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Summery: DiNozzo is in Mexico, Ziva is upset that Tony and Gibbs didn't show when they had promised, and as for Gibbs, well. Will he realise the kind of danger his father is in? Starts pretty much after Season 7 finally. Some Tiva for the Tiva fans and more surprises are on the way.

-When Tomorrow Comes-

Chapter 1:

His right hand was covered in dirty bandages, which looks much more filthier with his blood caking over. Walking amongst the crowd in his usual swagger, blending in with the crowd. There was insanity in his eyes, DiNozzo has seen that look in Franks red shot eyes before. Franks has always had this look of some kind of insanity and the insanity is all bare to see, well to those who use their eyes. Following Vance's orders, never did Vance mention Franks. All had feared that Franks was good and gone, his right index finger was blown off by a bullet and yet Franks is yet to show the signs of slowing down to take a break.

Tony's heart was aching at the thought of missing Ziva's ceremony and Tony was actually forward to see Ziva being reclaimed as an American citizen, putting behind her Israeli upbringing all for the sake of what her father has done to her. she is one of the strongest people Tony has the joy of working alongside with.

The time to think about Ziva and his forbidden feelings for her, is not now. Not now when he is trying to follow Alejandro and to see what Franks has install for the elusive man, who has no idea that of what is coming in his way or even what may be shoved into his back.

Moving to and thro amongst the poor and the rich of Mexican citizens. Tony can feel unwanted eyes watching his every movement, knowing that it could be one of Alejandro's marksmen. There are eyes everywhere and known of them are all that friendly. No Gibbs, no Ziva and not even McGee to watch his back. Instead Tony may have to rely on Franks, with no right index to pull the trigger, to watch his six and Tony will return the favour for Gibbs' sake.

Gazing at the desk across from hers before her eyes swivel back to the one next to her own. Tears were threatening to sting her eyes, one tear actually did manage to escape and it slid down her cheek. She is upset, no make that extremely pissed that Tony and Gibbs weren't there when they had both promised to be there. That thought alone brought back another memory, one Ziva never wants to remember again. How can she even think to believe that this is far worse then the promise her father, Eli David, had made to see her dancing recital.

Well Gibbs has become her father figure now – now that her father had sent her on that suicide mission, finishing up the mission of which Rivkin had stared. More tears well up at the mention of Rivkin's name torturing her mind once more with its taunts, his name, his face and what he stood for will always haunt her.

She has to thank Tony for that.

"Ziva, what are you doing here?" Ziva doesn't jump at the sound of that voice, but she does lifts up her head to find Gibbs staring down at her.

"Why weren't you there?" Ziva wants answers, even if she could see a rare apologetic look in Gibbs' icy blue eyes. "It was bad enough that Tony wasn't there, but when I didn't see you there. It was much worse to think about you breaking your promise."

Gibbs could see Ziva was falling apart into tiny little pieces, too fragile to put back together. He was the cause of her pain. News of DiNozzo missing Ziva's ceremony was news to him and he swore to himself, that'll give DiNozzo the biggest and the meanest headslap ever.

"That doesn't explain why you are here and not celebrating with the others," Gibbs says in a fatherly tone of voice. "Ducky and Abby have already told me off for missing out on your ceremony, Ziva."

"At least Abby, Tim, Ducky and Jimmy were there to witness my ceremony and even Director Vance was there, but not the ones I care more about. You're like a father to me Gibbs and you have no idea of what I could possibly be feeling right now," Ziva begins to stand up as she begins to vent her anger upon Gibbs, only because he was there. "When my own father missed my first dancing recital. That was painful and it still is-"

"I'm not your father Ziva," Gibbs says to Ziva.

Ziva was about to say something when Gibbs' phone began to ring and Ziva hopes that the caller doesn't have anything to do with Tony. Ziva wasn't going to deny to herself any more about the special place, which Tony has planted himself.

Whatever Ziva was about to say to Gibbs was lost in the back of her mind, when his face begin to grow increasing stoic with suppressed anger and there was concern in his eyes.

Praying with all her might that it does not have something to with Tony, Ziva could never live with herself if something bad had happened to Tony. When she wasn't there to watch his six, as he has done to her.

"What is it?" Ziva dares to ask Gibbs, once he has snapped his phone shut in frustration.

"Paloma has my father. . . ."

Half of her wants to shout out for the whole world to know that Tony is not what the phone call was about, but the other half of her wants to shout in anger of someone even daring to lay a finger on Jackson Gibbs.

"What are we going to do?" Ziva dares to ask another question.

Gibbs doesn't answer straight away and Ziva hopes that Gibbs doesn't do anything to erratic to save his father from Paloma's evil clutches.

To be continued. . . . .

Well shall I continue?