A/N: Written for the glee_angst_meme, the prompt: "Finn gets his drink spiked at a party and wakes up naked and alone in a bed in the host's house, with no memories of the night before. When word gets out, someone starts a rumor that it was Kurt who drugged Finn so he could sleep with him and Kurt's life is subsequently made a living hell. I mean hardcore threats, violence, that sort of thing. But Kurt feels powerless to do anything because - even though he wasn't aware Finn was drugged - they had slept together. I don't care about resolution but I'd one to confront the other about it." Title is inspired by Veronica Mars. Trigger warning: rape.

1: Prelude, Pretense, Perfect

Kurt Hummel is many things, and not all that many of them positive, but he is not stupid.

He kind of wishes he was right now. If he was stupid, he wouldn't be here. He'd still be curled up with the love of his life in said love-of-life's best friend's guest room. Instead, he's driving through the December snow in a shiny red car where the heating doesn't work properly. It's better than walking home in the middle of winter, he guesses, but he still doesn't want to be there. He just wants to go back, cuddle up like he always fantasized he'd be able to after losing his virginity.

It's not going to happen, of course. Because Kurt isn't stupid, he knows he and Finn were never mean to do this. Finn is straight, and was quite drunk; Kurt probably should have turned him down (either out of morals or desperation to avoid having his heart broken), but he was less than sober himself and, after all, it was the only choice he would ever have to be with the one person he loved most of all, even if they were going to be stepbrothers in a few months.

Maybe, he thought by sleeping with Finn, he could get it out of his system. End the whole damn thing. One way or another, it doesn't seem to be working so far.

Kurt's glad he doesn't have to drive back home with Finn – he established before they went that he'd be at Puck's for a while. That drive would just be awkward. Kurt's ninety percent sure Finn wouldn't even be able to look at him right now; not without feeling ashamed and confused. Kurt feels ashamed and confused. This was never what he wanted. And it was. He's not really sure.

Okay, honestly, all he ever really wanted was Finn. But he wanted to Finn to be his boyfriend, his protector; not this. He wanted this to happen sweetly, slowly, soberly. He never wanted to be just another hookup. He's like ninety percent sure he didn't want to be with a soon-to-be step-relative, despite his motivation behind getting their parents together anyway. He doesn't know what he wants.

He still wishes he could just have stayed there, basking in the afterglow until Finn woke up. He would smile when he saw Kurt, and bring him in for another small kiss. But Kurt knows it would never have happened; that's why he ran out before Finn was even awake – he knows if Finn saw him, it would make him freak out and realize what the hell he just did. And that would break Kurt's heart before his very eyes, and Finn would have to feel guilty (although he may still have to feel guilty about leading Kurt on like this), and Kurt doesn't really think Finn deserves that. Plus, he refuses to embarrass himself in front of Finn.

Finn looked so sweet and simple though; comforting, warm, and dreaming of something peaceful.

Kurt pulls up in the garage of his house, and enters, finding his dad and Carole in the kitchen.

"Hey, Kurt," Burt says. "How was the party?"

"It was… whatever," and there is no way in hell Kurt is going to tell them what happened. A) Ew, this is his dad and to-be step-mom, and B) Yeah, they're going to take the news of him sleeping with his almost-step-brother well.

"Did you see Finn?" Carole asks, a note of concern in her voice she can't hide.

Kurt tries to hide a grimace. "Yeah. Seemed fine."

Carole nods. "Okay."

Kurt smiles at her slowly, half expecting the second show to drop – shouldn't they be figuring something out about now? But they don't. They just let him descend into his room (his room; Finn moved out of it months ago), and lock the door behind him. They probably think he wants to sleep.

He sits down on his bed and starts to cry.

Maybe Kurt Hummel is stupid after all, because back at Noah Puckerman's house, Finn's eyes flutter open to bright sunlight shining right at him.

"Ow," he mutters and turns over. But that doesn't really work. Sharp pain shoots down the lower half of his body, and he suddenly becomes aware of the throbbing in his ass. He can feel something wet on his thighs; what is that?

Fully awake now, he turns back over, trying not to hyperventilate. He can see his pants and underwear in the corner, so he realizes he's naked. He can't remember a thing. He does a mental check: memory? Uh, no. Clothes? No. Pain in ass? Check.

Oh god.