Summary: Bella meets Edward at a club with Alice and Rosalie. They start to like each other. But what if Bella's past catches up with her? What if Edward has a secret he's trying to keep from her? Will they be torn apart forever or will they remain together through it all?

Chapter 1:

I walked through the doors of the new club, Alice and Rosalie at on my sides. We were all somewhat matching. All of us were wearing skinny jeans that brought out legs out, high heels, and loose tunics. All of our hair was down loose, with the exception of Alice's, whose was too short to be described as wavy and let loose. Hers was short, black, and poking out in all different angles.

The club was packed. It was going to be impossible to fine Alice's brother, Edward. He was the reason we were here. He was coming up from Seattle and Alice wanted me to meet him. He would be there with Jasper, Alice's boyfriend and Rosalie's brother, and Emmett, Rosalie's boyfriend and Alice's other brother.

"I'm going to get a drink." I told Alice and Rose. "Want anything?"

"We're fine for now." Alice told me. "We'll go find the boys." I nodded and headed over to the bar.

"I'll have some vodka." I told the bartender. I was going to need it. Alice had attempted to set me up before and every time it didn't always end well.

"Anything else?" The bartender asked me. I shook my head and he started pouring some UV into a class. "Here you go." He said handing me the glass.

"Thanks." I said, taking the drink and walking away from the bar. I spotted Alice and Rose sitting in a rounded booth and walked over to them. "Find the guys?"

"Nope. I called them." Rosalie told me. "They're a little late. They'll be here any minute though." I nodded. A slight need to pee came over me.

"I need to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." I told them. I noticed Alice look at my drink and her face light up. "Alice, do not drink it! Get your own damn drink!" I told her and they laughed at me.

After I finished up in the bathroom, I looked in the mirror. My hair was slightly messy in a sexy way. I normally didn't dress like this. Alice made me be her Barbie, but I must say, she did good. My makeup wasn't overly done, but any makeup was more than usual. I didn't wear makeup a lot. Only when Alice made me, really.

I walked out of the ladies room and went to find Alice and Rose again. I was amazed at my being able to walk in these heals. I was the clumsiest person ever in flats. But of course, as I thought about it, I tripped over my own feet.

I prepared myself for the impact of my face colliding with the hard ground, but instead, I felt a strong pair of arms catch me.

"Careful there." I heard a velvety voice warn. He lifted me up onto my feet.

"Thanks" I blushed, at my klutziness. I looked up at his face. He was gorgeous. His bronze hair was messy, but it made him look sexy. His skin was pale, almost white. His green eyes were almost intimidating. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a navy t-shirt that showed off his pale muscles.

"You okay?" He asked looking at me carefully.

"Yeah. I'm great." I smiled at him.

"Good." He smiled back. "I'm Edward." He held his hand out.

"Are you Alice and Emmett's brother?" I asked him shaking his hand.

"Yes. You must be Isabella Swan?"

"The one and only." I told him.

"Well, Isabella, it's nice to meet you." He told me. "I suppose we should fine the others. They'll be looking for us I bet."

"Yeah. You know Alice."

"Yes. I do." He laughed. We found Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper at the booth I had left Alice and Rose in. I looked at my glass to find it gone. Oh Aliceā€¦

"Well, I see you two have already met." Rosalie looked at me and Edward.

"Yes. Edward saved me from an unnecessary fall back there." I informed them.

"Oh, Bella. You are such a klutz sometimes." Emmett shook his said.

"More like all the time." Jasper said jokingly, smiling at me. They all laughed.

"Haha. You're all so funny." I said sarcastically and blushed in embarrassment. I preferred not to be the center of attention. "Alice, you couldn't resist, could you?" I said looking at my now empty glass. She followed my gaze.

"Sorry, Bells. Couldn't help it." She grinned at me.

"I know. You never can." I laughed at her. "I'm going to get another one."

"I'll come with you." Edward said from behind me. "Anyone want anything?"

"No thanks." Emmett said. "Let's dance Rosie."

"Now?" Rose whined.

"Yes, now." Emmett said.

"Fine." Rosalie said grudgingly. I laughed at them and started walking up to the bar, Edward right behind me.

