So, after trying and failing twice to come up with a PWP premise that didn't involve a setting too complicated to be established quickly, I decided "screw it" and wrote a sequel to Gotcha Stuck In My Elevator. It's not quite as "fun" as the first, I guess you could say. Kind of plain actually. But I write what I write, and far be it for me to withhold it if it isn't plain awful. xD


Naruto nearly jumps out of his chair. He quickly closes his browser window and whips around. "Sa—Mr. Uchiha sir! H-hi."

Sasuke raises an eyebrow, but doesn't comment on Naruto's behaviour. "Are you ready to go?"

Naruto blinks, then glances at his computer screen, checking the time. One minute after five. On his calendar at five, all it says is "WEEKEND!" in bright orange. It's not that he's forgotten exactly what "WEEKEND!" stands for, but he'd gotten bored of working on a Friday afternoon and he'd been playing Tetris instead.

"Yeah," he says quickly. "Just give me a second."

Naruto shuts down his computer and packs his briefcase. He can hear his colleagues whispering, snickering like children – Why's the boss here? What has Naruto done now? Naruto's in trouble!

"Alright," says Naruto, standing. "I'm good to go."

Sasuke just nods and proceeds to walk. Naruto follows him, shooting a triumphant smirk at all the gossipers. They stare back questioningly, but he just winks and turns back around.

They say hi to a couple of Naruto's colleagues already waiting at the elevator, and Naruto makes small talk with Sakura. He's hardly been able to keep his fat mouth shut since the night the elevator broke down – Sasuke was adamant that no one know about their little activity in there, and it was all Naruto could do not to boast to his female co-workers about how sexy Sasuke's ass really is, especially after he handed in his report this morning and Sasuke grabbed him by the tie for a heated kiss. Sakura especially tends to gush over their hot boss, and now chatting with her is harder than ever because Naruto's just dying to burst with his success. Thankfully, with Sasuke there in the elevator with them, gossiping isn't possible, but all the same Naruto's extremely grateful when the elevator reaches the ground floor, where Sakura gets off. He bids her a good weekend and watches the doors close behind her, then they continue down to the underground parking.

Sasuke leads Naruto (who usually takes the bus) to his car, a sleek black convertible that looks like it costs more than Naruto's yearly salary. Naruto's almost too busy gawking at the thing to get into the passenger seat.

"Well, come on then," says Sasuke, watching him from the driver's seat. Naruto quickly snaps out of it and jumps into the car.

"Fancy much?" he mutters, as Sasuke starts up the engine. They buckle themselves in, then Sasuke drives them out of the parking lot.

"It was my brother's," Sasuke replies. "Personally I think it's a bit excessive, but it's better than having to buy my own car."

"Oh yes, because it sucks so much to have to settle for such a hunk of crap," Naruto mutters, rolling his eyes.

"I'm just saying, if I had enough money to buy a car like this, I would have bought something cheaper and saved the rest."

"I guess so." Naruto leans back. "So where are we going?"

"Well, we should get something to eat," says Sasuke, "but besides that I haven't got anything planned. What kind of food do you like?"

"Ramen!" Naruto replies immediately, grinning.

Sasuke raises an eyebrow at him. "Ramen?"

"Yep. Whoever invented instant ramen was a genius."

"When I said we should get something to eat, I didn't mean at a fast food joint."

Naruto pouts. "Well if you're gonna be like that, don't ask."

Sasuke has to smile at Naruto's childish expression. He leans over and pecks Naruto on the cheek, making the blonde's cheeks go pink.

"How about French, then?" Sasuke suggests.

"I've never had proper French food," says Naruto. "Isn't it really fancy?"

"It can be." Sasuke just smiles to himself and drives on.

"The Royale?"

Naruto stares up at the towering castle hotel in front of them, lost for words. Sasuke gets out of the car, but Naruto's still frozen in utter shock, so Sasuke goes around and opens the door for him, bowing.

"You're not serious," Naruto says. "You of all people should know my salary. I can't afford to eat at the Royale."

