him back…right?"

So, he really did do it?



"An axe…he used it on the tanks…turned the vent off…"

How did he know about the new system?

"He forced it out of Cid and Vincent before Cloud killed them…Cid never told him about the knobs…that's why his hand is the way that it is…Cid wanted the knowledge of what he did to haunt him forever…all he has to do is look at his hand…"

"You didn't answer Genesis' question…"

"It's okay, I already know the answer…you've grown to love him the way that he loves you…"

"But people will continue to die…"

You say that as if he's killed before.

"He has…"

"Why the hell do you think I'm here! I didn't get killed by a fucking boar! That has to be the biggest bullshit story I've ever heard! Not to mention the other stories about the dukes, counts, the step-father, the chef and that one servant!"

"Shut up, Zack! You're wasting all of the energy that we have left!"


He killed you both?

"Yes…he was watching us in the forest…"

"And you and I in the stairwell…"

Why did he kill you?

"Because we interfered…"

Interfered in what?

"Your eternal love for one another…at least that's how he explained it…If you ask me, I say it's a load of horse shit!"


"No, don't you 'Zack!' me! We and 27 people died over the fact that Cloud couldn't accept that Seph didn't love him then! It pisses me off!"

"I know…but how are we suppose to help Seph if we're wasting energy on useless babble? This is the last night that we can visit Sephiroth. When morning comes, we're gone for good…"

I'll never see you two again?

"Not until it's your time to go…"

"It's too late for you to feel sorry about everything…you have a choice to make…it's almost dawn…"

What choices do I have?

"You can stay here with Cloud and continue living how you have been and know what he has done and will do over and over again or…you can come with us before the sun comes up…"

That last option…I'll be dead won't I?


"Yes…but you'll be safe with us…"

I can't do that Zack…I'm sorry. I know I must be crazy too if I can't even summon the strength to leave the one who murdered in the name of love…



Is there any way I can try to save him?

"Death…only way his soul will be saved…he thinks he's free, but he will forever be trapped in his mind with his sins… "

"Seph…it's time…"

Light began to flicker from behind Sephiroth, making Genesis and Zack become almost invisible.

"Sephiroth…we…we love you…please come with us…we can make you happy."

Zack held out his hand, begging for Sephiroth to take it. Sephiroth shook his head before smiling, tears finally falling from his eyes.

And I love you both, but I love him more and I can't leave him by himself…don't worry, Zack. You'll be seeing us soon… I promise. And thank you for your help.

Genesis smiled in understanding as Zack frowned in confusion.

The light grew brighter and Sephiroth found himself in front of Cloud once again. He stirred before bright blue eyes opened and a smile that Sephiroth grew to love appeared on his face.

"Good morning…"

"I love you."

Cloud sat up in the bed and stared at Sephiroth with wide eyes. It was the first time Sephiroth said that without him having to say it first.

"Wh-what did you say?"

"I said that I love you and you alone…for all eternity."

Cloud couldn't stop the tears that came out of his eyes as he happily threw himself on top of Sephiroth and kissed him, which Sephiroth was more than happy to return. Sephiroth decided that he wouldn't go to work. He would spend the day with Cloud, doing whatever it was that will make him even happier than he was now. Then at night, once Cloud was well asleep, he would keep his promise to Zack. With that in mind, Sephiroth smiled into the kiss before wrapping his arms around Cloud, savoring their last morning kiss in this lifetime…

Eternal Love.

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