Hello all. I am sorry about the lack of updates of late. I have been told lately that my Grandmother, only has 9 to 18 months left to live.

This chapter goes out to her and all those that have lost someone to Cancer.


I stood in the main hall watching as the guards and servants rushed to put the finishing touches to the decorations. Peter was pacing back and forwards muttering under his breath.

"Will you please calm down Peter, your making me nerves. Though since I am the one getting married in a few short hours, what do you have to actually be nerves about?"

He glared at me before going back to his pacing, and much to my amusement started to bite on his thumb nail something he had picked up from my mate. I shook my head before moving over to one of the mirrors that now lined the wall. I was in my court clothing and I hated it, I don't wear frillies. Before anyone could stop me I marched up to my room, tearing my clothes off me the second the door closed. Stepping into my walk in closet I grabbed the same leather trousers that I wore the day I picked up my mate. Smiling to myself I found my Major's uniform, ignoring the pants I threw the black shirt on, followed by my white tunic. By the time I had slide on my belt and boots Peter, barged into the room in a panic.

"There you are, and why aren't you wearing your court clothes like Marcus, told you too?"

I picked up my sword, placing it at my hip before I answered him

"I am wearing my court cloths. What I was in before wasn't it, I am his Grace Jasper Whitlock, Major, I don't wear frills. Never have and never will. I am marring my mate and I am going to do it as me not as someone everyone else wants."

I watched as he nodded in understanding before tilting his head to one side and smirked.

"Come on we need to get you down to the aisle before the bride."

I nodded my head, before following him just as a servant entered my room to get it ready for our wedding night. I found myself freezing as my brain finally caught up with what was happening. I was getting married to the woman of my dreams in less than an hour. Tonight I would finally be making her my full mate. My for ever sixteen year old mate, who was within touching distance. I found myself purring out loud.

"Come on Major, your girl is waiting for you."

I found myself smiling for the first time in ages, and nothing was going to upset my day. Walking back to the hall I even found myself whistling causing some of the guards to give me funny looks. I nodded my head toward Aro, Caius and Charlie, who were standing by the thrones talking. Marcus, was going to be walking my mate down the alter, since he was the oldest member of the family.

I made my way to stand next to Caius, noticing the colour of the decorations for the first and glared towards Aro.

"Don't blame me. Marcus, was the one who picked out the colours, after all she is fore most a member of the royal house hold, then your mate."

I let out a warning growl before the doors open, emitting the guests. I wasn't at all surprised at how fast they managed to inform everyone of the change of date, which begged me to ask the question yet again why they tried to push the wedding so far back. I nodded my head towards the Cullen's who made their way to the front before going back to looking at the now re-closed doors.

I could practically taste my mate from waiting for me causing me to let out a loud purr that echoed the now silent hall, causing my mate to giggle as she picked up on my slight embarrassment through our link. Peter, made his way to my side trying very hard not laugh at the stunned look on our guests faces.

"If anyone doubts your relationship before Major, your reaction just confirmed them wrong."

I wanted to glare at him but at this moment I didn't care. I was getting married and my mate was just five minutes away from being mine for the rest of time. The moment the doors opened and my eyes landed on my mate nothing else mattered. I know somewhere in my subconscious I could tell someone my vows but in the here and now all I could think of was finally sinking my teeth into my mates neck marking her one last time before placing my collar on her.

I heard the words I had been wanting to hear ever since she entered my life. Before my mate could blink I pulled her so she was flush against my chest before tilting her head to the side. I let my tongue lap at my mark causing her to purr before I sank my teeth into her. I couldn't stop myself from flooding her body with my mating scent replacing the bad memory of the last time I bite her. I heard her moan in pleasure causing me to let out a low growl in response. This was it. From this moment she was mine as both my mate and my wife and no one can take her away.

Withdrawing my teeth from her neck I pulled her head back so she was looking at me with lust filled eyes before I attacked her mouth. I could hear the whistling and catcalls from the guests before I felt a hand land on my shoulder. Before I could stop myself I grabbed my mate and pushed her behind me as I felt the Major come out. I needed to protect our mate.