"Who said you were paying?" Sasuke replies with a smile. He ignores Naruto's stunned expression and holds his hand out. "Well, milady?"

"Don't be a dick," Naruto says, but he's chuckling. He takes Sasuke's hand and steps out of the car.

Naruto's never even been in the parking lot of L'Hotel Royale, let alone gone inside. It's reserved for the highest, richest members of society, and Naruto certainly isn't one of them. He never thought Sasuke was one either, but now, as Sasuke confirms his reservation with the hotel's reception, he's starting to wonder just how much his boss gets paid.

"Sasuke," he says quietly as they're led to the elevator, "I know it's not really my place to ask, but how can you afford to eat at the Royale?"

Sasuke glances at Naruto with a measured look. Naruto's surprised – if he thought his boss acted formal in the workplace, looking at him now makes that seem like a day off at the beach. Sasuke just says simply, "Uchiha is an old name."

Naruto is dying to ask more questions, but they've reached their floor and their escort is leading them out. The top floor of the Royal is entirely dedicated to the restaurant. It's circular and turns slowly, offering diners a moving view of the city from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Naruto's always wanted to eat here, the same way everyone distantly dreams of winning the lottery. It's not until they've taken their seats by the window and Naruto's finally begun to adjust to his surroundings that he remembers who he's sitting with.

"I feel underdressed," Naruto murmurs to Sasuke, glancing around. There aren't many people here this early into the evening, but everyone is in their finest wear. Naruto's lucky he decided to wear his smart jacket today, but he still feels like he's at a ball in his pyjamas.

"Don't worry about it," says Sasuke, in his own impeccable three-piece suit. "You look great."

Naruto can't help smiling at this. He hasn't been on a properly romantic date in ages, and although he'll readily admit his attraction to Sasuke is physical first, there's something about seeing Sasuke's more gentle side that really gets to him. Because honestly, who wouldn't feel flattered if someone surprised them with dinner at the Royale?

"What do you want to drink?" Sasuke asks, passing him a menu. A whole, separate, extensive menu for all the drinks – an endless list of wines (red, white, and rosé); a few pages for beer, spirits, and cocktails; and a single page for non-alcoholic drinks like juice and tea.

"I've never heard of half of these," Naruto replies, baffled. "Why don't you pick something?"

Sasuke smiles. "Do you want me to choose your meal too?" he asks, but holds out the menu anyway.

"I can do that much," Naruto says. Then he looks at the menu. "Wow."

"Need help?" Sasuke smirks.

"No," snaps Naruto. "I'm fine. It's just – look at the prices on these! I could eat for a week with that much money."

Sasuke laughs at this. "So could I. But we're allowing ourselves to indulge in a little fine dining tonight. Don't worry about the price."

"'Don't worry about the price,' he says," mutters Naruto. "Better to tell me not to worry that I've lost an arm."

"I told you, dinner's on me. Have you ever tried foie gras?"

"Isn't that when they stuff a tube down a goose's throat and pump it with food until it dies, then they feed you its liver? No thanks," Naruto said, trying not to pull a face. "The salmon terrine sounds pretty good though."

Sasuke nods. "I think I'll have the escargots."

"Bless you."

"It means snails, idiot."

Naruto frowns. "Then why not just say snails?"

"Because not all snails are edible."

"Not all mushrooms are edible, and you don't go around calling them all…" He scrunches up his nose. "Whatever mushrooms are in French."

"Champignons." Sasuke shrugs. "Are you ready to order?"

When the waiter's taken their orders and left, Sasuke leans back, stretching his legs out under the table. His foot bumps Naruto's and he looks up to apologize, but Naruto just looks him in the eye and nudges his foot back. Sasuke smiles.

"So, Naruto, how's your week been?"

"Good, I guess?" Naruto says, a little distracted because now he's playing footsies with Sasuke under the tablecloth. "I mean, after the elevator incident it's been pretty uneventful." He allows himself a small smile at the memory. He doesn't know what Sasuke's got planned for tonight, but if Naruto has any say in it he'll be getting another piece of that ass.

