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"M-I-H-A-E-L K-E-E-H-L… his real name is Mihael Keehl!"

Mello desperately tried not to let the shock show on his face. What was this? How could Soichiro Yagami know his true name? It was impossible! Unless… his train of thought was brutally cut off as Yagami started speaking again.

"Mello… Mihael… I'm sorry, but we cannot allow you to live."

Back in HQ, Light smirked triumphantly. Yes… just as planned…

Mello felt time stop as he watched Yagami quickly start writing his name down. He desperately tried to come up with some sort of plan. It didn't matter what, he needed something. He couldn't activate the bomb – after all, what would be the use of that? The explosion would kill him just as surely as the Death Note would. He couldn't shoot Yagami – his gun was too far away. For the first time in his life, Mello felt powerless. He was going to die, and there was nothing he could do about it. Nothing. He watched as Yagami finished writing and looked up at him with an almost apologetic look. Sorry? Yagami felt sorry for him? The bastard just killed him! Mello glared back, gritted his teeth and waited to die.

Back at HQ, Light was busy ranting triumphantly in his head. As 20 seconds passed, however, he stopped and concentrated on what he could hear in his earplugs. Okay, so maybe he couldn't watch as Mello died, but at least he could hear him. Light smirked, waiting for his enemy to draw his final breath.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

"…how long does it take before that damn thing works, anyway?" Mello asked. Not that he was impatient to die or anything, but this was starting to get boring.

"I don't understand…" Yagami said. "You should have died by now! I don't under…"

Suddenly, the door burst open, making both Mello and Soichiro jump. They stared, dumbstruck, as Ryuk jumped through it. "Ta-daaa!"

"…who's that?" Mello asked.

"That's Ryuk, our shini… wait, you can see him? Without touching the Death Note?"

"'Course he can," Ryuk shot in. "I just lifted the spell."



"The invisibility spell!"



"…ya know, the one that made it impossible for anyone who hadn't touched the Death Note to see me?"



"Fa… Yagami-san! What's going on?" Light said. Then, suddenly, he looked up and discovered who was standing in front of him. "Aaaah!"

"Hello, Light," Rem grinned.

"But you're dead! You died when you killed L and Watari with the Death Note!"

"…spell? I thought it was the power of the Death Note!" Soichiro said to Ryuk.

"The Death Note? How stupid… the Death Note doesn't work!" Rem and Ryuk said simultaneously.

Everything went quiet. Really quiet. Like, really quiet. Even the caterpillar sitting on the wall of Mello's HQ stopped its aimless wanderings and stared at Ryuk in shocked silence.

"WHAT?" Light screamed, making the task force wince as the sound was broadcasted over their earplugs. " Of course it works! I've… I mean, Kira's killed countless with it! How can it not work?"

"Ah, but Light, that's where you're wrong. You didn't kill all those people. We did," Rem said.

"With our super-awesome Death God Powers!" Ryuk chimed in.

"What do you… wait, why can I hear what Ryuk is saying?"

"Telepathy. Another power of ours. The whole task force, Mello, and you, Light, are now connected with each other (and us) through your minds. Oh, and Near also, by the way."

"Hi," Near said.

"…" Light said.

"So, if the Death Notes don't work… who killed all those criminals?" Mello asked.

"We did!" Rem said.

"With our…"


"Death God Powers!" the two shinigami sang happily.

"But… but… why?"

"Ah, well, you see, there is a very simple reason for that."


"APRIL FOOL!" the shinigami screamed joyfully, before they grinned happily at the humans before them.

Light felt his world crumble to pieces around him. How could this be true? He stared into Rem's cat eyes while he tried to think of something, something, to say, something to describe the turmoil inside of him.

"…Ryuk," he said at last.

"Yes?" the shinigami answered cheerfully.

"…it's the 10th of November."

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