I let out a loud growl before I pushed my mate further away from the crowd. The very minute we were no longer surrounded by anyone I swept my mate up into my arms and jumped from the balcony. My Captain had set up a small house nearby in case this happened. I found myself pulling my mate closer to my chest as I jumped up to the small ledge of the bedroom pushing the window open with my foot. The fact it went flying across the room was irrelevant, all I cared about was making sure my mate was safe before I took her as far away from this place as possible. Placing her on the edge of the bed, I ran my hands over her body memorising its new curves. I had felt them back when we were still in the safety of our own home but the memory did nothing for the actual thing.

"Major, please I need to feel you."

I purred at her pleading but shook my head

"Not here, not now. We are not safe enough with the walls of this town. I promise you that the moment we are in my Russian house, you will not be leaving my bed ever."

I knew that wasn't going to happen but I could pull our honeymoon out as long as possible. Add the fact she would never leave my eye sight meant that I could take her were ever I wanted her. I turned my head to the side a little as I heard the sound of a car pulling up to the back of the building before my Captain's scent hit my nose causing me to let out a warning growl. I knew he wasn't stupid enough to enter the actual building but I couldn't stop myself.

My mate was still young, and even though she now smelt of me from our wedding bite, she was still pure as it were. I needed to get us to my safe heaven and rectify that as soon as possible. Letting my gift spread out as far as it could, the only feelings I could feel where my mates, my Captain and his mates. I could only imagine who it was that stopped anyone else from coming after us.

Picking my mate up so she was pressed against my chest once again, I jumped out of the now broken window landing next to the car. I really didn't care what kind it was only that it was large enough so I didn't destroy my Captain his mate was another thing.

"It will be a bit strained at times Major, but we will get there all intact. Though your mate will need to feed soon."

I looked down a little to find that my mate was sniffing my neck, looking beautiful and deadly all at the same time.

"I should apologise my little dove, you should feed. I will feed you once we are out of these walls."

I purred as she licked my neck as Charlotte, opened the door for us. I wasn't about to let my mate go but the amount of lust I felt coming off her I all most did, luckily Peter, came to the rescue.

"Sergeant, get in the car right now, and get a grip on your emotions."

I felt a little sorry for her but she shouldn't have been lusting after my mate. Sliding into the car, I wrapped myself around my mate as much as possible as Peter, slammed the door closed. I knew he was pissed off with his mate but that didn't mean that he had to scare my mate. I hissed at him in warning, causing him to mutter an apology as he climbed in the driver's seat.

Choosing to ignore the two in front I start to coo at my mate. I could feel her hunger through our link, and the further we got from the castle the more it became apparent.

"Just a few more minutes my little dove and then I will sooth at least one of your hungers."

The other one would have to wait. All I had to do was to keep reminding myself of that. I had treated her badly when she human, this time round I was going to do things differently.

Some days I thought I might be coming down with some kind of human disorder when it came to my mate. I was somewhere between wanting to hurt her and wanting to hide her away from the rest of the world including myself.

It didn't even occur that we had left the town let alone hit the Italian/Austrian border until Peter, was handing our passports through the window. After a quick conversation with the guard, who had served under me during the war we were allowed to move on. The moment I felt we were safe I bent my head back, pulling my mates mouth to my neck.

"Feed my mate."

I let out a low growl as her teeth sank into my neck just as my pants became even tighter on me than before. Having her feeding from me was one of the most erotic things that had ever happened to me. I couldn't wait to show her my little playroom that is if we ever made it that far.

Once she had her fill, I felt as her tongue lick my neck clean as the wound healed itself. I knew I would be sporting a mark on my neck, though nothing like the one that now graced her neck.

Pulling her as close as I could, I laid my head so it rest on top of hers.

"Rest my mate; I will waken you once we arrive."