Sasuke nods, sharing Naruto's satisfied expression. "Ah, well, it's hard to top something like that."

"Considering how much you protested at the beginning, I'm surprised you liked it that much." Naruto can't help a triumphant quirk of his eyebrow.

"You're never going to let me live that down, are you?" Sasuke sighs. "Can't you just accept that I ended up enjoying it and let me be?"

"Course not! You're my boss. It's the only advantage I've got against you. Speaking of which…" Naruto glances out the window. He thinks he can see his apartment from here. Sasuke's foot nudges his pointedly, but he doesn't rise to the challenge. "Sasuke, is this… okay?"

"Is what okay?"

"This. Dating." Naruto glances back at Sasuke, but his boss is looking out the window too now. He kicks Sasuke's foot, and Sasuke turns back.

"You were the one who asked me out in the first place," Sasuke says.

"I'm fine with it. I'm asking if you are."

Naruto's not sure, but he thinks he spots a flash of uncertainty in Sasuke's eyes. But it's gone a second later, and Sasuke's still as casual as ever as he says, "It's fine."

They give up their footsies game when the wine arrives. Naruto watches as the waiter pours a small amount into a wine glass and offers it to Sasuke, who swirls it around, breathes in its aroma, and takes a small sip. He nods to the waiter, who then fills Sasuke's glass and pours one for Naruto as well, then sets the bottle on their table and leaves. Sasuke raises his glass.

"A toast?" he suggests.

"To what?"

"The weekend. The world. Happiness. I don't know."

"Does it matter?" Naruto clinks his glass against Sasuke's and smiles. "To us."

Sasuke nods, and kicks Naruto's foot. "Fair enough."

The wine is amazing, as is the food. Naruto almost can't handle such a refined taste. Maybe that's why people always take such small bites when eating fancy food. He and Sasuke make small talk, but he notices that Sasuke tends to steer them away from talk of the workplace – acceptable, considering that's not what they're here for – and of the two of them together – a little odder, and somewhat disquieting. They find out a lot about each other, though: Sasuke was born into a high-class family but didn't like having to live up to his brother, so he removed himself to the top of the middle class, which he finds much more comfortable and relaxed; Naruto's parents both died days after his birth and so he was taken into a foster home, and has lived a pretty average life. And by average, he means that he's never stood a chance at being able to eat at the Royale.

"So basically you're living with all the benefits of being upper class without taking any of the responsibilities," says Naruto, as they look over the dessert menu. He's so full he's not sure he can cope with dessert, but no way in hell is he about to pass it up when dinner at the Royale's on someone else. "Is that even allowed?"

"Well, my father was a little annoyed," says Sasuke lightly, "but in this day and age it seems independence is a right. It's not like I have strong connections with other nobles; that's the main thing when it comes to power, really. It's just that when they hear the name Uchiha, they connect me with the old family. They don't know me personally. They know my name."

"But where do you get the money?" Naruto asks, astounded.

"My brother." Sasuke shrugs. "As long as I'm making enough money to support myself, he lets me use whatever he's made as well. He's inherited the family name anyway, being the older one. But he likes to dote on me, in his own way." He smiles to himself. "If he'll let me take advantage of him, I won't complain."

"That's… kind of odd," says Naruto.

"Don't complain. It's what got us in here."

"Touché. I'm getting the chocolate mousse."

The bill comes up to something like Naruto's monthly grocery budget, but he does his best not to gawk and instead just lets Sasuke pay it – plus a significant tip – and lead them back out again. Still, he can't help thinking about how long he'd be able to feed himself with how much it cost for that one meal, and how there were plenty of people in the world less fortunate than him who could do with an ear of bread, let alone world-class cuisine.

"Naruto? You're being uncharacteristically quiet."

Naruto tears his gaze away from out the window of the car. "Just thinking about how many bowls of instant ramen that meal could have bought me."

"One meal at the Royale in your lifetime won't kill you," says Sasuke. "Anywhere in particular you want to go?"

Naruto frees his mind of his moral dilemma. "No, unless you like the idea of pretending we're teenagers and making out in the cinema," he smirks.

