"I've been missing your strawberry kisses! Something that sweet, the taste that drives me crazaaaay!" Aoi Misato sang loudly, standing in the center of her room dancing around.

Hiyuu walked into his friend's room and immediately noticed Aoi's dancing and off-key singing to her ipod. Luckily Aoi has her back turned, allowing Hiyuu to watch silently and try not to laugh too much.

At the end of the song Aoi turned towards her door and gasped, shocked to see Hiyuu standing in front of her looking amused.

"I'll give you strawberry kisses." Hiyuu walked straight up to hir friend, smiled cheekily, before closing the distance and giving a completely passionate and mind-blowing kiss. When they pulled apart a gigantic grin grew on their faces.

"That taste still drives me crazy." Laughing, they put their heads together and enjoyed the feelings of being together.