"So Isabella, do you live with Alice and Rosalie?" Edward asked while we waited for our drinks. Oh, this man was amazingly beautiful.

"No. I have my own apartment. But I usually go to their place a lot." I informed him.

"I see." He said watching me carefully. He had intensity about him.

"Are you staying moving back her permanently?" I asked him.

"Yeah. I'm staying with Emmett and Jasper until I get my own place."

"Ah. Well, that should be fun. Emmett will most likely always be playing video games. It usually drives me insane after awhile."

"Oh, it irritates me to no end as well Isabella. But I appreciate their letting me stay with them for the time being."

"If you need, you could stay with me." I blurted out. Where the hell did that come from? A little fast, Bella? I asked myself. He may have been my best friend's brother, but I had just met him. "I probably have more room in my apartment and I don't own a single video game so no needs to worry about that." I added.

"That would be lovely Isabella." He told me, the corner of his lips turning up into a smile. "Are you sure you have enough room?"

"Yeah. It's just me living there." I could always sleep on my couch. It was pretty comfortable.

"Okay." He smiled at down at me.

"Here you go." The bartender handed us the drinks. I had ordered a grasshopper and Edward got some beer. Bud light I think.

"Thanks." I said and paid him. When we went back to the table, Alice and Jasper were on the dance floor dancing next to Rosalie and Emmett.

"Do you dance, Isabella?" Edward asked as we sat down in the big booth across from each other.

"I don't mind it, but I prefer not to. I'm too clumsy to dance, let alone walk." I told him. He laughed.

"So are you staying at my place tonight?" I asked him.

"Yes, that would be nice. If that's all right with you." He kept his eyes on me.

"That would be just fine." I told him, happy. The gorgeous, god-like man was going to be staying at my place.

"Good." He smiled again. I quickly downed my drink and went back for another drink. This time, another vodka. Edward stayed in the booth waiting for me.

"So Isabella, what are you're hobbies?" He asked once I sat down.

"I don't know." I told him. "I like reading and listening to music."

"What books do you read?"

"Well, I like the classics. Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility. My favorite is Wuthering Heights." I told him.

"Really? Mine too." He told me. "I must say I'm surprised. You don't really look like a reader."

"Oh? Well, I don't usually dress like this." I said pointing at my outfit. "Alice got a hold of me." He nodded, understandingly.

"Alice loves to play dress up." He said.

"I heard my name!" Alice chirped as she and Jasper came up to the booth. I scooted over, ending up closer to Edward, so Alice and Jasper could scotch in.

"We were talking about you and you're dress up games." I informed her.

"Yes, yes." She smiled. "It's a love of mine. And Bella is always the perfect contestant."

"You do it against my will, Alice."

"I know. But in the end you always end up looking sexy." She informed me, causing me to blush.

"Well, you do look beautiful Isabella." Edward added. I blushed a deeper red. Did Edward really just call me beautiful?

"Thanks." He looked amused as he nodded.

"See, Bella. Even Edward thinks so." She grinned at me.

"Thinks what?" Rosalie asked as she and Emmett came up to the table, making Edward scotch over so she and Emmett could sit. Edward was sitting right next to me now.

"That Bella looks amazing." Alice told her.

"Yes, she does." Rose smiled at me. "She always does though." I blushed again.

"Bella, stop blushing!" Emmett told me. "They are right. You look hot." He added. "Ow." I heard him mumble after Rosalie hit him in the back of the head. "Rosie, you know you're the sexiest woman alive. No need to be jealous. I'm just trying to spread the love." She smiled at this and kissed him.

"I need another drink." I informed them and made Alice and Jasper move so I could get out of the booth. I walked up to the bar and got another vodka. I stayed there, instead of going back to the table. I downed the drink in seconds. "Keep them coming." I told the bartender, getting nervous to have Edward stay with me. I was starting to feel a little tipsy.

"Hey sexy." I heard a guy call loudly, a few seats down from me at the bar. He had black hair and dark brown eyes. I just downed another drink, being served another one seconds later. "Hey gorgeous, what's your name?" He moved over so that he was in the chair next to me.

"None of your fucking business." I told him. "Now back the hell off."

"Aw, sugar. Don't be like that. I'm just trying to be nice. Want to dance?" He slurred.

