Title: Gotcha Stuck In My Elevator

Summary: When Naruto gets stuck in an elevator with his sexy boss, what's there to do? Well, Sasuke, of course. NaruSasu, PWP, one-shot. Graphic lemon.

Words: 3220

Warnings: This is a one-shot NaruSasu PWP (porn without plot / plot? what plot?) with borderline bondage, workplace relations, and general graphic gay sex.

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto, I'm just a fangirl, etc.

I wrote this in two days for a PWP-trade with a friend who doesn't even know what Naruto is (she's heard of it). She now owes me one PWP of our collaboration characters. I still felt like writing Naruto and Sasuke, though, so after a bit of ruminating I came up with this AU situation. Hope this'll tide you over until the next Two Face update.

Naruto peers groggily at his screen, the numbers blurring into each other. This is impossible, he thinks to himself. He meant to do more overtime, but it's nearing ten and it's not like he can work if he can't keep his figures straight. He rubs his eyes, tries one more time, then gives it up as a lost cause.

As he powers off his computer and gathers his things, soft footsteps call his attention. He turns to see Uchiha Sasuke, with his briefcase slung over his shoulder, coming down the hall.

"Oh, evening, Mr. Uchiha sir," he says, bowing his head respectfully to his boss.

Sasuke looks up and nods his head in return. "Naruto. I didn't expect anyone else to be here so late, especially on a beautiful summer's evening like tonight. Even the director's gone home."

Naruto nods. "I wouldn't normally be here right now, but I'm, er, a little behind on my…" But his words are lost as Sasuke passes him by, and his eyes trail on a different behind, disappointingly clothed in boring navy dress pants. Sasuke's suit goes well with his eyes, which aren't black as commonly assumed, but in fact a very dark blue themselves. Naruto remembers all too clearly the situation in which he found this out – unfortunately his boss had been angry at him, and had gotten right up close to threaten him, but Naruto could have sworn his heart skipped a beat when Sasuke's nose nearly touched his, and not out of fear.

"On your what?"

Naruto blinks, suppressing a flush as his eyes jump back up to Sasuke's face. Sasuke's eyes are half-hooded, not only from his usual stoicism but also due to fatigue – Naruto can see bags under those eyes, tributes to Sasuke's hardworking attitude (although to the point of workaholism, as some like to gossip). Glossy black hair sticks back, and though some of his coworkers (sniggering) liken it to the backside of a duck, Naruto thinks it's kinda cute. Certainly his female colleagues agree. Besides that, smart bangs frame an angular face, thin lips, pale skin. Naruto wonders what his own tanned skin might look like against Sasuke's.


"Sorry!" He jumps to his feet, slamming his briefcase shut. "Sorry. I must be really tired."

His boss nods. "You should get home soon and rest. It's another busy day tomorrow, and your report's due the day after."

Naruto follows Sasuke to the elevators, unable to stop staring at the navy-clad ass in front of him. He resists the urge to thrust his hands into those back pockets. One of these days, he swears, he's going to snap, dive, and miss the pockets and go right under the waistband and – does Sasuke wear boxers or briefs?

Does it matter? Naruto will never get a chance to rip them off anyway. Sasuke probably isn't even gay. He doesn't look or act very gay. Then again, neither does Naruto – he works out just enough to keep the fat off and let his abs show, and his messy blonde hair is short, his blue eyes bright, jaw strong, shoulders broad – but everyone knows his orientation. Maybe it'd discredit Sasuke's position if anyone found out he was gay, so he never told anyone. Come to think of it, Sasuke's much more slender than Naruto, graceful, almost (but not quite) effeminate. But – what if he has a partner already? Straight-lines Sasuke doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would have an affair, if he were already seeing someone. Then again, would straight-lines Sasuke be anything but, well, straight?

The small elevator arrives with a ding, loud in the silence. The doors slide open and Sasuke gestures. "After you."

"Thanks." Naruto enters, his eyes fixed on Sasuke's reflection in the wall mirror. Sasuke looks especially tired. He probably just doesn't want to show it in front of one of his subordinates. Maybe when he gets home, he'll flop in bed and conk out immediately – or maybe he has a lover to hold him while he sleeps, or to envelop him in affectionate passion…

As the doors close, Naruto sets his briefcase on top of the handlebar and leans back against it. Sasuke's eyes are closed, giving Naruto the chance to stare openly (but hopefully not get too engrossed and get caught looking). Sasuke really does look impeccable in that navy suit, a soft silk gold tie tucked neatly within. Naruto only wishes he didn't have to settle for admiring Sasuke with clothes on.

