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The air had an ominous feel to it as everyone gathered in a cabin that many didn't know was even there. The last time anyone had gathered there, the treaty between the Pack the Cullen's had been brought forth.

The Quileute Wolf Pack, sat near the elders of the tribe keeping an eye out for those who might harm them, standing on edge ready to attack if needed. The pack consits of Alpha Sam Uley, Beta Jacob Black, Paul Meraz*, Leah Clearwater, Quil Ateara, Embry Call, Jared Hyatt* and Seth Clearwater, exotic creatures that were ready for anything.

The Cullen's, Vampires that feed on animal blood instead of human. Inhuman beauties, Leader and Sire Carlisle Cullen, Wife and Mother Esme Cullen, Edward, Alice, Emmett Cullen and the 'twins' Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Immobile as they were gathered around one human. Isabella Swan, Edward's human lover.

The elders of the tribe stepped forward and so did Carlisle.

"So we all know why we are here, Victoria has allied her self with a greater power and is set on dystroying everything we know." Carlisle said as one elder, Billy Black nodded. "That power is being hunted down as we speak but I think that we all are going to need protection, this power is dangerous to us all. We are nothing compared to it." Billy spoke softy, knowing the others would hear.

Carlisle sighed, knowing that the human was right. "Then we should be glad that they granted our request. The Voltori have spoken to them and they are sending in the best they have. Vampire and Werewolf." As he was just done speaking, the cabin door opened and four men and two women came in. The Pack and Cullens were istently on their feet ready to attack and protect.

A woman with the body only worthy of a goddess came forward. She wore skin-tight black leather pants, mid-drift tone and tight with the hint of abs from hard workouts, tight black leather jacket that came down below her breast, with a red bra that went well with her color. Black knee high boot heels. Her attaire didn't get there attention the most, her blood red eye's were what they noticed first.

Heavy accented female voice spoke "The correct term is Methuselah and Lycan. So you must be the one's we have to protect." Going to the front of the room. The other's followed her. "My name is KidaKadash Ankhhotepnefer." Everyone was speechless as the woman before them smirked.


* I couldn't find last names in the books or anything so I used there real last names.


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