Chapter 3:

There was activity brewing down below in the squad room. Vance watches as Gibbs and his team, well McGee and Ziva, pacing up and down doing their best to locate one of their own, as well as locating the location of the place where Reynosa could be holding Jackson Gibbs hostage. It is a terrible burden for them to do such a task. Finding one person is enough, but finding two of their loved ones is harder then anything else.

Vance is the only who knows of DiNozzo's real reason for being in Mexico, but then again McGee hasn't be able to track down the location of DiNozzo's whereabouts just yet.

Deciding whether or not if he should go down and tell Gibbs and his team about DiNozzo's whereabouts. Gibbs will become doubly pissed at the idea of not only about his own father being in danger, but also the fact that one of his most prized agents may be in grave danger also.

The dedication and the risks in involved doesn't force Gibbs and his team to back down, not when they know that there are lives to be saved. That is probably why Vance admires Gibbs and his team (more then he shows them at least). The team, which Vance is currently watching, is one of the most admirable team amongst the entire agency. They may be a thorn on his backside most of the time, but their trust is more then enough to see just how far any of them will go to save an innocent or to save one of their own from the clutches of evil men or women.

It had hurt Vance when he saw Ziva's usually stoic face crumble, when she had found out that Gibbs and DiNozzo weren't there at her ceremony. Vance did what he had deemed to be the right thing to do. It has taken Vance awhile to see the real deal behind Anthony DiNozzo's wisecracking attitude and the way his behaviour is adolescent most of the time, but underneath the fa├žade. There is actually someone crying out for genuine attention.

Vance was about to descend from the mezzanines steps to check up on his MCRT, when his mobile had began ringing and he fears the worst when he notices that the caller is DiNozzo. Looking down to find Agents Gibbs, McGee and David looking up at him. Possibly has something to do with DiNozzo calling him and not the ones, who are trying to reach him.

"Tony's making a call right now boss!" McGee yells out for Gibbs' attention.

"Who is he calling?" Ziva asks before Gibbs could get a word in.

"Well it's not the Ghostbusters. . ." McGee stops right there when Gibbs' piercing gaze was full on glaring at him. "Boss, he's calling Director Vance."

Almost on cue, all three of them had turned their heads to find Director Vance himself and he was talking to someone on his cell. He appears to be quite agitated. That didn't stop Gibbs from storming out of the bullpen to get some questionable answers from Vance's lips.

McGee and Ziva could both see that Gibbs is struggling to hold himself together. Learning of his father being held hostage by Paloma Reynosa and now he finds out that the one person Gibbs sees as a son is missing.

Just because Tony is missing doesn't mean that Ziva'll forgive him for not being there for her to see at the ceremony. Her heart pangs for him and for him alone, there is no one else Ziva'll trust to own her heart.

The way they flirt, their banter, and the way Ziva catches Tony watching her. It is like a flawless dance. She has always been attracted to Tony, even when he was with Jeanne or when she was with Michael. The attraction has never left Ziva alone, always haunting her dreams. Dreaming of Tony's flawless smiles, his dreamy eyes and that body of his.

"You mind telling me why DiNozzo is calling you, Leon?" Gibbs doesn't have time to play ring-a-round a rosy trying to locate both DiNozzo and his father.

"That wasn't Agent DiNozzo, Agent Gibbs," Vance turns his dark gaze on to Gibbs. "That was Rivera. Telling me that he now has DiNozzo under his wing."

"Anything else you'd like to tell me, Director?"

"To tell you that you have to make a choice," Vance pauses to continue Gibbs' reactions once he hears of what Vance has to say.

"Will you just spit it out Leon?" Gibbs is trying to calm down, but he'll calm down when his father is safe. "My father is being held hostage and now you are telling me that Rivera has DiNozzo-"

"You have to choose between DiNozzo or your father," Vance looks away briefly, only to observe McGee and David watching them both. "You must decide about who lives and who dies."

Gibbs was speechless. Two lives are not entrusted in to the palms of his hands, making a difficult choice such as this. Tony or his father, which one will he choose.

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