The elevator jerks to a sudden halt, startling both of them. Sasuke, who'd been relaxing, loses his balance; Naruto unthinkingly lunges forward to catch him, but fails. They both tumble to the ground, briefcases following after with resounding thuds.

"Ow," Naruto groans, slowly getting up. "What the hell?"

The hum of the elevator winds down to nothing – along with the lights – before an emergency lamp begins to glow above them.

Sasuke, who has also sat up, takes a deep breath as though to calm himself, then pulls out his Blackberry.

"Hello…? Yes, a colleague and I are trapped in an elevator that seems to have shut down… Oh…? Oh, I see. Yes. Well, would you be able to send some people to rescue us…? Is that so… Well, I don't think we're in any immediate danger… Yes. Alright. Thank you." He hangs up and turns to Naruto. "A large fire has shut down the power in a huge area of the city. Most of the emergency force are tending to the fire and more urgent rescues; we might be here for a couple of hours at most."

Naruto considers this. On one hand, being stuck for a couple of hours alone with his sexy boss could work out very well – if his boss were interested in him. Seeing as how he doesn't seem to be, it could be intensely frustrating instead. The low light now illuminating the elevator dusts Sasuke's face with a warm glow.

"So," he says, "what should we do, Mr. Uchiha sir?"

Sasuke sighs. "I think in a situation like this, it's okay for you to just call me Sasuke. It's not going to get much more comfortable in here."

"O-okay… Sasuke." Naruto does is best not to stumble over the name. He's never said it on its own – it seems so… intimate. He stands up and dusts himself off, then holds out a hand to help Sasuke. Sasuke takes it, but is lighter than Naruto expected; Naruto's tug pulls Sasuke off balance and he tumbles into the blonde. Naruto, out of reflex, catches Sasuke with his arms around his slender waist and his face right up close to the nape of Sasuke's neck.

Naruto coughs, slightly winded, but mostly he's taking this as an excuse to breathe in Sasuke's scent, the cool, fresh smell of his hair, and to absorb his body heat and feel his soft skin.

"Uh… Naruto?"

Naruto freezes, because the tone of Sasuke's voice isn't just concern for his well-being: there's also a hint of discomfort in there, and with it the blonde realizes he's been nuzzling into the nape of Sasuke's neck – and that blood is collecting in his lower regions. But he can't convince himself to move away; the feeling of Sasuke's soft, soft skin against his lips is so nice, and Sasuke's scent is filling him with desire and he can't help himself, he just can't – he pushes his tongue forward and presses it against Sasuke's pulse and sucks gently.

"N-Naruto—!" Sasuke exclaims, but his voice is breathier than it would have been if he were entirely repulsed. "What are you doinnh…"

"Sorry," Naruto mutters against Sasuke's skin, although he doesn't mean it. He licks a stripe up Sasuke's neck, then nibbles at his jaw. Sasuke weakly struggles, tries to push Naruto off, but Naruto is stronger and also more determined. Right now he's revelling in Sasuke's slender but defined angles, the curve of his back, the feel of his hands even as he makes another feeble attempt to untangle himself. And at the same time he's learning about Sasuke as well, searching for what makes him feel good – and he finds it with a triumphant smirk: Sasuke gasps when Naruto's teeth gently tug at the top of his ear.

"Naruto," says Sasuke more loudly, but with less resistance now. "I'm not sure if this is—"

"Shh." A nip at the pulse silences Sasuke. "We've got a couple of hours, right?"


"I promise it'll feel good."

"That's not the point!" he hisses, even as he tips his head back to allow Naruto better access to suck on his Adam's apple. "Besides, I'm still – mmh – I'm still your boss. Even if this were appropriate, it's the wrong way around…"

Naruto laughs. Sasuke may as well have admitted he wants this. "Don't delude yourself, Sasuke," he says in a low voice. He takes a hold of Sasuke's hands, which have been gripping Naruto's back in a very telling way, and pries them off. Once they're separated, Naruto grabs Sasuke's shoulder and pushes him forcefully against the back wall of the elevator. Sasuke grunts, annoyed but unhurt.

"This is technically assault, you know," he breathes as Naruto grinds his erection against the ass he's been watching since the day he was hired. Sasuke's fingers lock around the handlebar.

Naruto just smirks against Sasuke's neck. "Can't rape the willing, Sasuke." A grab to the crotch confirms the validity of this statement, for Sasuke's body is already responding to Naruto. Sasuke gasps, his hips rolling forward into Naruto's touch despite himself. "I don't see you struggling much either."

