There was a time when I was proud to have such a vast story list on this site, but not anymore. Why? Because most of the stories are one shots that I've outgrown. It makes the majority of my gallery feel mediocre. It gets more attention than my tight wound, newer one shot collections that have better work in them.

But still, I don't hate my old SRMTHG works, and a lot of people still enjoy them. But seeing them make up the majority of my story list makes me wanna stab said list with... I don't know, something sharp and pointy, like a sword. Or a spork.

So, that's what this and Oldies: Spova Edition are for. Most of my old one shots are going to be compiled into these, for both my sanity and to keep away the angry mobs that would come after me if I just took all my old fics down (as it is, I worry about an angry mob of c2 owners. As a writer/reader I love one shot collections but as a c2 manager I can't stand them.) Any that don't end up here have either stood the test of time esspecially well in my eyes or were REALLY horrible and I put them out of their misery.

Anyways, enough rambling. Enjoy... I think? Oh! And I'll include the original summaries if they weren't horrible. They'll be in italics before the title.

Might as well start with the first SRMTHG fic I wrote.

Reviews are always appreciated! Even on old stuff like this. xD

The Super Robot stands, The Monkeys eat ice cream, and I sit here ignoring the burning heat...

Atop the Super Robot

Log #26

A tree.

A tree with crystal leaves that seemed to shine like the real thing sat in a path of grass, gasping for air but being choked by the man made structures that loomed over it. This is the image that filled my sketch pad as I stared at it from above.

It symbolized hope; a hope that the beauty of nature could still exist in our shining land of skyscrapers and technology that is Shuggazoom. It could relate the Super Robot, the same robot I was sitting on the shoulder of, the difference being that it brought the hope that something pure could still shine on a place clouded with evil instead of natural and man-made unity. But seeing as the monkey team is cybernetic, I guess it shows that too.

I tried to draw them. They sat with the bot in the tree's shade, eating ice cream. The flavors were an interesting blend. Strawberry is a sweet flavor, but it can also be strong. It kind of makes sense that the nice-yet-short-tempered gold one was eating this. In fact, everybody's flavor of choice seemed to fit them. The crazy green one had mixed several different candies into his cookie dough making it as crazy as him. The blue one seemed disgusted by how much was on his friend's face and how little was in his stomach. He ate mint chocolate chip, which for some reason that I don't understand seems intelligent to me, possibly because mint isn't a common choice of the immature due to its lack of sugar. But the chocolate chips show he does have a fun side. He is the only one who is using a plastic bowl instead of a cone, showing he probably is the neat one. Then there was the daring red one who got the experimental flavor that had who knows what in it. The silver one watched in curiosity as he slowly ate a chocolate cone. Chocolate symbolizes so much. Though it has caffeine it can be ironically calm. When you upset, you might eat some chocolate when you feel bad. But the biggest similarity is that everybody likes chocolate and it seems like the entire team gets along great with the silver oneā€¦ I mean Antauri. I should use their names now that they have told us what they are, but I'm so used to calling them by color.

Then there was the boy, Chiro, who sat eating vanilla. Vanilla is sweet and pure, just like him.

I envied them. I was a hot day, I was broke, and I sat high up on a giant piece of hot metal. I sweated and the drops sizzled into air the moment they touched the robot. I could have gotten down, but I couldn't. Something attracted me to it. It was the center of danger, yet the safest place on the planet at the same. I guess I thought that maybe, just maybe, some of its courage and purity would rub off on me. Even better if its adventure would rub off and I could escape the dull life I live as only a spectator to the amazing.

I must get off of the Super Robot now. The Hyperforce is rushing toward it and they could either catch me or start into space with me on top gasping for air.

I will try to remember what my friend said before I came up here; "Darkness can only penetrate light if you turn the light off."


Veronica Wilson