His past is shattered, his future is bleak, yet he still seeks new life. Inspired by the song 'This is Your Life' by Switchfoot.


A cave deep in the canyons far outside of Shuggazoom gave off a horrid odor like that of a dead body. In fact, if seen from even just a few meters away, many would assume that it's only inhabitant was indeed just that. However, the collection of mangled flesh and rusted metal wasn't going down that easily.

He looked at the metal tip of an orange tail, his tail, with a mix of disgust and pride. He had been able to tear off most of the mutations that had made him into a servant of the Skeleton King, but the only way to survive after that was with the extra support of the computers that were built into his old parts. He loathed those parts, but he didn't mind being infused with his parts as a leader half as much as his parts as pure evil's tool.

But, realizing that is what frightened him the most.

Whether he liked it or not, he was beginning to realize more and more just how foolish he had been. He had been temped by darkness, allowing himself to believe a lie of power and glory. But, what did he have now? Why did he even bother to try and stay alive at this point? He used to have it all. He used to have everything to lose, but he had given it all away for nothing. He wanted to shut the world out, to close his eyes and let everything pass him by.

But, he couldn't.

He still had dreams, crazy ones, but dreams none the less. He wasn't anything close to who he wanted to be, and this was the one life he had. So far, he had really screwed that life up.

"Mandarin, it's not too late for you!"

Maybe back then, but it had to be too late now. His former and only friends despised him like the evil king himself.

The lies he had believed, the pain he had caused, the things he had given up for a horrible purpose; he didn't even realize he started crying thinking of all these things. When he realized it, he quickly wiped the tears away with a tip of one of the bandages that were making up for the missing helmet and other parts.

He stood up for the first time since he had torn himself apart hours ago. He winced. While his robotic parts kept his wounds from killing him, they did next to nothing to lessen the pain, and moving only made it worse. Step by step, he started walking out of the cave, pushing the memories of who he had been to the back of his mind. Yesterday he had ruined lives. Yesterday he had been a servant of death. Yesterday he had abused his life for his own gain.

But it wasn't yesterday anymore.

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