Dreams. How I wish I knew what it was like to dream. Alice told me that 'once upon a time' the world was filled with dreams, and even if someone couldn't remember dreaming, they had. It could have been about a better job, a new hair cut, or even a new life. A life where pain and suffering would go away. A place where they didn't have to live in fear of war, famine, and death. That is all gone now, noone dreams anymore, not since the war took place.

Oh yes, the war. Everyone knew that it was coming for years, a war that would change the world as everyone knew it. It did come, but not in the way they believed it would. There was no gunfire; there was no arm to arm combat, no bomb, only silence. You read the journals of those that were there and they all say the same thing, there was only silence. Some call it the Silent War; others call it the new age, an age where what was once thought to be myths, suddenly became real. My mate was there that day at the front, watching it all happen, fighting those that went against the re-birth. The world soon learned to fear him, the God of War they called him, and to this very day the name still rings true.

They said well over 4% of the world's population was reborn that day. The day that the rules changed; vampires, werewolves, and shape-shifters now controlled the world and humans were left alone. That is, unless they were chosen, then they would be mated off at birth, taken away from their home, and brought up by their mate and their family.

This is where I come in. My name is Bella Marie Cullen, and today I am turning 16. I don't know who my real parents are, because before I had taken my first breath I was taken from them. Carlisle Cullen, my father and master since the second he took me away, brought me up and taught me how to dream and live, never once mentioning who my mate was for all that I could actually remember, only that he would come for me the day I turned 16 not a day sooner or later.

Today is the day, the day I meet the vampire who at birth declared me his mate for all of eternity.

The one vampire that everyone fears, the one they call the God of War, Major Jasper Whitlock.