"We don't need the cinema for that." Sasuke's own smirk is about three times more evil than Naruto's. "I know just the place."

"And this is entertaining… how?"

Sasuke parks the car and turns it off. They've driven for nearly half an hour and are now quite a ways out of the city, and the little black convertible is sitting in the middle of nowhere in a field so large the far-distant street lights can't illuminate their surroundings. Naruto can't see anything but the little red blinking security light near the front of the dashboard. He hears the click of a seat belt being released, and follows suit.

"Sasuke," he says into the blackness, "what are we doing here?"

Nothing but a soft rustle answers him.

"Sasuke?" he repeats. "You're still there, right?" Naruto didn't hear the door open or close. He feels along the front of the car until his fingers reach the ignition, but there's no key there. He swings his hand out to the seat where Sasuke should be—

Cold fingers grip his hand tightly. He breath catches, but anything else he was going to say is muffled by blazing lips against his own. There's a moment of shock before he relaxes into the kiss, his free hand moving up to Sasuke's face. His finger ends up in an ear instead.

"Hey – watch it," Sasuke mutters, flinching away.

"Well it's not my fault I can't see anything," Naruto grumbles. "What are we doing here?"

"Having sex." Another cold hand touches his pulse, raising hairs at the back of his neck. Naruto allows Sasuke to pull his tie loose and undo the buttons on his jacket, then his shirt. He shivers violently as his chest is exposed to the cold air.

"Sasuke, it's nearly winter," Naruto hisses, sitting up to let Sasuke remove his upper garments. "And it's been dark long enough that it's getting really cold. I've already got goosebumps everywhere—eep!"

If Naruto thought he had goosebumps before, he was sorely mistaken. Shudders run through his body as Sasuke's tongue flicks at a raised nipple. Sasuke's hands are both roaming now, exploring Naruto's body like they were unable to in the elevator. Naruto slides his hand up Sasuke's arm – somehow unclothed – and along to his bare back, that smooth expanse of pale skin he wished he could see. But his eyes are adjusting to the low light, and now he can make out basic shapes – Sasuke's head close to his chest; the silhouette of Sasuke's slim torso reaching across the middle of the car. Sasuke climbs over the stick shift and straddles Naruto's lap.

"Move your chair back," Sasuke says. "There's no backseat, so this'll have to do."

"What, you want to get it on – here? In the car?"

"Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?"

But Naruto's already grinning. "Not at all." He grabs the back of Sasuke's head and pulls him into an open-mouthed kiss. Sasuke reaches down and pushes the chair back to give them more leg room, then pulls the handle to tilt the back of the chair. Naruto cries out in surprise, but they land just short of horizontal and then Sasuke's leaning down again, attacking Naruto's pulse.

"I hope you realize," Sasuke murmurs against Naruto's neck as Naruto's hands slide down Sasuke's sides, "that there's no way I'm letting you top this time."

Naruto smirks at the challenge. "You think so?" His hands are already fumbling with the buckle on Sasuke's belt, and little puffs of condensation appear in front of his mouth in the chill air now, Sasuke's equally hot breath ghosting against his skin.

"I know so." Sasuke breaches Naruto's belt first and tugs on his waistband, and Naruto lifts his hips to allow Sasuke to pull his pants down. Sasuke's still working on it when a strong hand cups his groin, and he gasps, rolling his hips into the touch before he can stop himself. Naruto kicks off his clothes himself, simultaneously plunging into Sasuke's boxers and pulling out his member. He tugs it gently, forcing a hiss through Sasuke's teeth. They both pause for a moment, watching each other's eyes, as Naruto strokes Sasuke, feeling the member in his hand slowly grow hard and hot.

"For someone who wants to top, you're quite complacent," Naruto says with a sly smile. This snaps Sasuke back into action, glancing down at where Naruto's own untouched member is already beginning to stand at attention. Naruto notices Sasuke's line of sight. "Oh, so you noticed? Submissive types turn me on," he whispers.