I knew she was tired. I hated the fact that she would always suffer for what her Great Grandfather did to her. Keeping her away from me had caused her body to start to shut down. If we had been married in three weeks like he wanted I dreaded to think what shape my mate would have been in.

Shaking my head I allowed myself to take some down time. Knowing that my Captain and Sergeant would keep us safe.

Twelve hours later


The Major, went back in half way through the trip. He must have felt that we were now once again safe. James had phoned two hours ago letting us know that the house was all ready to go and that all my most trusted staff had been moved in.

"Come on my little dove, it's time to wake up. I thought you might want to see our new home in what little sun there is going to be for the next six months."

I nuzzled my nose against my bite mark causing her to come back from her down time. I knew she wasn't actually asleep but it was the best description I could come up with for the state she had been in. I could feel her wonder as her eyes took in the snow covered firs that lined the long drive way up to the Manor. Unlike in Montreal, the Russian residence didn't need a lot of staff to help run it; in fact my warriors and those who had mates actually ran it. From the brief talk I had with James, Emily still felt she was to blame to what happened to my little dove. I needed to talk to her about it, while my mate was getting ready for our wedding night.

"Your house is so beautiful. Are we going to be staying here long?"

I closed my eyes and counted to ten silently as I heard both Peter, and his mate gasp. I felt my little dove's worry through our link causing me to open my eyes. Her head was bent so I couldn't see her face but I knew her eyes would be filled with worry, and without a doubt she would be biting her beautiful bottom lip. I weaved my hand through her thick hair, before pulling her head back so I could see her properly.

"Ours Isabella. Not mine, ours. You are now my full mate, well you will be in a few moments, making everything I have yours. In fact I was planning on giving you this house as part of my wedding gift to you."

I bent forward letting my teeth run over the mark that graced her neck before flicking my tongue over it. I could feel how aroused she was causing me to continue what I was doing, in between telling her how much I loved her. I stopped the moment the car did causing her to let out a soft growl.

"Don't you growl at me my little dove. I will finish washing you later once I have you alone in our bed. For now we have to meet the household and I need to talk to a few people. Peter, will take you to our room and help you with anything you need. Charlotte, you will be taking over the job you had before."

I could tell she wasn't happy about that request but I wasn't about to let her anywhere near my mate. Peter could control himself better and she could and that was why I picked him as my second in this marriage. He will have his time with my mate as required by the law but not before I had had my fill of her. After all this was our honeymoon.


I let Jasper; pull me from the car, staying behind him as instructed as we made our way down the line. James threw me a small smile as we passed him causing me to give him one in return. I felt my mate tense a little but then relax as buried my head in between his shoulders and kissed him through his shirt.


It was one word but he fully relaxed before nodding his head towards James in some kind of apology. We suddenly stopped in front of a rather tall man, he had the same coloured skin as the boy Jacob did that day in woods, though he was slightly older and was differently better built. There however was something about him that scared me causing me to press up against my mate and let out a small whimper.

Before I could blink I was in my mates arms, being cradled as my body shook with fright.

"Relax my mate. Sam won't hurt you."

I let out another low whimper pressing myself further into his chest. I wanted to be inside of him away from the scary man. I felt his arms tighten further around me before releasing me into Peter's arms.

"Peter is going to take you up to our rooms now. I won't be too much longer."

I wanted to whine at the thought of him leaving me but I knew that he had something he needed to discuss with Sam. I nodded my head just as Peter, swung me up into arms causing me to let out a small giggle

"I may not be your groom little one, but will you do me the honour of carrying you over the threshold?"

I smiled up at him as I once again nodded my head. My aunts explained Peter's, role in our marriage a couple of days after our arrival in Italy. Where as a human, it made little sense to me, as a vampire I actually came to terms with being shared as it were. Add the fact I had given myself to Jasper, the way I had made the connection the three of us have even that more special.