"No. I do not want to dance with you." I told him, rudely. He didn't get the point.

"Come on sexy! Don't be a fucking tease." I ignored him and kept drinking my vodka. "Let's just dance a little." He grabbed my arm, trying to pull me to the dance floor.

"Fuck off." I told him, pulling my arm away.

"It's all right. I just want to dance." He kept slurring.

"I think she wants to be left alone." I heard a velvet voice, say angrily behind me. I turned around to see a slightly blurry Edward glaring at My. Creeper here.

"Come on man. I just asked her to dance." He slurred, laughing at Edward.

"Fuck off. I think she already asked you to leave her alone."

"Hey, man!" The drunk guy said, standing up and pushing Edward's chest. "I don't think your to say what she wants." Edward glared at the creep with a look that made me think 'if looks could kill.' The creep reached over to grab my ass. Edward punched him the face, hard.

"Leave her the fuck alone or I will kill you." Edward warned and looked at me. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." I slurred.

"You're drunk." Edward stated. The guy came up and punched Edward back. Edward leaped on top of him and started throwing punches at the creep.

"No fighting!" The bartender yelled.

"Edward, come on." Emmett pulled on his arm. Alice, Rose, and Jasper were behind Emmett. Edward stood up and smoothed his shirt.

"Don't fucking touch her again!" Edward yelled at the creep, before Emmett and Jasper pulled him outside. Alice and Rosalie helped me as I stumbled to the door. Edward had his eyes shut and his fingers holding his nose. He was breathing deeply, trying to calm down. He looked up at me when Alice, Rose, and I came outside.

"Are you okay?" He asked me again.

"Yes. I'm fine." I told him. "Are you?"

"Yes, Isabella. I'm fine." He chuckled. What was so funny?

"Are you staying at my place tonight?" I asked him, trying my hardest not to slur.

"If that's still alright with you." He told me.

"Your always welcome there." I told him. "Do you have stuff with you?"

"Yes. It's all still in my car." He told me. "Did you drive here or shall I drive you?"

"I'd appreciate a ride." I told him, my vision going fuzzier. "Alice and Rose picked me up."

"Alright." He smiled at me. "I'm staying at Bella's." He told the others. "She offered me to stay with her."

"Okay." Jasper and Emmett smiled at him as though they found something humorous. Rosalie and Alice grinned at me, with the same smile's Emmett and Jasper had. "Have fun."

I felt as though I was spinning. "Someone catch her!" I heard someone yell before everything went black.

I woke up in Edward's car outside my apartment.

"Isabella? We're at you're place." Edward woke me up. "Rosalie gave me the instructions. Is this the right place?"

"Yes." I mumbled, sleepy.

"Good." I felt disoriented and still a little tipsy. I opened the doors for Edward, since he had his hands full with his stuff. I dug out my key in the pocket of my jeans and opened my apartment door. "You can put your stuff in my room. I'll sleep on the couch."

"Isabella, I'm not making you sleep on your couch. I'll take the couch and you can have your bed."

"No. You're the guest. You get the bed." I said, stubbornly.

"No. You get your bed." He said determined.

"We can both sleep in my bed." I blurted out. I blushed shocked. It was how I used to compromise things. If I had an argument like that, I would compromise by saying we could both get it. Plus, I was tired, tipsy, and I really just didn't pay attention to what I was saying. "It's a queen."

"Alright." His lips turned up in a smile. "Lead the way." He followed me to the bedroom.

"You can put your stuff down anywhere." I told him. "The bathroom is right outside the door. I'll be right back." I told him, grabbing some pajamas and heading to the bathroom. I quickly changed and pulled my hair up into a loose ponytail. Was I really going to sleep with Edward Cullen?

"If you need anything, feel free to have anything. Help yourself to whatever is in the fridge. There's not a lot. I'll get groceries tomorrow." I told him when I walked back into the bedroom. He had already changed into pajamas too. "Just make yourself at home."

"Oh, I will Isabella." He smiled at me. I laid down on the left side of the bed. I could feel him lay down on the opposite side.

"Goodnight Edward." I mumbled, sleepy.

"Goodnight Isabella. Sleep well." I heard him say right before I fell asleep.

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