Sasuke scowls. "Tough." He reaches sideways and opens the compartment between the two seats, and after a moment's fumbling he pulls out a tube. He pops open the cap and squeezes some liquid onto his fingers, then reaches down and wraps his hand around Naruto's cock.

Naruto gasps as cold gel makes contact with his heated erection. His hand falters on Sasuke's shaft as he tilts his head back and surrenders to the sensation of Sasuke jacking him off wet. Sasuke smiles to himself and simply watches Naruto's blissful expression as Naruto temporarily forgets all else and bucks into his touch. Sasuke takes the opportunity to lean forward and latch onto Naruto's pulse again. The moan Naruto utters sends a shiver of delight down Sasuke's spine.

Sasuke doesn't linger, though – before Naruto returns to himself, Sasuke quickly slicks his other hand, wrenches Naruto's legs apart, and mercilessly plunges one finger into his ass. Naruto flinches and cries out, but Sasuke's quick to subdue him with a kiss, stroking his inner walls at the same time, and it's a while before Naruto can work up the irritation to overthrow his pleasure and break from Sasuke.

"Who said you could—" Naruto begins, but his whole body goes rigid as Sasuke rubs one particular spot within him. Naruto grits his teeth and throws his head back. "Fuck."

"I don't see why you care so much," Sasuke says, smirking in triumph as Naruto's hands tellingly pull him closer. Sasuke nuzzles into the nape of Naruto's neck and purrs, "Doesn't it feel good?"

"Shit – yes," Naruto gasps. "But—"

"But what? You fucked me last time, so it's my turn. Anyway, I'm your boss." Sasuke adds a finger and begins to stretch Naruto, who squirms and squeezes his eyes shut, but his legs twitch apart and his hips roll against Sasuke's probe, and Sasuke knows he's won. He nibbles on Naruto's jaw; Naruto tips his head sideways to grant him further access.

By now it's dead cold outside and the temperature bites at their exposed skin, but they're fighting it easily as their body heat mounts, breath coming short and loud and the windows fogging up. The air inside the car is thick with their mingling scent.

"You done yet?" Naruto grunts, impatient. He grabs the back of Sasuke's head to pull him into another kiss, shoving his tongue into Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke removes his fingers, slicks his own member, and presses the head against Naruto's entrance. Naruto closes his eyes and breathes deeply as Sasuke slowly pushes in.

"I don't know why… you're so against… bottoming," Sasuke murmurs between breaths. "You've done it… before, haven't you?"

"Yeah, but – fuck," Naruto swears as Sasuke suddenly jerks forward. "I've done it before, but I just… haah… would rather fuck you."

"You're just a pussy," Sasuke whispers. He grabs Naruto's leg under the knee and hoists it up, hooking it over his shoulder. Then he takes a deep breath and thrusts in to the hilt.

If Naruto were against a hard surface, he would have cracked his head as he threw it back. As it is, the car seat provides cushioning for his head, and he presses into it as Sasuke drives into him again and again, relentless, revelling in Naruto's almost unbearable tightness and his intense heat in the chill night. He drops his head to bury it in Naruto's neck once more, teeth clenching as he pounds into the moaning blonde underneath him.

"Fuck – harder," Naruto gasps, nails digging into Sasuke's hips. "Unnh – don't stop, right there—"

"You're really – nngh – demanding, for a bottom," Sasuke grunts. "Haah… Shit, you're tight…"

Sasuke's arms give out and he collapses onto his elbows, cheek pressed to Naruto's scars, hips rolling and stomach rubbing against Naruto's cock. Naruto groans and grinds into the friction, into Sasuke, revelling in the stretching sensation of being filled with that hot hardness. The way Sasuke moves his hips causes him to strike Naruto's prostate at every thrust, making Naruto clench in reaction, and they can no longer restrain their voices nor the mounting heat as Sasuke thrusts one last time and comes, pushing right against Naruto's sweet spot, grunting ferally into Naruto's ear. Naruto's vision fills with white spots as Sasuke's stomach presses hard against Naruto's erection and his entire body tightens and tenses before the heat explodes, shooting out of him in thick white strands of liquid.

