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Author's Note: daughterofthe1king pointed out in her review that Ahamo spends a great deal of time walking in on DG and Cain, quite innocently, in bed. I was much struck by this and as I was wielding a chainsaw at the time (internet via cell phone) I probably looked most disturbing as this idea immediately came to mind, much to my amusement. A little change up as it were – daughterofthe1king this one's for you.


Wyatt Cain eyed the nurture unit warily. That is not to say that Cain feared the cyborg, augmented strength notwithstanding, it's just that this particular nurture unit had been specifically programmed to raise and love Princess DG as his own. The Tin Man was therefore a little concerned about how Hank's CPU would react to the current circumstances. There was a perfectly reasonable and innocent explanation for how the princess had ended up in his bed after all; it was just a matter of whether or not the nurture unit would stop to listen to it. Given that Hank was definitely on the Tin Man's list of People I'm Not Allowed to Shoot, Cain wasn't entirely sure how to deal with the situation should the nurture unit decide to take violent umbrage.

"Mmm...Popsicle?" DG mumbled, sitting up and rubbing sleep out of her eye.

"Baby Girl!" Hank exclaimed, moving swiftly forward.

"Sir, I can..."

"Are you telling bedtime stories?" the nurture unit interrupted excitedly, clambering into the bed with them, "Did I ever tell you about that time growing up in Milltown..."

DG and Cain stared at Hank as he proceeded to tuck the princess in. Apparently when nurture units said you'd always be their little girl they meant it quite literally.