"I would be, if you weren't so – nngh – shit…" Sasuke turns his face away, squeezing his eyes shut, as Naruto's fingers deftly pop the button of his pants and skim the coarse hair that leads downwards. His authoritative attitude, which he's usually so good at maintaining, has dissipated like so much dust in the wind. For one thing, he's never sworn in front of any of his co-workers, but as Naruto's attentions continue, his tongue behind Sasuke's ear, his hand at Sasuke's shirt buttons, his hips grinding, Sasuke finds his more social vernacular slipping out. "W-what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I blame you," Naruto replies, pulling the shirt and jacket off of Sasuke in one go. He keeps the tie slung around Sasuke's neck and tosses the rest into the corner. Sasuke's body is deliciously lean under him, his waist defined, his back smooth. Naruto's chest slides against the expanse of skin, and he bows his head to kiss a spot between raised shoulder blades. "How am I supposed to work under such a sexy ass day in and day out without ever getting said ass under me?"

"I'm flattered, but workplace relations are frowned upon—ahh!" Sasuke lets slip a wanton moan as a palm brushes his nipple.

"What happens in the elevator can stay in the elevator," Naruto reassures him. His other hand is busy getting rid of his own dress shirt and pants, but his mouth continues to find its way to Sasuke's most sensitive areas. With Sasuke distracted, Naruto wraps one tie around each of his boss's wrists and the elevator's handlebar, knotting them tight. Sasuke tests the bonds for him.

"Hope you don't mind," Naruto smirks. "It's easier this way."

With Sasuke unable to escape, Naruto pulls back a little. Sasuke steps back, giving himself more room. Though his back is to Naruto, the blonde can see his face reflected in the mirror, flushed, his hair a mess, his lips slightly parted and so, so inviting. Naruto helps Sasuke out of his pants (it turns out Sasuke wears briefs – at least he does momentarily, before Naruto tugs those down too) and Sasuke, in a surprising act of obedience, lifts his feet out of the garments and allows Naruto to remove his shoes. Sasuke's member stands at attention, swollen and red.

"Not bad," Naruto says in amusement, eyeing the erection and its mirror image. "I was doubtful, since your hands are pretty small. You know what they say about small hands, right, Sasuke?"

"I'm flattered," says Sasuke once more, his words dripping cynicism. "Are you doing this just to look at me or what?"

"Not only willing, but impatient too." Naruto grins. Despite his seriousness in the workplace, Sasuke is actually a lot of fun. Naruto's groin is aching, though, so he quickly strips out of his boxers (revealing his own impressive length) and steps up to Sasuke once more, skin on skin. He leans over Sasuke's body and slides his fingers (his hands are fairly big) against thin lips.


Sasuke shudders and lets Naruto's fingers into his mouth, nipping at the fingertips in brief defiance before swirling his tongue around the digits, between them, coating them.

"Mm," Naruto hums, and removes his fingers. "Have you done this before, Sasuke? You seem to know the ropes."

"None of your business," Sasuke snaps. He pays for this with a swift first finger up his ass. "Fuck – bastard."

Naruto's free hand urges Sasuke to turn his head for a kiss. Sasuke's tongue slides against Naruto's in the same way it did with his fingers. He groans into Naruto's mouth as a second finger joins the first. They begin to wiggle intently; he wills his muscles to relax. He moans as his nerves respond to the stretching, shooting tingling hormones into his bloodstream, sending jolts of desire into his groin. His shaft twitches with pleasure, which doesn't escape Naruto's notice.

"No discomfort, even? Slut," Naruto smirks, pulling his fingers back before thrusting three in. Sasuke's back arches beautifully as his prostate is struck with force. "Are you used to bottoming?"

"For your information, you're taking my virginity with brutality," Sasuke says through gritted teeth.

Naruto's movements become softer, as does his voice as he asks, "You finger yourself, then?"

"All the time." Sasuke's voice is full of sarcasm, but only because the conversation is such a strange one to be having: his statement is not a lie (not completely, anyway; he might be exaggerating the frequency).

"Well, ever topped someone? A guy can lose his virginity twice." Naruto chuckles.

"I'm thirty, Naruto. It'd be nothing short of pathetic if I hadn't." His tone isn't defensive enough to mean no.

"Guy or girl?"

"Why are you so interested in my sex life?"

"Just wondering who's had you before me." Naruto pulls out his fingers and almost immediately replaces them with his cock. Sasuke cries out in rapture, throwing his head back, and Naruto nearly cums right then.

"For your information, I'm straight," Sasuke pants, glaring over his shoulder at a smiling Naruto, who's buried balls-deep within him.

"Straight?" Naruto lets out a bark of laughter. "Look at yourself, Sasuke."

