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Katie sat in her and naruto's new home, the "hokage" was nice enough to give them a home and enough space to fix RL-3. Though she couldn't help but wonder why he was being so nice to her and naruto about this whole thing . . . it was like he knew what was going to happen before it even happened.

Well now the only thing she had to worry about now was fixing RL-3 and making sure not to wake naruto. Her adopted son was asleep and would not wake up. In fact he was like Charon. Minus the dead flaking skin, it was fun to travel with him until that fateful day at the Washington monument packed with super mutants and Talon Company pricks.

God she missed him, she practically loved him but him being pulled into slavery and turned into what he was didn't notice it until it was too late.

Remembering everything brought tears to her eyes.

"Rest in peace charon, where ever you are." Katie said looking out a window to the clear night sky


The next morning naruto woke up at the first light . . . and due to his alarm going off. After waking up he looked around and noticed he wasn't in his apartment, he didn't recognize anything in the room, it was a standard room with a medium bed and nightstand. The whole room was a dark shade of green . . . now he loved orange but the green looked nice, almost calming.

He was startled with the sound of items dropping to the floor and a woman cursing . . . and a male's voice to

"Sir if you must make repairs I suggest doing it at a slow pace . . . I would like to keep my eyes and arms" said toe voice but it had a mechanical ring to it.

Then he heard the woman's voice from last night

"Sergeant RL-3 I suggest you let me do it the way I want to do it or you can do it yourself" she said with an authority type of voice

"Yes commander." Was the only reply

He slowly made his way out of the bed and ever so slowly opened the door.

Yea he wasn't in his apartment anymore, he was in what looked like a 2 story type of house, but what got his attention was that lady from last night, she was in her armor minus the helmet working on what appeared to be a metal octopus with three eyes and three tentacles. He was going to go up and see what the metal octopus really was until it talked

"Look out, intruder behind you!" he said while trying to take aim with his plasma pistol arm

Naruto froze at this and looked around for some sort of cover until the lady swatted the appendage away

"STAND DOWN SERGEANT HES FRIENDLY!" she yelled at the thing

"Standing down." The metal being said with a bit of disappointment in his voice

The lady looked over to naruto making sure he wasn't harmed at all before giving him a tight hug

"Are you ok?" she said with worry in her voice

"y-y-yea thank you . . . why are you here and why am I here?" he asked

She set him down before saying "how about I fix you some breakfast and I'll tell you everything."

Naruto slowly nodded while the lady went into the kitchen looking area. After she was gone he looked at the metal being with interest. He had never seen anything like it before and wanted to know more.

"who are you?" was the only thing he was able to say while looking at him, from all he could see was the three eyes and tentacles but seeing him now he was just a big ball attached to what looked like a huge metal rod coming from below his ball like body, he was green with a white star on both sides and looked kind of scary

"I am sergeant RL-3 mister gutsy sentry bot model, serial #3725124-483." He said in a military type voice and sounded kind of proud about it "now who are you to bother my commander in such away?"

"I'm naruto uzumaki." He replied with worry in his voice, this "mister gutsy" sounded mean and was scary as HELL!

Before anymore exchange between the two could happen naruto smelled a great breakfast being made and decided to get away to see what's cooking.

As he entered the kitchen he saw the lady making some bacon, eggs, and hash browns,

"Naruto could you be a dear and set the table for me while I finish?" she asked, he only nodded and did as he was asked

After the food was done and set on the table they began to eat, for Katie it was kind of awkward, how could she say she adopted him, she just didn't want to blurt it out and freak him out but how could she, as they ate she took into note his eating habits and how he scarfed down everything, barley leaving anytime to chew.

"Hey naruto?" she began

"Yes?" he asked

"how long have you been alone? Seeing your skills you seem to know how to survive a little bit." She asked

Naruto got a sad look in his eyes before saying "I've been alone all my life, I was kicked out of the orphanage this last week and no one will take me." He said with tears beginning to form in his eyes,

"To do something like this to a little boy NO LESS THAT 5 is unforgivable, I'm going to have to take a look at that orphanage!"

"well how would you like to not be alone anymore?" Katie asked

"What do you mean?" naruto looked at her with a glimmer in his eye

"Well naruto after how you were treated yesterday by those people I talked with your village leader and . . . well . . . I adopted you as my son." She blurted it out

Naruto was shocked but was overcome with joy, he jumped out of his chair and ran to her giving her the biggest hug he could while crying tears of join, Katie hugged back but had to be careful with her strength the suit gave her. But was happy that naruto was happy.

For the first time in his life naruto was happy he had a mother to love him.


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