I heard my mate's low growl before he pulled my head back so he could capture my lips with his. I could feel my body adjusting in order for him to take me however he wanted to, add my succubus needs coming through all I wanted was for him to take me here and now. I let out a growl as he pulled away earning me one back in response.

"I will not be taking you here in front of everyone Isabella. You are mine and no one but Peter, and I will ever see your body naked ever again. Peter, take her away before I lose it."

I found myself being whisked away from him so quickly even with my new sight everything looked blurred. By the time Peter, had me in the new bedroom I was somewhat in love with our new surroundings. Placing my feet on the floor he took my hand in his and showed me the five chambers that made up our main rooms.

"This is Jasper's office. I am sure you will be spending some time with him in here." I looked round, there wasn't much. A large desk that was covered in papers and a laptop took up most of the room. The walls behind the desk where covered in old ledgers, archive boxes and the odd book. There was only one window within the room over which over looked a frozen pond.

I followed him into the huge library and fell in love at once. There was a large fire burning in front of a large sofa and from where I was standing looked like it was going to be like a cloud to sit or even better lay on. I pulled my hand out of Peter's and walked across the room towards my little piece of heaven. I could feel myself falling in love with the sofa. I soon found myself being bent over the back of it as the smell of my mate flooded my senses.

"I knew you could love this room and I can't wait to christen it with you but for now my mate, we are going to get you out off those clothes."

I purred as he yet again ripped my clothes off my body as he dragged me through to what I guess was our bedroom. By the time we hit the actual bathroom I was so wet it was running down my legs. Growling my mate pushed me into the shower before kneeing in front of me.

"Open your legs."

Doing as I was told I let out a low growl as I felt his tongue licking its way up my leg, before moving onto the other one. Always missing where I wanted him the most. He stood up pressing himself against me as he turned the water on causing it to cascade from all directions.

"I will only be washing you. I made a promise to myself, I will take my time with you and it will be in our bed."

By the time we had finished in the shower I was ready to throw my mate on the floor and take him. I would have as well if I didn't suddenly find myself over his shoulder as he carried me to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed before slowly climbing up my body. The predatory look in his eyes caused me to shiver not in fright but in pleasure.

"I am going to make you scream that loud I promise you that they will hear you all the way in Italy."

He reached down pulling my arms over my head before he tied them to a hook that was hidden among the pillows. I wanted to look at what he had used to tie my hands but he had weaved his hands into my hair holding my head still.

"You will look at me at all times, my mate."

I watched as his tongue flicked out off his mouth as he washed the front of my body not missing a single area. By the time he was at my feet I was so close to breaking down I found myself fighting the bonds.

I suddenly felt a slight stinging sensation as my mate sank his teeth lightly into my ankle.

"You will obey me Isabella. You gave yourself to me and I plan to train you to be the perfect mate for me."

I wasn't scared at his words like I was as a human, in fact they gave me great pleasure. I watched as his eyes darken to that of the Major's just as he pushed my legs wide open so he could see everything.


For what felt like hours he used his tongue and fingers to bring me the up most pleasure causing me to scream his name until my throat felt raw. Not once did he enter me though and I still craved more.

"You are a greedy little dove aren't you my mate? I need to feed before we continue."

I let out a harsh growl as he moved off the bed leaving me tied where I was. I watched as he threw on a dressing gown before he turned to me and let out a deep growl of his own.

"Behave or I will bite you like I did on the plane."

I let out a small hiss before I pulled myself out of the bonds he had me in. I was beyond pissed off. Without saying anything I wrapped the blankets around my naked form and stormed out off the room and into the bathroom slamming the door behind me. I knew it wouldn't stop him from coming after me but I was hurt. He knew how much that act hurt me the first time.

I stepped into the large tub that was hidden behind a screen and curled up into a tight ball. I heard the door open as I buried my head under the sheets hoping that he would just leave me alone. I felt myself become scared as I felt him stand over me.

He didn't say anything as he picked me up carrying back into the bedroom placing me on the bed.

"She is not to move off the bed Peter. I will be back once I have fed."

