Misato Aoi closed her eyes, with her fingertips, she outlined her lips. She relived their kiss, the soft touch of his lips on hers, their embrace, as the two finally fell into each other's arms. That long-awaited kiss finally happened.

Hiyuu Tatsuma ever so courageously took Aoi into his arms. Their lips met tenderly and lovingly.

"Wait for me, Aoi." He had whispered, as if there would be a promise of hope for the both of them.

Those words echoed in her mind. She hated what she felt for him. Sometimes. Aoi never asked for Hiyuu to love her, but she knew he did. She never wanted to love him, but she did.

"Let your face be the last thing I see at night," she cried out painfully to herself.

As she laid her hand to her chest, Aoi felt beats of pitter patters as she held on to her heart. Sometimes loving someone does not necessarily mean being with them for the rest of their lives.

The End