A/N: I was watching Hancock the other day, and since I've been on FF anything I don't like the ending to, I can change… it's not to say I didn't like the ending to Hancock, but what happens when another 100 years pass, after Ray and Aaron have been gone for years?

Gotta love FF… enjoy :)

Mary picked up the phone, tossing her long curly blonde hair over her shoulder. She dialed the number, and waited for the ringing.

Mary Hancock – as she called herself now – had been on her own for five years, since her only son Aaron had died. He had lived a full 90 years, happy with his wife, but no children. Mary was still unsure whether that was a blessing or a curse, to have to out-live her own grandchildren or to have her children's-children with her at all times, somewhere in the world. Some days she felt the blessing, some days she felt the curse.

Her second husband, Ray, had been long gone.

Mary was patient as she waited for an answer, and when the dial tone clicked, indicating that somebody was on the other end, she stood rigid.

"Yeah, hello…" John Hancock's voice flooded through the phone, reaching her ear.

"Hancock…" she greeted.

There was a slight pause.

"Mary? Mary… hi," he replied.

"Miss you," she told him easily.

"Miss you, too. Where are you?"

"California! You?"

"New York," he said.

"Want to meet?"

"Sure? Where?"

"Miami," they laughed in unison.

Mary hung up the phone, and smiled to herself. It had been 30 years since she had seen him face to face, and she knew without a doubt, he would recognize her. She hadn't changed much at all, except maybe her hair was longer. Every few months, they would have a lengthy phone conversation, catch up on old times and their new lives, and then lose each other in the busy schedules of their existence.

Every thirty years or so, they'd meet face to face for a full 24 hours and when they parted again, it hurt… it hurt Mary more than she dared to say. But she couldn't wait to catch up with him again, to see his face, to see his lips move when he said her name.

"Hi," he uttered from behind her, making Mary jump back.

Her head snapped around to meet his eyes. "Hi," she reached out to hug him, the familiar embrace sending a run of electricity through her body. Nobody in the 3000 years they'd been in this world, had anyone had quite the same effect on her. It was why, they came in pairs, she supposed. It was why they were drawn to each other, no matter how far she ran from him, he managed to find her, to be where she was in the world.

"How have you been?" he managed to ask as she stepped out of his arms.

"Good… well, considering."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about Aaron."

Mary shrugged. "I had him for 90 years. He led a good life."

"He was a good man," Hancock agreed.

"Yeah, he was… thanks."

"Wanna get some coffee?" he offered.

Mary nodded and followed him to the coffee cart. They purchased their desired liquid and positioned themselves on a nearby bench.

"Tell me about your life," she smiled crossing her legs.

"Same old, I guess…" he shrugged. "Saving the world, people in distress… it becomes routine, you know how it is."

"Yeah," she nodded.

"I've been thinking about something…" his words sounded cautious.

She looked up at him, her hands folded around her cup, to keep her fingers warm. "Thinking, about what?"

"You and me," he whispered.

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