He left without saying anything to me. The next thing I knew Peter, had me in his arms rocking me back and forwards as I whiled in pain. Less than 24 hours and my marriage was already in trouble. Maybe it would be better, if I went back to Italy.

"No little one. The Major, won't be letting you go anywhere. He is a little upset at the moment but once he is back I promise you, your honeymoon will continue."

Part of me highly doubted what he was saying until I heard my mate in my mind humming a song to me.

"That's it little one. Just listen to him."

I fell silent in Peter's arms as my mated hummed to me. I knew he was feeding because I could taste his meal on his mind.

I would rather be eating your sweet nectar my mate but for us to continue I needed to feed. Or I could hurt you. I am not going to apologies for my threat. I have something for you when I return.

I felt him close his mind to me a little as he started to hum again.

"That's it just relax."

I let myself relax in Peter's hold, where I let myself fall into my sleep mode. Once I came back to the present I found myself tied back to the bed as my mate knelt with his legs on either side of my hips. I saw a leather type object wrapped round his wrist before he growled at me to bring my eyes back to his.

"Welcome back my mate. A little birdie to me you were planning on leaving me and going back to Italy. That's not going to happen ever. Soon you will smell of me in every possible way. Now the only way I know that you aren't going to ran away from me is to collar you. For now, it's going to be one I use on the young shifters, this way I know it's going to be strong enough."

I gasped as he unwrapped the leather band from his wrist noticing for the first time a metal ring on it. He pulled my head up as he placed the collar round my neck fastening it closed before lowering my head back on the pillow.

"I can't wait to give you, your proper one. It will look beautiful around your neck but for now this one will do."

I could feel my eyes become wet and I knew if possible I would be crying.

"Shhh my mate. I promise you that soon it will be replaced with a more beautiful one. It's this or I bite you and I don't want to do that."

A part of me wanted him to bite me rather than have the leather collar around my neck. I even went as far as to plead with him through our connection causing him to let out a warning growl.

"No, I will not bite you in punishment ever again. I can't stand the feelings that I feel from you through our connection, I don't want to have to see it in your eyes when I make love to you. You know I do love you with everything I am don't you my little dove?"

A part of me, the part that still held on to my fading human moments questioned what he was saying; the rest of me though not only knew it but felt it deep into my very soul.

He must have felt my understanding because he cupped my face in his hands before he started to talk again.

"This collar is part of what you gave me that first day of your change. When you handed yourself to me, as not only my mate but as my submissive it become part of you. The one that graces your neck now will be removed once I have not only trained you but know that you will not run from me and into the arms of Marcus."

I wanted to nod my head in understanding but the hold he had on my face tightened keeping me from moving.

"I don't want an answer in words or with a nod Isabella. I want you to show me and that won't happen overnight. The next few days are going to be hard on you. I have waited for you for a long time Isabella, and if you think me being inside of you as a human was a pleasure you have felt nothing yet."

I felt as my body responded to his words as he slowly moved his hands down my neck, stopping when they reached my breasts.

"Pain is part of pleasure my dear. You will grow to love it, that I can promise you."

As his words fell from his mouth a felt a warm jolt pierce my body where his hands laid causing me to scream in pain. I had seen his secondary gift at work a few times but feeling it was something else. Add the sting of his venom as he took each nipple in to his mouth as he continued to let the fire burn lightly across them I found myself losing all control.

"You are not going to cum until I tell you, that you can. This is part of your punishment for threatening to leave me."

He continued to play with my body, to bring me to the edge before telling me that I wasn't allowed to fly. By the time he believed that I had learnt my lesson I was a quivering mess under him.

"I have decided that you will not have the joy of having pleasure right now. I still think that you haven't truly learnt your lesson and I need to feed again."

I watched as he went and opened our bedroom door letting in a young girl in. She was my age, but that was all we had in common. The moment he stepped close to her however something primal in me snapped. Before I could comprehend what was happening I found myself in my mates hold as the room echoed with the sound of a feral creature as Charlotte, pulled the girl from the room as Peter, stood by the bed smirking.

