Ay stood there speechless for a second. The Doctor was gone. There was no way for her to get home. She'd die there, in 1539. She wished it was something that couldn't work, something to do with her not being born for nearly 500 years.

"How does it feel, Miss Pond?" The Master said "Knowing your hero never existed?"

"He existed…" Amy said "If I'm here, he has to have existed. I couldn't be here otherwise,"

"Oh, you could." The Master said "It's just a paradox. And now, with no other Time Lords in existence, I am the king of time!"

"He's still alive…" Amy said "He's got to be…"

"You're wishing for a fairy tale ending." The Master said "In real life, in the end, the villain always wins."

"You're wrong, he'll come back…" Amy said "He'll come back."

"No he won't." The Master sneered, before turning to the Dalek behind Amy "Take her back to her cell."

The Dalek led her away. She didn't notice the faint glow still on the fountain.

Amy woke up in her cell in a cold sweat. She'd had a dream. There'd been a voice in it, the voice of a young man. It had been coming from a figure on a ridge. He'd been wearing a red early eighteenth century jacket with gold trim, black trousers and red converse. She'd walked up to the top of the ridge and looked at the man; it had been the Doctor. Only he was talking with a different voice, a slightly younger one.

She got up and saw the cell door was open and the Master was stood outside. He grabbed her and dragged her out into the fountain, tossing her to the floor and pulling out his screwdriver.

"I'm sorry, Miss Pond." He said "But I know why they all converge on you. As long as you're here, he can come back."

"What?" Amy said, confused.

"Good bye." The Master said as he moved his thumb over the button.

Before he could fire, however, he saw the fountain start to glow. There was a bright light on it. He turned to face it as a figure appeared.

It was a man in the Doctor's clothes he'd been wearing when he'd been erased. Only the man wasn't the Doctor; he had long white hair. The Master recognised him though.

As the Master watched, the man's features changed to that of a slightly younger man with a brown bowl cut, then another man of the same age, with white curly hair. That man was replaced with a younger man with curly brown hair then an even younger man with straighter, blonde hair, then to an older one with curly blonde hair. That man was replaced by a slightly older one with brown hair, to the slightly younger man with long blonde hair. He stood there for a moment before becoming a slightly older man with short dark hair, apparently the first of the men the Master didn't recognise. Then Amy realised who it was with the next shift; the man became the Doctor that her and her Doctor had met in Nevada. He grinned at the Master.

"Hello." He said as he finally became her Doctor, the proper Doctor "Did you miss me?"

"No!" The Master said, turning to Amy and shooting her with his screwdriver.

"Big mistake!" The Doctor said, pulling out the sonic screwdriver and using it, causing the Master's screwdriver to spark as the Doctor stepped off the platform "Next, let's destroy this time engine."

He pointed his screwdriver at it and flicked the button, causing the device to spark and then implode on itself, leaving just ash on the ground. As that happened, there was the sound of thunder all around them.

"I'm sorry, Master." The Doctor said "But everything you've done, everything you brought here, is being sent back to where it belongs."

As he said that, everything around them began to change as all that the Master had done was erased. The Doctor looked at him.

"Now go." He said "I'll let you go, this time. There's been enough cold blood today."

The Master ran off and the Doctor turned to Amy. He crouched beside her, moving a stray hair from her face. He sighed to himself.

To stop him and his army of nightmares, one of you must die.

I'm going to get you out of here, even if it kills me.

Both things rattled around in his head. He knew what he had to do. He bent down and kissed her before pulling away. Her eyes opened slowly and she looked up at him.

"What happened?" She said, before realising he was there and throwing her arms around him "Oh my god, you're back, you're alive."

"Yeah." He said hollowly "I'm alive."

He helped her up before staggering slightly. He smiled at her, but his eyes looked empty. Just like her father had looked right before he'd died.

"Doctor, what's wrong?" She said.

"You died, Amy, so I gave up my life to bring you back." He said, grinning lightly "Not a bad way to go I guess."

She went to come to him and he put an arm out in front of him.

"No, don't worry about me, just help me get to the TARDIS." He said, seeing the look on her face as tears welled in her eyes "Now, now, Pond, don't cry, not over me."

She swallowed her tears for the moment then grabbed his arm and led him to the TARDIS, opening the doors, helping him get inside. He grinned as he moved away from her.

"Amy Pond," He said with a grin "good bye."

As he said that, his arms jerked off to his sides and a bright orange energy shot out from the ends of his arms and around his head. Underneath it, she could see his features changing and his hair getting shorter and lighter. After a moment, the energy dissipated and a new man was stood there.

He looked slightly younger, 21 at the most. He had short, spiked dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He was better looking than the Doctor from before. He smiled at her lightly.

"Right, yes, uh, hello." He said "Now, Amelia, contrary to what you're thinking right now, I'm the Doctor."