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Holmes and companions do not belong to me.

Watson`s POV, slight reference to drug use.

Action and Reaction

You've solved another crime,

You've triumphed yet again.

Another client grateful for

The Great Detective's brain.

You've followed every thread,

Deciphered all the clues,

And once again I'm waiting for

The boredom which ensues.

Your mind had been preoccupied

In sorting out that case.

But once again your world now seems

Mundane and commonplace.

I know what happens next,

I've seen it all before.

You'd think you would not have the power

To shock me any more.

It should not haunt my sleep,

It should not cause such dread,

To see the sharpest, brightest mind

Reduced to this instead.

I should not let it trouble me,

I should not really care,

That even though I've tried my best,

You seek your answers there.

I've tried in every way I know,

Till no more words remain,

To block the path which takes you back,

To morphine and cocaine.

I might as well not have

A medical degree.

You still ignore my arguments,

I still can't make you see.

My patients_I can help;

To heal and conquer pain.

But you_it seems my best and strongest

Efforts are in vain.

You'd think I'd learn by now,

I cannot win this war.

I've nothing left to tell you

That I haven't said before.

I can help you beat a foe,

I can help you solve a crime,

But the lure of that Morocco case

Defeats me every time.

I've always had the choice

To pack my bags or stay.

At times I'm no real use to you,

I'm merely in the way.

But_if you're left alone,

Then who will watch your back?

And who will keep the light for you,

When everything turns black?

And who will simply wait,

Or answer if you call?

Or check that you don't overdose,

Or catch you if you fall?

And who would pick the pieces up?

And whom would you trust more

Than one who stands beside you,

Though you let him down before?

I cannot put this right for you,

But though that haunts me still,

The fact that I've not left by now,

Suggests I never will.