"Well Major, you said that you were going to push her limits to me the other day but getting her highly strung and then bring in a young girl for a meal was just asking for it. Really she is part succubus on top of everything else. We are lucky she didn't kill the girl, instead of throwing her across the room."

I found myself struggling against Jasper's hold. The primal side of me was still calling to me and if my mate wasn't going to bring me the pleasure I wanted then I would take it from Peter.

Knowing both of them could hear my thoughts I couldn't help but let a small smile fall across my lips as I suddenly found myself on my hands and knees as my mate pushed into me growling.


I answered him back with a sharp growl as I tried to pull away from him. If he thought I was just going to let him take me, I gave myself to him at the start because the connection I felt during my change craved it now it want him to prove that he was worthy of it.

The very second I pulled away he tightened his hold on my hips, digging his nails into me as he re-entered me causing my upper body to fall to the floor. I felt as he moved his body over mine trapping me where I was as he took control. I fell over the edge as he sunk his teeth through the leather and into my neck as he picked up speed.

Through our connection I could feel as his primal side fully took over, as my mind filled with the sound of his voice repeating the same word over and over again.


I have no idea how long he trapped me under him causing me to full over the edge multiple times before coming himself. When he finally removed his teeth from my neck he lowered us to the ground still full aroused inside of me.

"I haven't even started with you yet my little dove."

I found my body screaming in protest at his words. Even the succubus in me needed a rest, plus my neck was screaming in pain. Not only had he flooded me with his scent but he also feed from me at the same time. It was somewhere between pleasure and pain when he was driving into me but now...

"I will let you rest and feed. I think for the time being you won't be needing the collar after all."

I wanted to reach up and feel my neck as I felt the leather band being torn away but I was too tired to even try.

"Peter is running us a bath. Once I have washed you and feed you, I will leave you in his hands while I go and feed."

I didn't bother fighting with him, I couldn't. I whined when he pulled out causing him to let out a shallow growl before he run his nose over my neck. I found my body relaxing enough that when he picked me up it wasn't that painful.

The second we entered the bathroom he let out a loud growl as Peter, let his eyes run over my body.

"I was just making sure I didn't need to get any healing salve."

I frowned a little at his words causing Peter, to let out a low growl at my mate before sitting on the edge of the bath.

"Your education has been limited. I swore that someone would have mentioned this to you. During the honeymoon period males tend to become overlay territorial and sometimes there mate can get hurt in the process by accident. There is a salve that your Great Grandmother made that can help with some of the damage. That is the reason Jasper, has to feed so much."

I found myself shrinking into my mates body as he started to hum again as he lowered us into the steaming water. Peter didn't bother in moving from his spot as Jasper, started to wash me.

"I do have to say watching you go after that girl was a very beautiful sight. It's nice to see that you are as territorial over Jasper, as he is of you."

I let out a small giggle as Jasper, licked the shell of my ear causing both males in the room to let out a low growl.

"Not yet Peter. Maybe when I go for the next feeding you can take over."

That was six days ago and I still couldn't move. I was currently laying on the sofa by the fire trying to not move too much. My new vampire muscles were screaming at me and every time I so much as twitched my body complained. I knew what I needed but I wasn't about to ask my mate nor Peter, to do it.

I suddenly jumped causing my body to protest as Jasper, appeared in front of me growling.

"What is it you need my mate? I don't like not being able to pleasure you because of the amount of pain you're in. Now what do you need?"

I bite my bottom lip before explaining that I would probably feel better after a massage. I knew it was a servant's job and not his but this early on I knew he wouldn't let anyone but Peter, and him touch me.

"Your right about the last bit my little dove, they will never be able to touch you. As for the massage part I am quite willing to give you one. I can't promise it won't lead to anything else but I promise to give it my best go."

The smirk that crossed his face caused me to shiver in pleasure. Something in me knew that this massage wasn't going to help a bit.