The Doctor looked completely focused as he danced around the TARDIS console, pulling levers and flipping switches. He had barely said a word since he'd told her where the distress signal was coming from. There was a shuddering as the TARDIS landed and the engines stopped roaring as the central column ceased moving.

The Doctor moved to the chair with his jacket, putting it on and slipping his sonic screwdriver in the inside pocket. He darted to the TARDIS doors and opened them, stepping outside. Amy walked after him, not bothering to try catching up as quickly as she normally did.

When she finally did catch up to him, he was on top of a hill overlooking what appeared to be a medieval castle. She walked up behind him.

"This looks normal enough." She said "Are you sure this is where the Master is?"

"Positive." He replied "I can feel it."

"You can feel it?" She said "You're not going to go into some Star Wars style thing about life forces and all that, are you?"

"No. Well, not exactly." He said "I'm a Time Lord, Amy. We always know when there's another one around. Trust me, he's here somewhere. I'll know where as soon as I see him."

"Well no duh." Amy replied "We do know what he looks like, remember?"

"Yes, and that worries me." He said "Because if we know who he is, well, I don't need to tell you that he knows who we are. Now, where is he?"

He looked around for a moment before pointing at a large fountain in the courtyard of the castle below.

"Amy, have you ever known castles from this period to have fountains?" He said, not waiting for a response before running off down the hill, calling back "Come along Pond."

He led her down the hill and into the castles courtyard. He walked up to a thin man in dirty, torn up clothing.

"Excuse me my good man." The Doctor said, pointing at the fountain "How long has that been here?"

"All my life sir." The man said "That's, uh, a long time sir."

"What year were you born?" The Doctor said "I can figure it out. I'm good with numbers."

"1522." The man said, shocking Amy slightly.

He was only 17. 17 and living like that. It was disgusting.

"Okay then, thanks. Here's an apple for your help." The Doctor said, pulling an apple from his pocket and handing it to the man, then walking off with Amy right behind him.

"Doctor, why is he being left to live like that?" She said as they walked "It's just-"

"History." He cut her off "Amy, you think I don't want to help people I see like that? I do, but I can't. At this time, this is just how the world is. Could I change that? Maybe, but I don't have the right to. If I said I did, I'd be no better than the Master."

"So, what's with the fascination with the fountain?" Amy said "It's just a fountain, right?"

"No. I think, I don't know, but I think that it's his TARDIS." He replied, seeing the confused look on her face "They don't all look like blue police boxes, you know. Hell, that one didn't always. They're designed to blend in, but it got stuck on that look years ago and, well, I like it."

"Right, so you think it's his TARDIS." She said "So, is he in there?"

"No." He said "If he were, I wouldn't be able to feel that he's here. Type 117 TARDIS, stealth stuff, remember?"

"Yeah, right." Amy said "So, where we going to look?"

"I think the royal court's the best bet. Besides, never met Henry VIII before. This is going to be interesting." He replied, smirking "Come on Amy."

She followed him into the main structure of the castle. There, they were met by two guards.

"His highness desires your presence." One said.

"Oh, well, that's lucky, isn't it?" The Doctor said "I was hoping to see him. Come along Pond, they're going to take us to exactly who we want to see. Well, almost exactly."

The soldiers led the Doctor and Amy through the building. Eventually, they were led into a throne room. Amy gasped slightly when she saw who was on the throne.

"You may leave." The Master said "Hello, Doctor, and welcome to my Dominion."