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Manual to DAN KUSO

Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of your very own DAN KUSO.

What have I bought?

You have bought:


1 red jacket

2 yellow T-shirts

I pair of red trousers

1 pair of Goggles

1 Pyrus Dragonoid

1 Pyrus Bakugan set

If you would like to upgrade to New Vestroia or Gundalian Invaders version- please visit our website: www. for many more cool items, more bakugan and other cool characters.

DAN KUSO is a loud and may sometimes be annoying brawler. Also his bedroom looks as if a hurricane struck it. He enjoys brawling 24/ 7. If you do not like noise and are not prepared to do extra cleaning then DAN KUSO is not for you. Instead we recommend a SHUN KAZAMI.

Basic Information

Name: DAN KUSO, (will respond to the name. Names such as: Danny is not recommended as that will only anger him. May respond to Daniel.)

Age: 12

Height: 1.59m

Weight: 46kg

Removal from Shipping container

A DAN KUSO will come out on his own. When he comes out he may ask you to brawl him. If you want to you can but if you don't want to then say 'no'. He will be disappointed so quickly add in that you'd rather not as he's the best brawler you know and he'd be pleased. Just don't lift his ego too much as he'd get extremely annoying. If you follow the instructions above, you would be able to have fun with your DAN.


Loud (default)




Reckless (default)

OOC (locked)

Love Struck (locked)

Your DAN KUSO is usually loud and reckless- thus you have to keep an eye on him for most of the day. Your DAN KUSO will go into hyper mode when taking vast amounts of sugar and/ or carbohydrates. He will go into drunk mode if given more than a glass of any sort of alcoholic drink. Depressed mode will occur when your DAN KUSO's Pyrus Dragonoid is taken away from him.

Love Struck mode is unlocked when your DAN meets any pretty girl but mainly a RUNO MISAKI unit. If you want your DAN to fall in love with you- you don't really stand a chance unless you're cute and what not. You might stand a better chance if you switch him to OOC mode. Also your DAN must only approach a RUNO when she is not on Overly Angry Mode as this will result in a badly injured DAN or a broken one all together.

OOC mode is unlocked when you press a button at the back of his neck. OOC mode is only recommended when your DAN is getting so annoying he's impossible to handle. In OOC mode your DAN will become more reserved and gentlemen like. He will do anything you say and might even fall in love with you.

Health Guides to maintain a happy DAN KUSO

Cleaning- Your DAN KUSO is perfectly capable of cleaning himself. If you offer to clean him or bath with him it will leave him feeling scarred and nauseated. Your DAN is also a fairly messy person so be prepared for extra cleaning. If you do not wish to do the extra chores- then switch to OOC mode and he'll clean his own room, he might even do some cleaning chores around the house but only if you ask nicely.

Food- DAN KUSO will eat basically anything but he enjoys junk food, hamburgers, chips and things like that. Though your DAN loves to eat fatty foods, it is not recommended that you feed him a lot of it. Vast amounts of junk food will affect your DAN's health and is not good for growing DAN KUSOs. Your DAN will need an intake of Fruits and Vegetables, Meat, Calcium Foods and Breads on a regular basis.

Sleeping- Your DAN KUSO will need an average of 8 hours sleep for him to function properly. You may also do- er- do the deed with your DAN if you wish though it is not recommended. It will take a great deal of coaxing for your DAN to agree to sleep with you even when he's in OOC or Love struck mode.

Frequently asked Questions

Q: My DAN has disappeared for around a week and he's still not returning. Should I be worried?

A: Your DAN is probably on a trip to Moscow in his friend, MARUCHO MARAKURA's personal aeroplane. He will return shortly.

Q: I caught my DAN talking to himself in the bath tub. Is my DAN going mad?

A: Your DAN is not mad- he is talking to his buddy, Drago. Yes, Drago is a talking Bakugan. If your DAN starts saying 'Oh, aren't you a widdy cute little Dragonoid!' or anything disturbing like that then we highly recommend that you return him to us for a refund as you have received a defect.

Q: Every time I try to turn my DAN into OOC mode he goes oddly depressed.

A: Unfortunately that is one of the big problems with our DAN KUSO units. OOC mode is to drain him a bit from his usually 'out there' mood. Though sometimes it will drain him completely of any happiness. For the time being, don't turn him onto OOC mode. Maybe wait a month- it is usually more affective after a long term of use.

Q: I tried to get by DAN to hook up with my friend's RUNO but they just started arguing about random things. How do I get them to go out with each other?

A: It's OK. DAN and RUNO often argue but after a period of time they'd start to like each other. Your DAN will then start to develop feelings for the RUNO and they'd go out on a date. It varies in time for each different DAN unit. Usually it takes a period from several weeks to 6 months. When he does start to develop feelings for the RUNO, make sure he looks his best on their date!

Q: My DAN and my SHUN units have just had an argument. I'm not sure what it's about but they won't talk to each other anymore! My SHUN has left the house and he won't listen to anything I say! What should I do for them to be friends again?

A: DAN and SHUN are best friends but even they have arguments. Don't worry your DAN's Drago will make him learn through his mistakes. It is also handy for you to have an ALICE GEHABICH around when they have a fight, she will act as an adult figure and teach SHUN to work with his friends. If you don't have an ALICE GEHABICH unit nearby then bad luck. Call the FBI or a talented tracking team as there is now a loose ninja in your neighbourhood. WARNING: SHUN KAZAMIs are not easy to track.

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Your Dan is not compatible with:


VEXOS units

Pairing your DAN of with these units will not only cause harm to your DAN, surrounding people but also to you. WARNING: We are not responsible to any damage that your DAN KUSO may cause.

Final Notes

If you follow all these necessary precautions then it is easier for you to enjoy your very own DAN KUSO. Note: If you are unhappy with the results there is a 3 month refund.