For a moment nothing is heard but laboured breathing as they both come down from their highs. Then Sasuke slips Naruto's leg off his shoulder, pulls out of him, and makes to sit up, but before he can, Naruto pulls him back in again.

"Mmph – Naruto, we need to clean up."

"Inaminute." Naruto heaves a deep, satisfied sigh. "Don't be in such a hurry to let the moment go."

"What moment?" Sasuke murmurs, but he's starting to feel it – the warmth of Naruto's hand in the small of his back, the feel of Naruto's body under his, the sound of Naruto's breathing close to his ear. He feels his body relax a little, moulding better against Naruto's. They stay like that for another minute or so, until the chill of night begins to nip at their skin once more.

"Naruto," Sasuke whispers, "it's cold."

"A bit," he replies.

"Yeah, well, you're sandwiched between me and the seat. I'm gonna be freezing soon." Sasuke pulls himself away from Naruto to sit back in the driver's seat, although his legs still hang over the middle of the car. He turns on the car and blasts the heat, switching on the roof light to give them something to see by. Then he opens the glove compartment and pulls out some tissues. Once they're moderately clean, he tosses the tissues in the bin at Naruto's feet, makes a mental note to empty said bin as soon as he gets home, and grabs his clothes, which by now have lost whatever body warmth they retained from when he was still wearing them. Then he buckles up, shifts the car into gear, and glances over at Naruto, who's just buttoning up his jacket. Despite the cold outside, Sasuke has to open some of the windows to air out the musty car after their little activity. Once they've got some fresh air in and the windows are more or less clear of fog, he shuts them again and drives them out of the field.

"Shall I drive you home, then?" Sasuke asks as they return to the main roads.

Naruto frowns. He glances out the passenger window, leaning against the door. "That's a bit… lonely, isn't it?" he says quietly.


"Well… I can't say I wasn't expecting the sex, but I thought it was going to be in someone's house, not in a car in the middle of nowhere. I… I guess I just… wanted to sleep with you. And not just this way." He turns to look at Sasuke. "Is that weird?"

Sasuke is surprised by Naruto's admission, but he smiles. "No, it's not. Come home with me, then?"

Naruto smiles too. "I'd like that."

So yeah. Overall not as funny, silly, or PWP-y as the first one. It seems like my brain thinks I want to set up for a longer story. I'm getting a sort of Western-Japanese mix for a setting – plus some French cuisine, since my dad lives in France and I've eaten there and it seems like even the most basic of restaurants (as far as I can tell – I was in a small village, and families were eating there, and there was no particular dress code) are pricey and have incredibly fancy food. Maybe that's just the way of French dining. But since I've been re-watching Ouran High School Host Club lately, I'm getting a very Japanese vibe for the upper class and Sasuke's family's expectations. It's probably not a good thing that I'm basing my facts on an anime, but shh.

Besides that, I have a couple of vague ideas for how their relationship could develop now – as you can see, there seems to be some unresolved conflicts still kicking around, and I have at least one new idea as well. So for now Gotcha Stuck In My Elevator remains an incomplete work. Whether I'll ever actually finish it, who knows? It might just be "that fanfic I go back to when I have nothing else to write." If any of you lovely readers have ideas I can use for later chapters, I'd really appreciate if you could drop them by me. Because otherwise this is going to become a long yet somehow boring story… and that's not cool.

I really should be working on my essay, but I was so close to being finished this so I figured I may as well just crank it out. My essay's about Ouran, which is why I've been watching it. I love being in an animation course xD Best excuse ever to watch anime? I think so. Only I'm trying to finish it before my winter holidays, which start on Monday, and I had a sudden topic change yesterday and I don't have a good grip on exactly what it is I'm proving… so I'm kinda screwed. Holiday homework, here we go…

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Please don't get addicted to Tetris. It's really bad for you. I can clear over six hundred lines without losing and I think at that point it stops being impressive and is just plain scary…

P.P.S. Who wants me to write an Ouran fanfiction? I might not be able to pull it off, but it could be fun… What pairings do you ship?