Sasuke allows his face to be turned to the mirror. His cheeks are flushed dark in his desire, his eyes nearly black with lust; his lips are moist with saliva, swollen from Naruto's abuse; his hair sticks to his face with perspiration; numerous hickeys adorn his neck. Although Sasuke feels sort of humiliated tied up in an elevator with a cock up his ass and panting and desperate, the look of his own dishevelled figure, and of Naruto draped over him, wanting him, feeling him, kissing him – it's all going to his head (the lower one) and he aches with need.

"Bi-curious, then. Fuck me already."

Naruto chuckles, low and sultry. "Gladly."

Sasuke keeps his eyes fixed on their reflections as Naruto falls into a steady pace. Though he tries not to give in to the sensations, he can't help rocking back into Naruto, spurred on by the blonde's moaning, his lust-darkened sapphire blue eyes, his tanned cheek next to Sasuke's own pale face. Naruto buries his face in Sasuke's neck and thrusts into Sasuke's sweet spot. As Sasuke's entrance tightens convulsively around his shaft, Naruto's teeth clamp down on a spot towards the back of Sasuke's nape, jolting him with pleasure. He bites the inside of his cheek to keep quiet, blocking all but the tiniest grunt.

"Don't restrain it," pants Naruto, licking his bite marks. "Let out your voice, Sasuke."

"In your dreams," Sasuke growls; his final S becomes a drawn-out hiss, however, as Naruto presses particularly hard against his prostate. Sasuke's breath comes short as Naruto stops his movements, applying pressure to that one spot. He tenses harshly, back arching again, thrashing against his bonds, as he's assaulted with sensation. "Fuck – haah—"

"Come on, Sasuke – nnh – scream for me, baby."

Sasuke bites his lip hard, but Naruto kisses him and frees it before he can break through the skin. He rolls his hips, grinding hard against Sasuke's prostate. Sasuke breaks from the kiss and, as Naruto grabs his erection, a shout tears itself from his throat, joining Naruto's own moans. The blonde's voice is thick with pleasure, and with one last, strong thrust he empties himself inside Sasuke, thrusting through his climax. He jerks Sasuke's cock swiftly to the side, and that's all it takes to shove Sasuke over the edge, moaning as his body racks with pleasure, as Naruto milks him, as his seed shoots against the mirror and his muscles squeeze around Naruto and nearly make him cum again.

"Shit," Naruto pants, leaning against the mirror and trying to catch his breath.

"You shouldn't be talking," mutters Sasuke. "Can you untie me?"

Naruto wearily pulls at one of the knots, loosening it enough for Sasuke to pull his hand out. Then he collapses on the floor of the elevator, leaving a scowling Sasuke to release his other hand himself. When Sasuke is free, he too sits down, chest heaving.

Naruto slides over a little to lean his head on Sasuke's shoulder. "So, boss. What do you think, for a first time?"

"I'm not interested in how many other asses you've stuck your dick into," he says curtly.

"That's not what I asked."

Sasuke sighs and looks into Naruto's face. He allows a smile. "It was good."

"That's it? Just 'good'? I'm insulted. And I think you're lying." Naruto directs Sasuke with his gaze to the liquid sliding down the mirror. "Do you always cum that much, or—"

Sasuke silences him with a jab between the ribs. As Naruto twists and clutches his side, Sasuke says, "You're really good at fucking. There, happy?"

Naruto lies down with his head in Sasuke's lap and smiles softly. He kisses Sasuke's member, now returned to its flaccid state. "Hey, Sasuke?"


"Can I take you on a date this weekend?"

"I thought you said what happens in the elevator stays in the elevator. Workplace relations are frowned upon, remember."

"I said it can, and anyway, no one has to know."

"Friday after work."

Naruto smiles. Then the elevator jerks, the lights come back on, and they begin to move downwards.

"Power's back," he notes, a bit dumbly.

Just then Sasuke's Blackberry rings. He picks it up, talks a bit, and informs Naruto that rescuers are waiting on the first floor for them.

"That's nice." Naruto yawns and slumps into a more comfortable position. "Now I'm really exhausted."



"We've got about a minute to dress and clean the mirror before we get to the bottom."


Couple of things I wish were better, but overall it was fun. Despite the fact that, with all the PWPs I'm writing (I wrote a Takeshi x Naruto Two Face AU PWP for my other friend not too long ago), I'm using up any unique wordings and situations that could happen in smut scenes, I think they're kind of helping me figure out how to make a lemon more interesting. They're also letting me write different sides of Naruto and Sasuke, which is nice because I'm so used to them in Two Face, but they're more like OCs in that one… Well, you win some, you lose some.

Hope you enjoyed! If someone comes up with a fun situation for a PWP sequel (SasuNaru this time), I'll write it. Send me your suggestions!


P.S. If anyone can guess where I got the title from, I'll draw them a quick SasuNaru/NaruSasu sketch. Review or PM me your guess.